Snowdrop: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 10. Chung-Ya unties Soo-Ho. He picks up the gun from the floor and points it at Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu has to drop his gun. Soo-Ho beats Gang-Mu and ties him up. Chung-Ya forces the hostages to go to the lobby.

Snowdrop: Episode 10 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 10.

Sang-Beom spots Chung-Ya from second floor. He is furious to grab Bun-Ok’s collar, asking her for going to get the money bag with him. Soo-Ho takes a look at Yeong-Ro. Gyeok-Chan goes to second floor and catches Sang-Beom. Bun-Ok has to follow Gyeok-Chan.

Soo-Ho worries about Eung-Cheol. He goes to the cafeteria. Chung-Ya asks the hostages who planned the escape. Seung-Hee stands up and claims that she was the planner. But Yeong-Ro points out that she was actually the planner. Chung-Ya walks to Yeong-Ro and puts a gun to her head. Seung-Hee hugs Yeong-Ro to protect her.

Soo-Ho finds Eung-Cheol at the cafeteria and wakes him up. But Eung-Cheol cannot hear what Soo-Ho said. Soo-Ho carries Eung-Cheol to the room and puts him in the bed. Soo-Ho returns to the cafeteria with Gyeok-Chan. He tells him to set the bombs in the rooms.

But Gyeok-Chan points out that the bag which contains bombs is missing. Soo-Ho tells Gyeok-Chan to go to look for the bag because he believe that Gyeok-Chan knows who took the bag away. The sniper spots Soo-Ho and asks for the permission to kill Soo-Ho. But the captain doesn’t want him to do that.

Chang-Su watches the TV and learns that the bomb exploded at the cafeteria. He calls Tae-Il and asks him to find a way to save the hostages. Tae-Il comforts Chang-Su that it was just a mistake. Chang-Su yells at Tae-Il that he doesn’t want to lose his daughter when he’s going to bury his son.

Gyeok-Chan beats Sang-Beom with his gun. Sang-Beom cries to confess that the one who hid the bag was Bun-Ok. But Bun-Ok denies it. Chung-Ya grabs Sang-Beom’s hair and puts the gun to his head. Bun-Ok tells Chung-Ya that she saw Sang-Beom hiding the bag in the restroom.

Soo-Ho joins Chung-Ya and reports to her that Eung-Cheol was hurt. So she goes to see Eung-Cheol. Soo-Ho tells the hostages that they’re going to die with them after they tries to run away. Chang-Su calls Soo-Ho and tells him to take Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria.

Chang-Su hangs up and tells the follower to get the sniper to take Soo-Ho’s life once he sees him. Chung-Ya is against to let Soo-Ho take Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria. Because they shouldn’t take duty for Gang-Mu’s mistake. Soo-Ho points out that Chang-Su is their friends according to the contract.

Gyeok-Chan beats Gwang-Tae and Byeong-Tae because the two locked him in the basement. Gwang-Tae hugs Gyeok-Chan’s leg and asks for his mercy. He cries to tell him that Gang-Mu told him to lock him up. But Gyeok-Chan grabs Gwang-Tae’s hair and slaps him.

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Yeong-Ro stops Gyeok-Chan before he hurts Byeong-Tae. But he beats Byeong-Tae with his gun. He walks to Yeong-Ro and grabs her collar. Soo-Ho stops Gyeok-Chan and takes Yeong-Ro away. Chung-Ya tells Gyeok-Chan to shoot Yeong-Ro if the girl leaks her identity.

Soo-Ho drags Yeong-Ro and tells her that her father wants to see her. She asks him for letting her talk with Chang-Su. But he rejects it. She is furious to throw away his necklace. He takes her to the cafeteria and lets her show up. Chang-Su spots Yeong-Ro with the binoculars. She cries to tell him to bury Yeong-U well. Soo-Ho runs to take Yeong-Ro away before Gyeok-Chan shoots her.

Snowdrop: Episode 10 Ending

Soo-Ryun tells Ji-Rok that his son is going to kill all of the hostages. He smiles when he walks away. Chung-Ya finds Seung-Hee’s photo from the book. Gyeok-Chan takes Bun-Ok to see Chung-Ya. Chung-Ya tells Bun-Ok that she knows she touched her money. She tells her to watch the hostages for her if she wants to be alive.

Bun-Ok cries to reject it because she doesn’t want to get killed like her sister. Chung-Ya comforts Bun-Ok that nobody outside the dormitory will know she works for them. She hands over the gun to her. Bun-Ok takes a look at the cash she got. She realizes that Chung-Ya wants to kill all of the hostages.

Bun-Ok turns on the intercom. She finds out that the one she talks with is Gyeong-Hui. She’s startled to turn off the intercom. She learns that the intercom belongs to Seung-Hee. Gang-Mu asks Seung-Hee if she protected Yeong-Ro because she was asked by ANSP. She denies and remembers Gyeong-Hui forced her to confess when he tried to push her off the dam.

Seung-Hee blames Gang-Mu for getting the medals after he hurt innocent people. He’s silent. Bun-Ok walks out with beautiful dress. Chung-Ya tells the hostages that Bun-Ok is her follower now. She tells them not to offend her. Hye-Ryeong mocks Bun-Ok for betraying her nation. She reminds her that people will throw stones to her once they leave the place.

Bun-Ok slaps Hye-Ryeong. Hye-Ryeong is furious to stand up. She tries to give Bun-Ok a lesson. But Bun-Ok points a gun at Hye-Ryeong and makes her sit. She blames the hostage for never treating her like a human being. Soo-Ho gets the evidence from Han-Na. He plays the recording and recognizes Ji-Rok’s voice. He doesn’t believe that his father would want him to die.

Chang-Su calls Soo-Ryun and asks her for getting the spy to release his daughter. But she tells him to give the money to her in three days. She hangs up and leaves the room. Soo-Ho receives the order to kill all of the hostages. Chung-Ya sees the order as well.

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Soo-Ho realizes that his father gave him up. He remembers he promised to repay Ji-Rok when he asked him to give him and his sister a ride. Gang-Mu walks into the room and points his gun at Chung-Ya. Soo-Ho joins Gang-Mu and takes away the gun from Chung-Ya.

Snowdrop: Episode 10 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Yoo In-Na, Jang Seung-Jo and Jung Eugene.

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