Snowdrop: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 8. Ae-Ra walks into Mi-Hye’s store and runs into Seong-Sim. It seems that the two women don’t like to see each other. Ae-Ra tells Seong-Sim that she came for the foods. She walks aside for her.

Snowdrop: Episode 8 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 8.

Ae-Ra is furious to leave after knowing something bad happened to Yeong-U. Chang-Su arrives at the hospital and walks in the ward. Yeong-U opens his eyes and cries to tell Chang-Su that he promised to Yeong-Ro’s mom to protect Yeong-Ro.

Yeong-U got on knees to grave of Yeong-Ro’s mom. He told her that he would protect his sister. Yeong-Ro felt happy. Yeong-U tears up and gives the task to Chang-Su. He passes away. Chang-Su cries to tell the doctor to save his son. Gang-Mu cuts off the rope and leaves the room. He tries to go downstairs but he gives up the mind after he saw Gyeok-Chan.

Gang-Mu sneaks into another room so that Gyeok-Chan doesn’t find him. Seung-Hee takes out the intercom from the flowerpot and leaves the cafeteria when Eung-Cheol falls asleep. She goes to the bathroom and closes the door. She tries to contact someone with the intercom.

Yeong-Ro watches the TV and learns that Soo-Ho is the one who should take duty for her brother’s death. She stares at Soo-Ho when she sheds tears. He turns off the TV. She cries to run out of the room and tries to go downstairs. He stops her and reminds her that she will get killed.

Yeong-Ro gives Soo-Ho a slap and beats him. She asks him for returning her brother to her. She collapses and passes out. He hugs her. Seung-Hee watches them from the second floor. Gyeok-Chan points his gun at Seung-Hee and tells her to return to the cafeteria.

Soo-Ho tells Gyeok-Chan to set a bomb on the cafeteria windows. Gang-Mu hears what Soo-Ho said. He returns to his room and tries to wear the rope. But Soo-Ho breaks into the room and points his gun at Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu drops the rope and surrenders.

Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu to turn around and finds the knife from his pocket. He bends the knife. He ties him up again and forces him to leave the room. He tells him not to do weird thing. Gang-Mu mentions Seong-Jo betrayed his nation for a woman. He tells Soo-Ho to do same thing like Seong-Jo.

Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu not to do weird thing if he wants to stay with Han-Na. But Gang-Mu pretends not to care for Han-Na. Soo-Ho points the wound on Gang-Mu’s shoulder, making him remember the pain. Soo-Ho walks into the medical room and finds out that Yeong-Ro falls asleep. Chung-Ya tells him that Yeong-Ro is fine after she gave her the treatment. She notes that he care for the girl.

Chung-Ya takes a look at Soo-Ho and Yeong-Ro’s group photo. She learns that the girl helped him. She tells him not to let his personal feelings affect the task. He tells her that he doesn’t like Yeong-Ro at all. He doubts if they can return to North Korea because ANSP broke the promise ever.

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Bun-Ok sees Gyeok-Chan setting a bomb on the cafeteria windows. She reports it to Seung-Hee and thinks they will get killed. But Seung-Hee doesn’t believe that Gyeok-Chan will be that because they’re surrounded by the police. Bun-Ok notes that Yeong-Ro is missing. She thinks everyone will get killed except Yeong-Ro. Seung-Hee tells Bun-Ok that Yeong-Ro passed out after she heard her brother got killed by the spies.

Snowdrop: Episode 8 Ending

Gang-Mu tells the SWAT to get into the tunnel with him. But the captain rejects it and shoots the ground in front of Gang-Mu when Gang-Mu tries to walk to him. Gang-Mu picks up the stone and tries to fight with the captain. But he’s forced to step back to the tunnel.

Gang-Mu worries that he will get caught by Soo-Ho. So he hides somewhere. Soo-Ho runs downstairs with Gyeok-Chan to look for Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu flees from the stairs after Soo-Ho and Gyeok-Chan left. Gyeok-Chan beats Sang-Beom and forces Man-Dong to tell him how Gang-Mu ran away.

Man-Dong opens the door. Gyeok-Chan walks into the room. Gang-Mu listens to the record and learns that Chung-Ya is a spy. Soo-Ho takes Man-Dong and Sang-Beom to return to the cafeteria. He calls Tae-Il and asks him about the gunshots.

Tae-Il tells Soo-Ho that the SWAT shot Gang-Mu when he tried to take them to get into the tunnel. He yells at him and tells him to watch Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu runs into Gyeok-Chan and takes off his gun. He fights with him and defeats him.

But Soo-Ho shows up behind Gang-Mu and points his gun at his head. Gang-Mu releases Gyeok-Chan and he gets tied up by him. Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu that he will hurt Han-Na if he does something wrong. Gang-Mu gets angry. He tells Soo-Ho that his nation will abandon him after the election. But Soo-Ho tells Gang-Mu that he’s going to accept his fate if it’s his party’s will.

Soo-Ho sees the reporters appearing outside. He remembers what Gang-Mu said that they’re just chess pieces. Yeong-Ro joins Gang-Mu and asks him what she should do. He tells her not to offend Soo-Ho because there’s a detonator in Soo-Ho’s pocket.

Gyeok-Chan walks to Yeong-Ro. She explains that she came to give the bread to Gang-Mu. She asks him for letting her go to restroom. He agrees to it after Chung-Ya gave the order to him. But he still follows her to the restroom and pushes her.

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Soo-Ho stops Gyeok-Chan and tells him to leave Yeong-Ro to him. Gyeok-Chan walks away. Soo-Ho notes the wound on Yeong-Ro’s hand. He dresses the wound for her. She asks him if he came back for her. He admits it and tells her that he wants to let her go. She’s moved to hug him from his back. He takes off her hands and turns around to hug her. But she pushes him away after she got the detonator.

Snowdrop: Episode 8 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo, Jung Eugene and Yoo In-Na.

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