Snowdrop: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 7. Soo-Ho tells the people that he will only release nine of them even if he was told that Yeong-Ro is the daughter of Chang-Su. Yeong-Ro yells at Soo-Ho and asks him for releasing one more person.

Snowdrop: Episode 7 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 7.

But Soo-Ho tells Yeong-Ro that she’s just a human shield. He gets Gyeok-Chan to drag Yeong-Ro to the window. Soo-Ho takes Seung-Hee to the room. He takes a look at the resume of Yeong-Ro. He tells Seung-Hee that he has known Yeong-Ro’s identity.

Seung-Hee tells Soo-Ho that she punished Yeong-Ro after she helped him. She asks him for releasing more people. But he rejects it. She blames him for not repaying Yeong-Ro after he used her. He tells her to leave. Seung-Hee goes to the restroom. Soo-Ho follows her and guards the restroom.

Gyeok-Chan shows up. He tells Soo-Ho that he doesn’t trust Chung-Ya. Soo-Ho ignores Gyeok-Chan and tells him to guard the restroom for him. Seung-Hee takes out the intercom and tries to talk with someone. But Gyeok-Chan hears the sound and walks in the restroom. He gets Seung-Hee to get out of the restroom.

Soo-Ho returns to the cafeteria. Han-Na asks him for letting Chung-Ya treat Gang-Mu. But he rejects it. So she yells at him. Gyeok-Chan gets angry after he heard what Han-Na. He thinks Gang-Mu shouldn’t get treated because he shot him.

Soo-Ho gets into the medical room with Chung-Ya. She shows the texts on her arm to him. He learns that there’re many wiretaps in the dormitory. Soo-Ho walks out of the medical room. He tells Gyeok-Chan that he’s going to let Chung-Ya treat Gang-Mu. He tells him to take care of Yeong-Ro.

Gyeong-Hui watches the dormitory with the binocular. He complains to the follower that Seung-Hee betrayed him after he gave her a lesson. Chang-Su shows up and takes over the binocular from Gyeong-Hui. He takes a look at Yeong-Ro and finds out that his lovely daughter gets tied up. He tears up.

Tae-Il mentions Yeong-Ro helped a spy. He thinks Chang-Su is a shame of the nation. Chang-Su glares at Tae-Il. Seong-Sim tells Mi-Hye that the fortune teller told her that there will be thirteen girls killed. She feels happy. But Mi-Hye tells Seong-Sim that there will be some girls getting released.

Soo-Ho takes out the remote from the drawer. He puts it on the table and takes off Gang-Mu’s eye mask. He tells him that the all dormitory will explode if he presses the remote. Tae-Il gets angry and tells Chang-Su not to trust Soo-Ho. But Chang-Su points out that he has to trust Soo-Ho because he controls the hostage’s lives.

Tae-Il notes that Chang-Su is upset after he heard Soo-Ho placed the bombs into the dormitory. He tells him that he arranged the SWAT to kill the spies. Chang-Su is against it. He worries that Soo-Ho will kill his daughter if the SWAT breaks into the dormitory.

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Gang-Mu is taken to the cafeteria. Han-Na recognizes him and hugs him. She tells him about her plan. But she’s dragged away by Gyeok-Chan. She blames Soo-Ho for doing it to Gang-Mu. Gyeok-Chan points out that Han-Na did the same thing to Geum-Cheol.

Han-Na reveals they just got Geum-Cheol to drop his head. Soo-Ho is furious to grab her cheek. Gang-Mu yells at Han-Na and tells her not to provoke Soo-Ho. Han-Na escorts the girls to walk out of the dormitory. The doctors take care of them.

Soo-Ho watches it. Han-Na returns to the dormitory. Gyeong-Hui reports to Chang-Su that some of the girls got released. He promises to take care of the rest girls. Ae-Ra shows up and brings the foods to those man. Tae-Il and Gyeong-Hui praise Ae-Ra.

The follower hints Gyeong-Hui to turn on the TV. The TV plays the record that Soo-Ho tells I-Seop to come to North Korea because his son was kidnapped by them. Tae-Il is furious to break the chopsticks. He chases Gyeong-Hui and tries to beat him.

Chang-Su stops Tae-Il and tells the followers to leave. Chang-Su points out that the media wouldn’t release the record if he didn’t have the hard evidence. He gets a call to the president who asks him for finding a solution. Tae-Il is scared. But Ae-Ra tells the two that she has a method.

Snowdrop: Episode 7 Ending

Chung-Ya tries to talk with Yeong-Ro when they’re tied up at the cafeteria. But she’s taken away by Gyeok-Chan. He takes her to see Soo-Ho. But Soo-Ho unties her and reports to her that he has removed the bugs. Gyeok-Chan is confused. So she tells her real identity to him.

Gyeok-Chan realizes that Chung-Ya is the hero he should respect. He feels sorry for hurting her. But she thinks he doesn’t have to do that because she provoked him first. She hears the voice and gets him to open the curtain. He takes a look at outside and finds out that Gyeong-Hui takes the horn to ask them for picking up the phone.

Soo-Ho picks the phone up. Chang-Su tells Soo-Ho to check the instruction. Soo-Ho hangs up when Tae-Il yells at him. He checks the instruction and finds out that their leader asks them to cooperate with Chang-Su. But he doesn’t want to follow the instruction. Because he got betrayed by Chang-Su ever. Chung-Ya scolds Soo-Ho and thinks what he needs to do is to make up the mistake he made.

Seung-Hee tells Soo-Ho to let them cook foods because the students are hungry. He agrees to it so that Deok-Sim goes to prepare foods. Soo-Ho takes Yeong-Ro to the window. Gyeong-Ja is scared to leave. Chang-Su finds out that his daughter doesn’t get killed. He feels relieved.

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Soo-Ho unties Yeong-Ro and takes her to the room. He tells her to eat the rice balls. She learns that he wants to keep his life because she’s the daughter of Chang-Su. She asks him if he returned to the dormitory for the paper airplane she threw. But she’s told that her brother got killed by the spies. She tears up and takes a look at Soo-Ho.

Snowdrop: Episode 7 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo and Jung Eugene.

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