Ghost Doctor: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 1. The patient is sent to the hospital. He’s in a coma. His daughter keeps crying when she takes take of him. But the doctor refuses to treat the patient because there’s no surgeon.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 1 Recap

Ghost Doctor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Ghost Doctor: Episode 1.

The girl grabs the doctor’s hand and begs him to treat her father. But he tells her to leave with her father. Young-Min stops the doctor and reminds him that they have the duty to save lives. So the doctor tells Young-Min to save the man.

Ms. Kim tells the kids that there’re many ghost doctors who will protect them. But the kids don’t believe what she said. They walk away. The doctor runs out of the hospital with Soo-Jung. He introduces Young-Min as a talented doctor to her. They go to take care of the patient after the ambulance arrived.

Soo-Jung and the doctors cannot save the patient even if they tried their best. Soo-Jung stops Young-Min after he got in the elevator. She asks him for saving the patient. But he rejects it because he thinks the patient is going to die.

Soo-Jung has to return to the emergency room. Tae-Hyun tells the people that the patient passed away. He leaves the emergency room. Soo-Jung cries and thinks Young-Min is a bad doctor. But the doctor tells Soo-Jung that Young-Min is a talented doctor. He reveals Young-Min was possessed by ghosts.

Young-Min doesn’t respect Tae-Sik in the meeting when they talk about how to treat the patients. Tae-Sik is furious to run out of the meeting room. He doesn’t know how to deal with Young-Min until he thinks of someone. Young-Min notes that Tae-Hyun isn’t happy. He thinks he does so because of the patient. He reveals he saw the patient and thought he couldn’t be saved.

Young-Min walks out of the meeting room with Tae-Hyun. He praises him for not using ECMO on the patient. Seung-Tak stops Young-Min before he leaves. He shakes hands with him and leaves with his follower. Young-Min returns to his office and forces Jae-Won to leak the details about Seung-Tak. But Jae-Won doesn’t know too much about Seung-Tak.

Sun-Ho remembers he encountered Seung-Tak in an interview before and he’s the grandson of the chairman. Young-Min walks into Tae-Sik’s office and tells him that he cannot work with Seung-Tak because the guy didn’t graduate. But Seung-Won tells Young-Min to train Seung-Tak. Tae-Sik reveals Seung-Tak is going to take over the hospital.

Tae-Hyun asks Young-Min about the results after he walks out of Tae-Sik’s office. He gets scolded by him. Seung-Tak gives the perfumes to the nurses. Tae-Hyun yells at Seung-Tak for doing so. But Seung-Tak talks back that those nurses should enjoy the perfumes because they’re women.

Young-Min is cold to walk away after he saw it. He tells Jae-Won to send patients who cannot be saved away. But Seung-Tak is against it and tells Young-Min to save those patients. Young-Min rejects it. Seung-Tak thinks Young-Min is a bad doctor.

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Seung-Tak goes to see Soo-Jung when she’s taking care of the patient. He waves to her after she saw him. Young-Min performs the surgery on patient. He tells Seung-Tak to continue the surgery. But Seung-Tak cannot do that. The doctors applaud after Young-Min walked out of the operating room.

Young-Min tells the doctors not to be like Seung-Tak who cannot perform surgery. Soo-Jung sighs after she took a look at Seung-Tak. Young-Min is happy to peel apple after he gave Seung-Tak a lesson. He believes that Seung-Tak won’t go to the hospital.

Seung-Tak drives his car to the hospital. He almost hits Young-Min. He greets him and walks into the hospital with him. Seung-Tak bumps Young-Min before he gets in the elevator. Young-Min is furious to leave. Jae-Won joins Seung-Tak and thinks Seung-Tak can be friends with Young-Min. He sees Young-Min buying a cup of coffee.

Young-Min takes the coffee to go to the place he likes to stay. He sees Se-Jin. She turns around and sees him as well. She thinks he still likes coffee. He gets a call from someone and tells him that he ran into the woman he hates. He’s furious to walk away. He throws the coffee into the trash can when he sees Seung-Tak.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 1 Ending

Young-Min encounters Se-Jin in the ward of Kwang-Deok. Se-Jin doesn’t want Young-Min to perform the surgery on her father. Because she doesn’t believe he can save her father’s life. But he tells her that he’s not the intern she knew anymore.

It flashes back. Young-Min goes to the place Se-Jin asked him for meeting up. But she’s not there. So he calls her. She doesn’t pick up his phone. He goes to her house to see her and knocks at the door. But she’s not at home. He’s told that she abandoned him after she encountered her rich father.

Tae-Hyun is against it after knowing Young-Min wants to perform surgery for Kwang-Deok. Young-Min tells Tae-Hyun to catch the chance to be professor. Young-Min gets a message from someone after the surgery. He goes to see the person and he has a traffic accident.

Young-Min gets off his car and feels painful in his neck. He sees a man who is injured and lies on the street. He tries to save him. But he finds out that he cannot touch him. He turns around and sees himself passing out in the car.

Seung-Tak walks around the hospital. He gets a call from Jae-Won. Seung-Tak pretends to stay in the emergency room. Soo-Jung runs out of the hospital to pick up the patient. She finds out that the patient is Young-Min. She sends him to the emergency room.

Seung-Tak is startled to show up. Soo-Jung tells Seung-Tak to perform the surgery for Young-Min. But Seung-Tak cannot do that. Seung-Tak takes the scalpel because he wants to save Young-Min’s life. Young-Min grabs Seung-Tak’s hand before he does something on him. He possesses his body. Young-Min performs the surgery on himself.

Ghost Doctor: Episode 1 stars Rain, Kim Beom, Uee and Son Na-Eun.

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