Snowdrop: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 12. Han-Na wears the rabbit doll to sneak into the newsroom chief’s office. She places the evidence on the table. She leaves the office and gets in her van. She reports to Gang-Mu that she completed the task.

Snowdrop: Episode 12 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 12.

Gang-Mu tells Soo-Ho that he doesn’t believe Chung-Ya even if she said that she wants to join them. Soo-Ho goes to see Chung-Ya and unties her. But she picks up the knife from the table and stabs him from his back when he’s making her tea.

Soo-Ho defeats Chung-Ya and takes off her knife. He has an eye contact with her. He picks up the knife and puts it in her hand. He cries to ask her if his father wants him to die. He tells her to stab him. She’s shocked that he’s the son of Ji-Rok.

The follower reports to Ji-Rok that his son betrayed him. He tells the follower not to let Soo-Ryun know about it. Soo-Ho hands over the tea to Chung-Ya. He tells her to live for herself, and promises to help her leave the dormitory. He tells her to catch the chance to go to another country.

Ji-Rok calls Chang-Su and tells him that Gang-Mu works with Soo-Ho. Tae-Il wants to kill all of the hostages with the bomb. But Chang-Su is against it. He wants to save Yeong-Ro first. Tae-Il gives an order to the captain of the SWAT. Gyeong-Hui sees it.

Seung-Hee knocks at the door. But Bun-Ok doesn’t open the door. Seung-Hee opens the door with the key. She breaks into the room and tells Bun-Ok that she will kill herself if he does any stupid thing. She tells her that she has tried to protect her. Bun-Ok talks back that Seung-Hee has used her. Seung-Hee points out that Chung-Ya used Bun-Ok as well.

The girls see it and ask Yeong-Ro about it. Yeong-Ro reveals Seung-Hee protected Bun-Ok when Bun-Ok pointed the gun at her. Hye-Ryeong brings up that Seung-Hee whispered in Gang-Mu’s ear. She mistakes that the two had a kiss. The girls talk about ANSP is going to kill them.

Yeong-Ro feels uncomfortable so that she goes to the church to pray. She turns around and finds out that Soo-Ho is accompanying her. She tells him that she wishes him to leave the place and go to see his sister. He tells her that he will protect her and her friends so that she can dance with them. Yeong-Ro wishes Soo-Ho to be alive as well. He comforts her that he’s a superman.

Soo-Ho turns on the TV and waits for the evidence to be exposed. But the news he wants to watch doesn’t appear. The evidence is in Chang-Su’s hands. He tells his follower to arrest Han-Na after he listened to the recording. Seung-Jun stops Han-Na’s car and tells her that Chang-Su wants to see her. She agrees to go to see Chang-Su with him. But she drives the car away.

Tae-Il calls Soo-Ho and lets Gang-Mu pick up the phone. He tells Gang-Mu that he set the bombs around the dormitory. He tells him that he will detonate the bombs if he ruins their plan. But Gang-Mu points out that people will know about it if he does so. Chang-Su hears what Tae-Il said. He takes over the phone and tells Gang-Mu to think about Han-Na before he makes decision.

Snowdrop: Episode 12 Ending

Gang-Mu finds the cash from Bun-Ok’s bed. He drags her to see Chung-Ya and thinks Chung-Ya got Bun-Ok to inform Tae-Il. But Chung-Ya points out that she could do nothing because her hands were tied up. Soo-Ho thinks Bun-Ok used another radio to inform Tae-Il.

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Bun-Ok denies and blames Soo-Ho for looking down on her when he went on the blind date with her. She mentions she hit her chest because she regretted for falling for him. She yells at him and asks him why he returned to the dormitory. She cries after realizing that he did it for Yeong-Ro.

Gang-Mu learns that Soo-Ho wanted to leave the dormitory in the day of the Open House. He tells him that the spy was there before he got into the dormitory. Soo-Ho sends messages to Ji-Rok that the only one who betrayed him was him. Ji-Rok doesn’t want to be fooled by his son. He tells his follower to give an order to the spy in the dormitory to kill Soo-Ho if ANSP fails.

Gang-Mu remembers what Deok-Sim told him that someone stole chicken from the kitchen. He goes to the kitchen with Soo-Ho and finds the intercom from the belly of the kitchen. He turns on the intercom and finds out that the one who talks with him is Chang-Su.

Gang-Mu tells Chang-Su that he cannot run away this time because he wants to protect the students in the dormitory. Soo-Ho places the intercom on the table and tells Deok-Sim not to pretend to be insane because he has known she’s the mole. But Man-Dong tells Soo-Ho that Deok-Sim lost her families in the war.

Seung-Hee tells the students to leave since the mole has been caught. Chung-Ya treats Deok-Sim and tells Soo-Ho that the old woman actually has a mental illness. He doesn’t believe Deok-Sim could do that. She tells him that the old woman could do that because she was trained. She thinks they will be like her in the end.

Yeong-Ro learns that Soo-Ho and Gang-Mu intend to has a battle with SWAT. She asks them to let her persuade Chang-Su. Soo-Ho calls Chang-Su and tells him that Yeong-Ro wants to see him. He tells him to come to the temple alone. The follower tells Chang-Su to wear the bulletproof vest.

Chang-Su rejects it and arrives at the temple. Soo-Ho opens the gate. Yeong-Ro walks out of temple to see Chang-Su. She cries to ask him for saving her friend’s lives because he has lost her brother. He tells her to trust him but he catches her. She takes off his hand to get back to Soo-Ho.

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Yeong-Ro cries to protect Soo-Ho with her body when the SWAT are close to him. Yeong-Ro flees to the temple when the SWAT shoot her. Chang-Su tells the SWAT not to shoot. But he gets hit.

Snowdrop: Episode 12 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo, Jung Eugene and Yoo In-Na.

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