Chen Xin Yu is Crazy for her Love in Delicious Destiny

Delicious Destiny is starred by Mao Xiao Tong, D’Angelo Mike and Chen Xin Yu. This most delicious Chinese drama goes to bitter when the recap continues. On one hand Mao Xiao Tong and D’Angelo Mike’s love is in trouble, on the other hand Chen Xin Yu cannot win the hero’s love although she controls the world. She can do anything for her love. Ye Yi Lan gives us big impression.

Delicious Destiny

When Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) sees Yi Yu Zhe kisses Song Jia Ming in Delicious Destiny, she goes to evil. Since then, she plays an action-heavy scene with Li Yu Zhe’s father to make him back to work. Her grandmother let them engage through money. Everybody think Ye Yi Lan will be perfect wife. The hero’s father only accepts her and suggests her to use some stratagems. After getting support from eldership, she makes Mao Xiao Tong misunderstanding D’Angelo Mike successfully.

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Ye Yi Lan becomes a evil woman from simple rich girl in Delicious Destiny. It’s a complicated role. Chen Xin Yu’s play gives us strong impression. It owes to her hard work in this Chinese drama. She does lots of plans before accepting the drama. It includes the role relationships, story background and recap. Then, she reads the script step by step, until she understands it completely. She think enough preparing is respect to her role. She wishes she can become most famous Chinese actress in the future through her striving.

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