Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6. The classmate Ji-Yeon tells Yeon-Su to go to the cafeteria with her because she wants to buy her drinks. But Yeon-Su rejects it. Ji-Yeon’s friend tells her not to waste time on Yeon-Su because she thinks Yeon-Su is self-centered.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6.

The girl thinks Yeon-Su has no shame after she accepted the milk from Ji-Yeon. Yeon-Su hears the talk and explains that she feels uncomfortable when she stays with her friends. She places the milk on the table. Ji-Yeon chooses to ignore Yeon-Su since then.

Yeon-Su waits for Ja-Kyung and walks her home after she was off duty. She tells Our Beloved Summer that Ja-Kyung is the only one she wants to protect in the world. She knows the classmates look down on her so that she acts to be self-centered until she encounters Choi Ung.

Yeon-Su pretends to be cool to tell Choi Ung the thing he needs to do after he became her boyfriend. He keeps nodding and asks her what she wants him to do. She smiles after she realizes that she’s easy when she stays with the boy.

Choi Ung picks up Yeon-Su and goes to school with her. She helps him study. She hugs him after knowing he got good scores. He studies hard with her in the library. He posts the note on her book, asking her out. But she rejects it. So he falls asleep on the table.

Choi Ung brings the foods he cooked to Yeon-Su when she’s working at the convenience store. She likes the foods after she tasted it. Choi Ung holds umbrella for Yeon-Su when it’s raining. She scolds him for letting those girls get close to him.

Yeon-Su tells Choi Ung that she does part-time work because she doesn’t want Ja-Kyung to work. He’s surprised that she doesn’t have a big dream. He tells her that his dream is her. Yeon-Su returns home and finds out that the furniture was destroyed by the loan sharks. Ja-Kyung sits on the floor.

Ja-Kyung tells Yeon-Su that it was because of the debts her uncle owns. Yeon-Su tears up and thinks she cannot handle it. So she moves with Ja-Kyung. Yeon-Su is working at the convenience store. She runs out of the convenience store after she got a call from the hospital.

Yeon-Su arrives at the hospital and takes care of Ja-Kyung. She hears the teacher persuading Choi Ung to study abroad. But Choi Ung rejects it and walks out of the classroom. He sees Yeon-Su and intends to have lunch with her. He holds her hand and walks away with her.

Yeon-Su tells Choi Ung that she wants to break up with him. He yells at her and asks for the reason when she walks away. She doesn’t reply him and tears up.

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Choi Ung wakes up and sees the thermos on the table. He notes that someone is working in the kitchen. So he walks to the kitchen and he’s startled by Eun-Ho. Eun-Ho tells Choi Ung that he slept on the couch instead of bed. Choi Ung remembers Yeon-Su came to see him. He takes a look at the thermos and wonders why he slept so well.

Yeon-Su prepares the breakfast for Ja-Kyung and invites her to come to the opening event with her friend. But Ja-Kyung rejects it and tells Yeon-Su that she wants to work at the welfare center. Yeon-Su worries that Ja-Kyung will trip when she works. Ja-Kyung tells Yeon-Su not to worry about her.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6 Ending

Choi Ung tells people that he’s the artist Ko-o. He tries to walk to Yeon-Su after he saw her. But he’s stopped by NJ who holds the flowers. The reporters take photos of them after NJ handed the flowers over to Choi Ung. Choi Ung and Yeon-Su are blocked by the reporters even if they’re close. Ji-Ung stares at Yeon-Su.

Yeon-Su promises to take care the rest work so that the colleagues leave. She’s tired to sit on the chair. Choi Ung is looking for Eun-Ho. Eun-Ho waves to Choi Ung when he stays with NJ. NJ asks Choi Ung if he ended the press conference. But he wonders why she’s there. It hurts her.

Eun-Ho explains to Choi Ung that NJ came to see him. NJ complains that Choi Ung didn’t invite her. She tells him that she leaked to the reporters that they’re friends. It makes him happy. She’s furious to drive away after he refused to ride her car.

Yeon-Su goes to Sol-Yi’s restaurant and drinks the wine. She tells her that she noted Choi Ung’s eyes was soulful when he worked. She confesses that she’s pathetic. But Sol-Yi points out that Yeon-Su did a great job after she paid off the debts.

Choi Ung goes home with Eun-Ho. He lies on the couch. Eun-Ho leaves after he turned off the light. Sol-Yi summons Ji-Ung to the restaurant and tells him to take Yeon-Su away because she’s drunk. Yeon-Su mistakes Ji-Ung as Choi Ung until he wakes her up with the chilled drinks.

Ji-Ung hands over the chilled drinks to Yeon-Su. She drinks it and asks him what Choi Ung said in the documentary. He asks her if she still has feelings for Choi Ung. She admits it and goes home. She see Choi Ung walking around her house. Yeon-Su doesn’t believe it until Choi Ung walks to her. She tries to walk into her house. But he hugs her.

It flashes back. Yeon-Su covers Choi Ung with a blanket. She touches his hair and wakes him up by mistake. He drags her hand and makes her get close to him. He mistakes it as a dream and tells her that he’s in great pain. She tears up. He sheds tears and falls asleep when he holds her hand.

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Yeon-Su admits that she left the thermos after Choi Ung fell asleep. She thinks he didn’t remember what happened last night. She tries to leave. He stops her and asks her for telling him how she really feels. It makes her tear up. She cannot confesses her feelings to him because of her pride. She lowers her head.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 6 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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