Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8. Ji-Ung asks Choi Ung about the trip he doesn’t forget. He wakes him up when he’s deep in thought. It flashes back. Yeon-Su walks into Choi Ung’s room and invites him to go on a trip with her even if she just broke up with him.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8 Recap

Our Beloved Summer

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8.

Choi Ung asks Yeon-Su if it’s their final trip. She doesn’t reply him and takes him to the restaurant. She hands over the crab to him. It makes him worry that she’s going to give up him. She takes photos of him when he stands in front of the sea.

Yeon-Su drags Choi Ung and takes him to run to the market. He’s startled to run away when she takes octopus to be close to him. She joins him and finds out that he falls asleep on the bench. She wakes him up and hands over the coffee to him. She tells him that she’s going to go on a longer trip with him next time.

Choi Ung is surprised that Yeon-Su wants to invite him next time. He tells her that he can only know her feelings when she tells it to him. She lets him stare at her and whispers in his ear. It makes him smile. She mentions he didn’t smile when she took photos of him. She takes a photo of him. He smiles this time. She stops and confesses her feelings to him. He grabs her hand and kisses her.

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Choi Ung tells Ji-Ung that he doesn’t remember the trip. Yeon-Su hears what he says when she drinks coffee. Eun-Ho thinks something happened to Choi Ung and Yeon-Su. He says that he has the duty to watch Choi Ung because he’s his manager when Chae-Ran is filming him.

Sol-Yi gets filmed by Chae-Ran. She thinks she’s not like Choi Ung and Yeon-Su who are kids. She finds out that the two are missing. Yeon-Su runs into Choi Ung in the woods. She asks him why they got together since he doesn’t like her. He admits that he doesn’t like her. He mentions they kept fighting when they were in love relationship. She’s furious to walk away. He complains that he remembered the trip. He lies on the bench.

Tae-Hun shows up behind Ji-Ung when he films because he wants to learn how to film from him. But Ji-Ung tells Tae-Hun to step back because he blocks his view. Ji-Ung catches Yeon-Su when she sits on the rock. There’re two tourists taking photos of Chang-Sik. Chang-Sik catches them. They explain to him that they came because of Choi Ung’s drawing.

Chang-Sik is shocked to report it to Choi Ho. But Choi Ho isn’t surprised. He shows the new customers to Chang-Sik. He tells him that the customers came because of his son’s drawings. He wants to hang those drawings at his restaurant. Chang-Sik asks for one of Choi Ung’s painting.

Yeon-Su gets a message from Ye-In who tells her that the project was very successful. Yeon-Su sees the group photos of Choi Ung and NJ. She remembers that the idol kissed Choi Ung. She complains that NJ took away her lover. Ji-Ung joins her and tells her to relax in front of the camera. Chae-Ran spots the two when she looks for Ji-Ung. She drops her phone.

NJ tells Mi-Yeon that she confessed her feelings to Choi Ung. She thinks he will fall for her once she calls him. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Ji-Ung tells Choi Ung that he’s going to film with Yeon-Su. Choi Ung panics when Yeon-Su calls Choi Ung “Ung”.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8 Ending

Choi Ung gets a video call from NJ when he’s eating with the cast and the staff. He runs into the house to pick up the phone. Yeon-Su runs into Choi Ung at the house when she drinks coffee. She panics to run to the second floor. She takes a look at Sol-Yi and finds out that she falls asleep. She closes the door and returns to her room.

Yeon-Su takes out her phone and calls Ja-Kyung. Ji-Ung walks into Choi Ung’s room. He tries to tell him something about him and Yeon-Su he found when he filmed them. But he gives up the mind and leaves his room. Yeon-Su cannot sleep when she remembers Choi Ung ran into the house to pick up NJ’s phone.

Yeon-Su tries to forget it. But she remembers Choi Ung told Ji-Ung that the trip meant nothing to him. She gets up because she feels painful. Choi Ung remembers Yeon-Su confessed her feelings to him during the trip. Sol-Yi and Eun-Ho think Choi Ung and Yeon-Su need sleeping. They tell Ji-Ung to film them. Ji-Ung agrees to it.

Yeon-Su wakes up and finds out that nobody is in the house. She opens the door of Choi Ung to make sure if he’s in the room. She sees him falling asleep in the bed. She walks into the room and finds the drawing he drew last night. She’s close to him and touches his hair. He grabs her hand. She leaves. He wakes up.

Yeon-Su is in the woods when Chae-Ran films her. Yeon-Su remembers Choi Ung grabbed her hand. She wonders if he woke up. Ji-Ung is filming Choi Ung. The villager greets Ji-Ung and asks him about Yeon-Su. She thinks the rain is coming.

Chae-Ran leaves to take battery. Yeon-Su is alone to lie on the bench. Eun-Ho lies with Sol-Yi and he has a fight with her because of the saliva of her. The rain drops on her face. They run away because it’s raining. Yeon-Su wakes up and finds out that it’s raining as well.

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Yeon-Su thinks the rain is a good thing to help her forget the troubles. But she sees Choi Ung walking to her when he holds the umbrella. He tells her that it was her mistake to make him dislike her. She’s furious and tries to leave. But he stops her and holds the umbrella for her. He kisses her after she took off his umbrella.

Our Beloved Summer: Episode 8 stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-Mi, Kim Sung-Cheol and Roh Jeong-Eui.

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