Sisyphus The Myth: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Korean drama Sisyphus The Myth: Episode 1. Dong-Ki wakes up Seo-Hae and reminds her that she needs to go. She invites him to leave with her. But he rejects it and tells her not to believe in anybody. She tears up. He tells her to protect Tae-Sul but asks her not to touch the man.

Sisyphus The Myth: Episode 1 Recap

Sisyphus The Myth: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Sisyphus The Myth: Episode 1.

Seo-Hae wakes up and takes her suitcase to run. The train passes through her. She finds out that her foot is hurt. She sees some masked men waiting for her. She runs and hides under the train when they chase her. She goes out of the train. But the masked men spot her. She has to climb to the top of the train. The masked men surround her.

The man bullies the flight attendant and tells her to give her new noodles. Tae-Sul takes a photo of the man, and tells him to eat up the noodles. The man rejects it. Tae-Sul threatens to post what the man did. He asks the beauty for her number when she wants to repay him. Tae-San takes a photo of Tae-Sul and talks with him. But Tae-Sul ignores him and points out that Tae-San isn’t alive.

The plane is attacked. The captain is killed. Tae-Sul tries to stand up. But the suitcase hits him. He passes out. Tae-San wakes Tae-Sul up. Tae-Sul goes to wake up the copilot. He fixes the plane with the tape when copilot is confused.

Eddie Kim calls Tae-Sul and asks him where he is. Tae-Sul tells Eddie Kim what happens on him. But Eddie Kim doesn’t believe it. So Tae-Sul shows the video to Eddie Kim. The plane is going to hit the building. Tae-Sul saves the plane and all of the people in the plane.

Eddie Kim visits Tae-Sul and tells him not to take the pills. He reminds him that Tae-San is dead. Tae-Sul is furious to throw away the paper Eddie Kim gave him. He goes to see Seo-Jin and asks her to give him the pills. She rejects it. So he brings the thing that she dumped him. But she points out that she did it because he went to see another woman. She asks him what happened between him and Tae-San.

Tae-San goes to see Tae-Sul. But he’s blocked by the bodyguards. Tae-Sul tells the bodyguards to leave. Tae-San tells Tae-Sul that the aliens are looking for him. He thinks he’s in danger. But Tae-Sul needs to attend the party so that he gives some cash to Tae-San and tells him to leave. Tae-San doesn’t want to go and tells Tae-Sul to listen to what he says. Tae-Sul pushes Tae-San over and throws the cash to him.

Tae-San tries to reach Tae-Sul. But he’s blocked by the bodyguards. The door is closed. Tae-San walks alone the street. He gives the cash to the beggar. People applaud after Tae-Sul gave a speech.

Tae-Sul is on the way home. The copilot shows up in front of the car. The driver is furious to get off the car. He grabs the copilot’s clothes. Tae-Sul recognizes copilot so that he stops Bong-Seon. The copilot gives a stuff to Tae-Sul. He runs away. Tae-Sul plays the footage with the stuff the copilot gave him. He finds out that the one who hit the plane was Tae-San.

Seo-Hae walks around the street. She gets into the house. The boss beats Jae-Sun for stealing his money. Jae-Sun denies. The boss has to leave. Jae-Sun takes out the cash. He feels happy.

Jae-Sun mistakes that there is a cat. He rushes to the trash can, and spots Seo-Hae. He takes a kitchen knife and points it at her. She holds the kitchen knife and hurts him. She asks for foods.

Seo-Hae eats up the foods Jae-Sun gave to her. She sees the news about Tae-Sul. She passes out. Seo-Hae wakes up and takes a pen as her weapon when Jae-Sun brings the foods to her. She asks him for her suitcase. He hints her that her suitcase is there. She opens the suitcase and takes out a wallet from it. She takes out a necklace from the wallet, and wears it on her neck. Jae-Sun gives the banana to Seo-Hae, and asks her what she wants. She tells him to call Tae-Sul.

Bong-Seon gives the map to Tae-Sul. Tae-Sul finds the place and decides to drive there. Bong-Seon stops Tae-Sul and wants to go with him. Tae-Sul rejects it because he needs to go there alone. He arrives at the location. He gets off his car and remembers he told Seo-Jin that he regretted for doing so to Tae-San.

It flashes back. Tae-Sul tears up when he sees Tae-San’s body. The guy gives Tae-San’s bag to Tae-Sul. Tae-Sul sits on the bench. He opens the bag and finds a notebook which contains a photo of him and Tae-San.

Seo-Hae calls Tae-Sul. But he isn’t there. So she leaves a message to him that some people want to catch him. Tae-Sul finds the suitcase. He opens it.

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