Squid Game: Episode 6 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 6. The players line up to get reviewed from the men in red. Gi-Hun sees Il-Nam’s wet pants. Gi-Hun wears his clothes on Il-Nam’s waist to cover it. The man in red tries to take the players to the game hall because the new game is going to begin.

Squid Game: Episode 6 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 6.

The players look up at the dead bodies that are hung. The man in red tells the players that the people got killed because they broke the rules. Jun-Ho takes photos of the lists. He tries to pick up the phone when it rings. But he hides in another room after Front Man showed up.

Front Man picks up the phone. Jun-Ho hears what Front Man says. The players arrive at the game hall, and they’re required to team up together. Mi-Nyeo asks Gi-Hun and Sang-Woo for teaming up with her. But both men reject her. Sae-Byeok points out that the players don’t want to accept any woman after they tasted the horror of tug of war. She walks away. Ji-Yeong follows Sae-Byeok.

Gi-Hun tries to team up with Sang-Woo. But he sees Sang-Woo inviting Ali Abdul. Gi-Hun has to look for someone else as his team member. But they has found their partners. Il-Nam hands over his clothes to Gi-Hun. He thinks people rejected him because of the clothes.

Deok-Soo teams up with Player 278. Ji-Yeong teams up with Sae-Byeok. Player 062 invites Gi-Hun to team up with him. He thinks Il-Nam will get killed. Gi-Hun takes a look at Il-Nam who sits at the corner. He rejects Player 062 and walks to Il-Nam.

All of the players leave the hall except Mi-Nyeo. She’s taken away by the guards. Deok-Soo feels relieved that Mi-Nyeo disappeared. But Player 278 cares for the words Mi-Nyeo said about Byeong-Ki. Sang-Woo tells Ali Abdul that they will be victory when he walks him. Gi-Hun and Il-Nam arrive at the house. The guard gives them some marbles. Gi-Hun and Il-Nam are very happy because they know the game very well.

But the players are told that they need to defeat their partners. Sang-Woo tells Ali Abdul to play the game with him when Ali Abdul hesitates. Gi-Hun follows Il-Nam and wants to play the marble game with him. But Il-Nam walks around and looks for the house he lived. Gi-Hun is furious to tell Il-Nam that he doesn’t want to get killed.

Ali Abdul gets all of marbles from Sang-Woo except the one in his hand. Sang-Woo is furious to grab Ali Abdul’s collar. He thinks he tricked him. The guard points the gun at Sang-Woo’s head. Ji-Yeong wants to decide the victory or defeat with Sae-Byeok in just round. She has so much time. So she asks Sae-Byeok about her families.

Deok-Soo gets defeated from betting marbles. He thinks the game isn’t fair to him, and asks for changing the game. The guard agrees to it. Deok-Soo asks Player 278 to play the throwing marbles into hole game with him. Player 278 accepts the challenge because he thinks he’s going to defeat Deok-Soo again.

Sae-Byeok tells Ji-Yeong that she wants to go to Jeju Island if she gets the cash. Ji-Yeong laughs. She thinks Sae-Byeok’s dream is too small, and wants to go to the most beautiful place in the world with her. But she realizes that they cannot leave Squid Game.

Sang-Woo gets on knees to Ali Abdul. He cries to tell him that his families will die if he gets killed. Ali Abdul rejects it because he has families as well. Sang-Woo convinces Ali Abdul that he will find a way to make them alive. Ali Abdul believes in what Sang-Woo said.

Il-Nam defeats Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun has to give all of the marbles in his hands to Il-Nam. The guard walks to Gi-Hun and tries to pull out his gun. Gi-Hun shows the marble to the guard. Deok-Soo throws the marble into the hole in the end after Player 278 failed many times.

Sang-Woo explains his theory to Ali Abdul, and thinks they will be alive. But Ali Abdul sees the player getting killed in front of him. Ji-Yeong tells Sae-Byeok that she took his dad’s life because he killed her mom. Il-Nam wins the last marble from Gi-Hun. But he tells him that he got defeated.

Sang-Woo tells Ali Abdul to go to look for other players. But he asks him for leaving all of his marbles to him. Deok-Soo tries to throw the marble into the hole. But he fails. Player 278 shows the last marble to Deok-Soo. He tries to throw the marble into the hole. But he helps Deok-Soo’s marble roll into the hole after the stone changed the direction of the marble.

Deok-Soo is very happy. Player 278 tries to run away. But he gets killed. Sang-Woo hangs the bag on Ali Abdul’s neck, and tells him to go to look for other players. But Sang-Woo keeps the real bag which contains marbles. He puts the last marble into the bag. He hands over the bag to the guard.

Ji-Yeong decides to play the game with Sae-Byeok in the end. She tells her that the one who throws the marble to the wall will be the winner. Il-Nam asks Gi-Hun for borrowing one marble to him. But Gi-Hun rejects it when he grabs the marble bag tightly. He tries to walk away.

Il-Nam shows off the last marble he has to Gi-Hun when he smiles at him. Gi-Hun pours out all of the marbles from his bag. He tries to calculate it. But Il-Nam walks away. Ji-Yeong doesn’t throw the marble to the wall. She lets the marble drop to the ground. Sae-Byeok grabs Ji-Yeong’s collar and asks her for throwing it. But Ji-Yeong rejects it because she wants to achieve the dream for Sae-Byeok. Sae-Byeok sheds tears.

Ali Abdul looks for Sang-Woo. But he finds out that the stuff in his bag are stones. He tears up. The guard kills Ali Abdul behind him. Ji-Yeong stops Sae-Byeok when she tries to leave the game playground. She thanks her for playing the game with her. Ji-Yeong gets killed by the guard. Sae-Byeok is very sad.

Gi-Hun follows Il-Nam and asks him for playing the game with him. But Il-Nam ignores Gi-Hun and walks into the house he lived with his families. Gi-Hun stops Il-Nam and begs him to play the game with him. Il-Nam agrees to continue to play the marble game with Gi-Hun. But he asks him for betting everything he owns.

Gi-Hun rejects it. He tears up when Il-Nam puts the last marble he has into his hand. Il-Nam tells Gi-Hun that they’re friends. He hugs him to comfort him. Gi-Hun leaves the house when the time is up. Il-Nam tells his name to Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun is startled when he hears the gunfire. He walks forward when he sheds tears.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo, Oh Young-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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