Squid Game: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 7. Ali Abdul and other player’s bodies are carried into the coffins. Front Man spots it. He tells the follower to find Jun-Ho because The VIPS are going to come. Deok-Soo and other players return to the huge room.

Squid Game: Episode 7 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 7.

Mi-Nyeo gets up from the bed and waves to Deok-Soo with smiling. He’s surprised that she didn’t get killed. She laughs to tell him that the guards were nice to her because she’s a weak woman. Front Man gets a call from someone. He’s going to leave the house. But he gives up the mind because he realizes that Jun-Ho hides in the house.

Front Man takes the gun to check the rooms one by one. He gets into the basement to catch Jun-Ho. But he gets a call from his follower that they found the body. He leaves the basement. The players are eating potatoes. Gi-Hun feels sad for Il-Nam’s death. Sang-Woo comforts Gi-Hun that Player 001 isn’t an important person to him. He adds that Player 069 lost his wife in the marble game.

The follower finds the police ID from Guard 28’s body. He hands it over to Front Man. Player 069 cries to beg the players to leave Squid Game with him. But they ignore him. Sang-Woo is furious to grab Player 069’s collar. He yells at him that the cash in the piggy bank not just contains his wife’s life. Gi-Hun takes a look at the marble Player 001 gave to him. He grabs it tightly.

The VIPS arrive at Squid Game. One of them think Player 069 is a loser when he spots him from the TV. Gi-Hun sees the guards carrying the coffin to the huge room. He finds out that Player 069 took his life with the towel. Some cash falls into the piggy bank.

Jun-Ho points his gun at the waiter. He stuns him and takes a photo of him. He wears his mask and goes to the club. Tiger VIP waves to Jun-Ho. He gets a glass of wine from him. The guard takes off the cloth. The VIPS see the model of the bridge. Jun-Ho records it with his phone when the VIPS are talking.

The guard tells the players to choose the aprons from the mannequins. All of the numbers are taken away by the players except number 1 and number 16. Gi-Hun cannot make the decision when he holds number 1. Player 096 shows up behind Gi-Hun. He asks him for the number because he wants to be the hero the first time in his life. Gi-Hun gives the apron to Player 096.

The players arrive at the game hall. They’re told that the game they’re going to play is Glass Stepping Stones. Player 096 is shocked after knowing he will be the first one who plays the game. He turns around and takes a look at Player 456.

Tiger VIP waves to Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho walks to Tiger VIP. He pours the wine into his glass. Tiger VIP asks Jun-Ho to sit with him. Player 096 takes off his shoes. He’s going to walk across the bridge. But he cannot walk forward because he fears it.

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Player 101 walks to Player 096. He tells him that he will push him. Player 096 is successful to step on the first tile. Player 308 encourages Player 096 to step on more tiles. But he falls after he tried to step on the next tile. Player 308 fails to step on her fist tile. She gets killed like Player 096.

Player 062 thinks he will be successful after he calculated the tiles. But he still falls after he steps on some tiles. Player 021 asks Player 453 which tile Player 062 stepped on. She tells him that it was left tile. He believes her and falls off the bridge.

Player 456 watches the players stepping on the tiles. He tells Player 067 that they will pass the game without any problem if the players tests enough tiles. But Player 218 points out that they will get killed as well if the players waste time.

Player 244 prays. Player 151 tries to push Player 244. But he gets pushed away by him. Player 151 falls. Player 244 steps on the tile. He thinks the god helped him. But he gets pushed by Player 407. Player 407 is scared to look at Player 101. Because he worries that he will push him. Player 101 denies. He tells Player 407 that he needs to use him.

Player 456 takes off his shoes. He’s going to play the game. But he doesn’t know which tile he should step on. Player 067 tells the right tile to Player 456. Player 407 is confident to tell Player 101 that he knows which one is the right tile. But he still falls after he stepped on the tile.

Player 101 thinks Player 407 is a fool after he saw his falling. He yells at Player 271 that he won’t walk forward. Tiger VIP takes Jun-Ho a room. He tries to do something bad to him. But Jun-Ho points his gun at Tiger VIP. He takes a photo of him.

Mi-Nyeo pushes Player 271 and makes him push Player 101. But Player 101 pushes Player 271 off the bridge. Mi-Nyeo tells Player 101 that she will walk forward instead him. But she hugs him when she stands with him. She takes him to fall off the bridge.

The glass worker helps the players pass the tiles. Front Man notes it. He turns off the light. The guard checks the VIP room. He finds out the Tiger VIP got stunned by Jun-Ho. He reports it to Front Man. The glass worker tells the players that he needs something to test the tile.

Player 456 hands over the marble to the glass worker. The glass worker fails to test the tile. He asks for another marble. Player 456 shakes his head. Player 218 pushes the glass worker to the tile. He makes him fall. Player 218, Player 067 and Player 456 pass the game. The bridge is blown up. The piece of glass casts to Player 067. Her face gets hurt.

The guard breaks into the room. He finds out that Jun-Ho took away the oxygen tank. He reports it to Front Man. Front Man tells the guard to prepare the boat. Front Man boards the boat with the guards. They’re going to go to the sea to look for Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho shows up from the water. He spots the boat and dives again.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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