Snowdrop: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 9. Soo-Ho explains that he set the bombs for protecting themselves. But Yeong-Ro doesn’t believe what he said. She runs out of the room and tries to ruin the detonator.

Snowdrop: Episode 9 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 9.

Soo-Ho takes away the detonator from Yeong-Ro and tells her that he doesn’t want her to suffer. He confesses that he felt sad when he couldn’t help her. Chung-Ya watches the scene. Gang-Mu wants to drink water. Seung-Hee brings the water to him.

Gang-Mu thinks Seung-Hee helped Soo-Ho because she’s his friend. She’s furious to pour water to his face. She walks away. Soo-Ho brings Yeong-Ro to the cafeteria. He glares at Gang-Mu and takes him to the room. He beats him and blames him for telling Yeong-Ro about the detonator.

Gang-Mu yells at Soo-Ho that he just told Yeong-Ro not to offend him because he has the detonator. He tells him that his party will give up them for the money. Soo-Ho doesn’t believe what Gang-Mu said until he sees the evidence. He tells him to let Han-Na bring the evidence.

Tae-Il summons Han-Na to his office and blames her for putting the gun into Chung-Ya’s medicine kit. He complains to her that she made Chung-Ya get kidnapped. She feels sorry for what she did. He tells her to leave the dormitory after she carries the supplies.

Gyeong-Hui thinks Soo-Ho asked for Han-Na because he has feelings for her. He laughs. Han-Na scolds Gyeong-Hui and thinks Soo-Ho hates her because she tried to take the SWAT to get into the dormitory. Tae-Il yells at Han-Na that they need to protect the students so that they couldn’t let the SWAT get into the dormitory. He tells her to let Chung-Ya know that he will try his best to save her.

Han-Na carries the supplies to get into the dormitory. Gyeong-Hui tells the reporters that they care for the hostages very much. Chung-Ya watches the news. She praises Gyeong-Hui’s acting. Soo-Ho gets a call from Tae-Il. He picks it up and places the phone on the table so that Chung-Ya can listen to what Tae-Il says with him.

Tae-Il tells Soo-Ho to release all of the hostages, asking him not to hurt Chung-Ya. Chung-Ya hangs up. She asks Soo-Ho for the detonator, telling him that she will take his life if he betrays their nation. He gives the detonator to her. She tells him to let the hostages go. She walks away.

Gyeok-Chan searches Han-Na’s body. Byeong-Tae thanks Gyeok-Chan for giving the men sweater to him. He wants to wear it immediately. But Gyeok-Chan tells Byeong-Tae to go to check the bombs. Soo-Ho shows up. Han-Na avoids him because she betrayed him. She points out that SWAT didn’t get into the dormitory from the tunnel after he blamed her for what she did.

Soo-Ho tells the people to leave. But Gwang-Tae asks Soo-Ho for more noodles. Soo-Ho reminds Gwang-Tae that he’s a hostage. Gwang-Tae has to walk away. Soo-Ho takes Han-Na to see Gang-Mu. She worries about Gang-Mu after seeing his wounds. She takes out the handkerchief to wipe off the water from his face.

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Gang-Mu stops Han-Na and tells her that ANSP intends to take their lives for the election. He tells her to go to find the evidence. She agrees to it but she worries about him. She’s surprised that Gang-Mu and Soo-Ho became friends.

Snowdrop: Episode 9 Ending

Yeong-Ro tells Soo-Ho that they need to wash face. He agrees to let them return to their rooms. But he only allows ten people to leave one time. He tells the girls that the rest hostages will get punished if they do any weird thing.

Yeong-Ro returns to her room and finds the watch from her bag. She throws the watch into the tunnel and runs away. Bun-Ok is shy to thank Gyeok-Chan for helping her. She walks to her room. He follows the sound and walks into the tunnel. Yeong-Ro catches the chance to go to second floor. He finds her watch.

Yeong-Ro finds the secret room and walks into it. Eung-Cheol slaps his leg and tells Soo-Ho that it’s hurt. Gyeok-Chan drives the girls into the cafeteria. He reports to Soo-Ho that Yeong-Ro fled. Soo-Ho goes to look for Yeong-Ro with Gyeok-Chan.

Gang-Mu kicks Eung-Cheol and stuns him. He gets Byeong-Tae to untie him and picks up the gun from the ground. He hands over the gun to Byeong-Tae. Seung-Hee gets the girls to tie Eung-Cheol up, telling them to flee. Chung-Ya hears the sound when she’s in the restroom.

Gang-Mu walks into the restroom and tells Chung-Ya that she’s going to take her to leave the dormitory. She follows him to get into the room. But she finds out that she gets locked up by him. Bun-Ok goes to look for the money bag when other girls are trying to leave the dormitory. She finds the money bag and tries to take it away. But it’s too heavy.

Gwang-Tae locks the door of the tunnel so that Gyeok-Chan cannot catch them. Chung-Ya breaks the window and opens the door. She leaves the room. Yeong-Ro notes that Soo-Ho is outside. She’s scared to drop the tape by mistake. He hears the sound and finds the secret room.

Soo-Ho knocks at the door and tells Yeong-Ro that he cannot help her if she doesn’t trust him. Gang-Mu shows up behind Soo-Ho and fights with him. Yeong-Ro opens the door and sees Soo-Ho beating Gang-Mu. She takes the stuff and tries to hit Soo-Ho. He sees it.

Gang-Mu catches the chance to catch Soo-Ho. He takes away the gun from him and points the gun at him. He asks him for the detonator. Seung-Hee tells the girl to remove the heavy objects so that they can leave the dormitory. But Byeong-Tae stops them because there’s a bomb on the gate.

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The girls are startled. Gang-Mu removes the thread and opens the gate. He tells the girls to leave the dormitory. But Chung-Ya shows up with the detonator. She detonates the bomb.

Snowdrop: Episode 9 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo, Jung Eugene and Yoo In-Na.

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