Queen of Tears Episode 13 Recap: Living Hope

This is the recap for Queen of Tears: Episode 13. Hyun-Woo takes Hong family to find the secret room of Man-Dae. They find out that the money was taken away by someone. Beom-Ja believes that the evil woman Seul-Hee did it. They return to the house. Seul-Hee is waiting for them.

Beom-Ja asks Seul-Hee to leave the house. But Seul-Hee insists on staying there. Hae-In walks into Man-Dae’s room. She finds the recording pen. She cries after she listened to her grandfather’s last words. Man-Dae regrets for what he did. His family holds the funeral for him. Hyun-Woo knows Hae-In is sad. He holds her hand. She tears up.

Queen of Tears: Episode 13

He puts his suit on her after the funeral. She thinks they’re doing a death rehearsal. She cries because she wants to live. Eun-Sung follows Seul-Hee to the bank. He sees the money she stole. He wonders how did she get the money. She remembers she watched Man-Dae’s footage. The guy showed her the secret room in the footage.

Du-Gwan feels bad for Beom-Jun because Beom-Jun lost his father after his daughter was sick. But Hyeon-Tae believes that Beom-Jun will let Hyun-Woo be a present if Beom-Jun gets his shares back. It makes Du-Gwan feel shame for owning a son like Hyeon-Tae.

Du-Gwan drinks with Beom-Jun in the yard. He lets him taste the persimmon. He comforts him that his future will be sweet if he endures the pain. Hyun-Woo gets a call from the hospital in Germany. He’s told that Hae-In can be saved if she accepts the surgery. He reports it to Beom-Jun.

Hong family is very happy after they heard the good news. Bong-Ae congratulates Hae-In. But Hae-In doesn’t believe it. She confirms it with Hyun-Woo. He remembers what he told Beom-Jun that his daughter will lose her memories if she accepts the surgery. Beom-Jun asked Hyun-Woo to take Hae-In to Germany first.

Hyun-Woo comforts Hae-In that she will be saved. She’s happy to leave his room. But she cries outside. He walks out of his room. He notes that she’s crying. He wipes off her tears. He hugs her and lets her cry in his arms. He takes her to the bed. They sleep together. He tears up when she falls asleep.

Queen of Tears: Episode 13

They hang out. Hae-In reveals she’s the MP3 owner. Hyun-Woo is surprised. She mentions what Eun-Sung told her that they’re too fate. But Hyun-Woo disagrees to what Eun-Sung said. Hae-In shows the ring she wears to Hyun-Woo. She promises not to take it back.

Grace Go visits Seul-Hee. She asks her for the money she promised because she leaked the secret money. But Seul-Hee only wants to give the money to Grace Go when Grace Go can be trusted. Bong-Ae is making kimchi for Hong family. She asks Mi-Seon to help her. But Mi-Seon rejects it because she doesn’t wish to get her hands dirty. Da-Hye volunteers to help Bong-Ae. Bong-Ae and Mi-Seon are stunned by Da-Hye’s chopping skills.

Mi-Seon talks with her friends about Da-Hye. She thinks Da-Hye had guts. Seon-Hwa found Da-Hye when she was chopping. She claimed that she wouldn’t forgive her even if she did so. But Da-Hye called Seon-Hwa mother-in-law. Hae-In joins Mi-Seon and her friends when Bang-Sil is dying her nail with the first snow. Bang-Sil reveals Hyun-Woo flirted with her when they were in the school. Hae-In shows her ring to Bang-Sil.

Hae-In waits for Hyun-Woo when he drives home. She brings up her first love. She wishes to see snow. It makes him nervous. He follows her when he reminds her that she has accepted his ring. Eun-Sung buys stocks of Queens Group with the secret money after knowing Beom-Seok is going to come back to take over the company. But he doesn’t know it was Hyun-Woo’s plan. Hyun-Woo mentions the land broker promised to help him. He doesn’t know the land broker has been killed in his car.

Grace Go arrives at Yongdu-ri. She does spa for Seon-Hwa and Bong-Ae. Seon-Hwa reveals Hae-In is going to go to Germany for a surgery. Beom-Ja walks on the street. She runs into Yeong-Song. He asks her for a meeting up. She mistakes that he’s going to confess his feelings to her. So she rejects him. But he just gives her the condolence money for the death of her father.

