Snowdrop: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 5. Gang-Mu notes that Eung-Cheol intends to shoot Han-Na. He stands in front of her to block the bullet for her. Soo-Ho turns around and points the gun at Eung-Cheol. He finds out that he came to help him.

Snowdrop: Episode 5 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 5.

Soo-Ho joins Eung-Cheol. They have the gun battle with the police. Han-Na shoots Eung-Cheol’s follower when she takes care of Gang-Mu’s wound. Eung-Cheol gets angry and strafes the dormitory. Seol-Hui is scared. She wants to leave the room. But Byeong-Tae and Gwang-Tae stop her.

Gang-Mu notes that the girls are scared. He tells the police to stop shooting. Eung-Cheol smiles. The police rush into the dormitory with the shields. Eung-Cheol tries to hurt the police. But it doesn’t work. Soo-Ho shoots the chandelier and makes it fall to the police.

Gang-Mu tries to tell the police to be careful. But it’s too late. Soo-Ho takes the grenade to walk out when he drags Yeong-Ro. He tells Gang-Mu to let the police leave the dormitory. Gang-Mu has to listen to Soo-Ho. But Soo-Ho asks Gang-Mu to stay with him because he knows he’s the chief of the police.

Soo-Ho tells Han-Na that he will take Gang-Mu’s life if she dares to hurt them. Gang-Mu agrees to be the hostage. He tells the police to leave. Han-Na yells at Gang-Mu when she’s taken away by her colleagues. Gang-Mu gets beaten after he handed over his gun to Soo-Ho. He’s taken away with Yeong-Ro.

Soo-Ho dresses Gyeok-Chan’s wound. Gyeok-Chan tells Soo-Ho that other people will take care of I-Seop. Soo-Ho tells his team members that they need the hostages to help them leave the dormitory. Gyeok-Chan and Eung-Cheol go to gather the hostages.

Soo-Ho kidnaps Byeong-Tae standing in front of the gate when he points his gun at him. Han-Na reports to Gyeong-Hui that Soo-Ho kidnapped the hostages. He doesn’t know what to do. So he calls Mi-Hye who is accompanying Ae-Ra to choose clothes.

Mi-Hye goes to pick up the phone after she got the permission from Ae-Ra. She learns that there’re spies in the Women’s University. She remembers what the fortune teller said. She realizes that Chang-Su will be the king. She tells Gyeong-Hui to help Chang-Su instead of Tae-Il. He gets her point and decides to go to deal with Gang-Mu.

Eung-Cheol ties Byeong-Tae and Gwang-Tae up. He puts the grenade on their backs. It startles them. Gyeok-Chan drives the girls to the cafeteria. Eung-Cheol drags Gang-Mu to the cafeteria as well. He beats him when he gets tied up.

Hye-Ryeong notes that Seung-Hee isn’t at the cafeteria. Bun-Ok thinks Seung-Hee fled. But Seung-Hee shows up and cheers the girls up. Gyeok-Chan drags some girls aside and tells them to walk to the window. Seung-Hee is against Gyeok-Chan’s plan.

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Gang-Mu points out that Gyeok-Chan wants to use the girls to protect themselves. He tells him that he won’t have any chance to be alive if the police come. Gyeok-Chan beats Gang-Mu with his gun. He takes a look at his face and remembers he was the one who hurt him.

Gyeok-Chan forces the girls to stand in front of the windows when he points the gun at them. He tells them that he will take their lives if they don’t listen to him. Mi-Hye calls Seong-Sim and tells her that there’re some girls getting kidnapped in the dormitory. She thinks she’s going to be the first lady. But Seong-Sim throws a fit to Mi-Hye.

Gyeong-Hui calls Han-Na and tells her to take care of Yeong-Ro. He adds that the girl is Chang-Su’s daughter. She gives the task to her follower. Chang-Su talks with Ji-Rok over the phone. He learns that he will get the money once I-Seop arrives in the north.

Tae-Il feels happy after he heard the message. Gyeong-Hui visits Chang-Su and tells him that Gang-Mu got caught by the spies in the dormitory. Tae-Il gets angry. He tells Gyeong-Hui to kill those spies. But Gyeong-Hui reveals the spies are leaded by Soo-Ho.

Snowdrop: Episode 5 Ending

Byeong-Tae walks out with Seol-Hui’s pajamas. It makes the girls laugh. Hye-Ryeong cries to blame the girls. She reveals they almost got killed. Eung-Cheol tells Soo-Ho to take the hostage’s life. But Soo-Ho is against it. He gets a call from Chang-Su who tells him that they didn’t intend to hurt them.

Soo-Ho thinks Chang-Su should repay for what he did. He tells him that he decides to take the hostage’s life. He tries to hang up. But Chang-Su stops Soo-Ho and tells him that he will help him. He tells him to flee from the emergency exit.

Soo-Ho tells Eung-Cheol that Chang-Su will help them. But Eung-Cheol doesn’t believe in what Chang-Su said. Gyeong-Hui calls Mi-Hye and tells her that Chang-Su had a deal with the north. He worries that he will get punished. She thinks her husband is too slow, throwing a fit to him. She tells him that she doesn’t care for Yeong-Ro’s life.

Mi-Hye hands up. She’s startled after she turned around and saw Seong-Sim. Seong-Sim learns Chang-Su’s daughter got kidnapped. She thinks Ae-Ra needs her. Soo-Ho finds Yeong-Ro’s radio. He takes the radio to Yeong-Ro’s room. He takes a look at her family photo. He turns on the radio and hears the song.

Soo-Ho remembers the military commander told him that the mission is changed if he hears the song. He learns that he needs to work with Chang-Su. Soo-Ho tells his followers that he received a new order from their leader. He thinks their nation is trying to help them. The followers get convinced.

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Chang-Su gets a call from someone who tells him that the ship I-Seop stayed sank. He reports it to Tae-Il. Tae-Il tells Chang-Su to change the plan. Soo-Ho takes his followers to walk out from the emergency exit. But they get attacked. Eung-Cheol’s leg is hurt.

Snowdrop: Episode 5 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo and Jung Eugene.

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