Queen of Tears: Episode 13

He wishes her father to drink with his friends. It makes her tear up. He hands over his handkerchief to her. He leaves. Soo-Cheol tells his parents that he’s going to find a place to live. His parents are against it. But they agree to it when Hae-In has same intention.

Grace Go reports to Seul-Hee that Hae-In is going to go to Germany for the surgery. Eun-Sung hears what Grace Go says. He asks her to go to look into the hospital. Seon-Hwa watches the stars with Hae-In. She feels guilty when she thinks about that she was bad to her daughter. Hae-In comforts Seon-Hwa that she can be a good mother once she comes back from Germany.

Soo-Cheol packs the stuff for Beom-Jun. He persuades him to leave. But Beom-Jun plans to stay after knowing Bong-Ae prepared the pancakes for him. Hyun-Woo takes Hae-In to his house in Seoul. They run into the lady. The lady thinks Hyun-Woo is single. But Hae-In introduces herself as Hyun-Woo’s wife.

They begin the life as newlyweds. They go to the baseball place together. Hae-In wonders why Hyun-Woo came to the place often. He reveals he intends to focus on saving her. Grace Go reports to Seul-Hee that only Beom-Jun and Seon-Hwa came back to the house. Seul-Hee thinks the two will regret for what they do.

Hyun-Woo runs into Eun-Sung in Queens Group. Eun-Sung has known that Hae-In will lose her memories if she accepts the surgery. He asks Hyun-Woo to conceal the secret. He returns home and he lets the maids remove all of Hyun-Woo’s stuff from Hae-In’s room.

Hae-In goes to the department store of Queens Group with Secretary Na. She plans to hang out without buying anything. Secretary Na reminds Hae-In that she hated the customers who don’t buy anything very much. Hae-In goes shopping with Secretary Na. She’s tried. She plans to set up the chairs for the customers. Secretary Na asks Hae-In not to chance her mind because she heard the patient changed her personality after she got the surgery.

Queen of Tears: Episode 13

Hyeon-Tae’s wife visits Bong-Ae. She tells her that she wishes to return her husband to her. She reveals Hyeon-Tae spent their savings to buy stocks. Bong-Ae is furious to beat Hyeon-Tae. Hyeon-Tae follows his wife. He persuades her that he has a way to earn money. He reveals Beom-Jun is going to give a building to his father.

His wife changes her mind. He lets him go to see his father. Hyeon-Tae and Mi-Seon are interested in the building. But Du-Gwan asks his kids to pay the rent. Hae-In walks Secretary Na in the department store. Secretary Na reveals Hae-In prepared the place for the Christmas sales.

The lights are on. It’s snowing. Secretary Na goes to check what happened. Hyun-Woo walks to Hae-In in the snow. He mentions she wished to see first snow. She reveals he was the bus guy. He doesn’t get her point. She’s furious to walk away. He follows her.

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Secretary Na and Secretary Kim see the two off. Secretary Na wonders why it snowed. Secretary Kim reveals Hyun-Woo begged the snow worker to do so. Bong-Ae feels happy when she thinks about that Hae-In is going to recover. But Du-Gwan cries to reveal that Hae-In will lose her memories.

Queen of Tears: Episode 13

Soo-Cheol is shocked after he heard what Du-Gwan said. Seon-Hwa knows the bad news at the same time. She thinks her husband did a great job for letting Hae-In go to Germany. But she feels sad because she thinks her daughter is very poor. Beom-Jun comforts his wife.

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Hae-In and Hyun-Woo are on the plane. They don’t know Eun-Sung is at the airport. They arrive in Germany. They take a cab. Hyun-Woo grabs Hae-In’s hand after he noted that she’s nervous. She reveals she told a lie to him about the raccoon was hiding on the roof garden. She laughs. She arrives at the hospital with him. He confesses it to her that she will lose her memories if she accepts the surgery. She’s furious to leave. But he follows her and begs her to live. He sheds tears. Hyun-Woo films himself in the room in the epilogue. He confesses his feelings to Hae-In when she falls asleep. He smiles.

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