Squid Game: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 8. Player 067, Player 456 and Player 218 go downstairs. We see the blood on the stairs. Jun-Ho takes off oxygen tank when he’s on the beach. He takes out his phone from a plastic bag. He finds out that the phone doesn’t have any signal. He spots the mountain so that he runs to the mountain.

Squid Game: Episode 8 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 8.

The three players return to the huge room. The door is closed. Player 067 walks to her bed. Player 456 puts his hand on Player 218’s shoulder. He asks him why he pushed the glass worker. Player 218 tells Player 456 that he did that because he wanted to be alive to get the cash. The two have a fight.

The guard shows up. He tells the players that he prepared presents for them. He asks them to get changed. Player 067 goes to the restroom. She takes off her clothes and pulls out the glass from her belly. The blood drops to the floor. She binds up the wound with the cloth.

Player 067 washes her face and takes a look at herself from the mirror. She opens the present box and finds a new clothes inside. Front Man finds the oxygen tank Jun-Ho. The guards go to catch Jun-Ho. Front Man shoots the oxygen tank. Jun-Ho spots Front Man and the guards. He calls the chief and asks for some police officers to help him.

The guard prepares the steak, bread and wine for the players. The players eat those foods and drink the wine. The guards hunt Jun-Ho in the woods. Jun-Ho flees to the cliff. He pulls out his gun and faces the guards. He tells the guards that he informed it to the police station. He thinks the police will come to arrest them.

But Front Man points out that there’s any signal there. He thinks Jun-Ho only has one bullet. The guards take away the dishes but they leave the knives on the table. The players keep the knives. Front Man walks to Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho has to shoot Front Man’s shoulder. Front Man tells the guards not to hurt Jun-Ho.

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Front Man tells Jun-Ho that he won’t get killed if he listens to him. Jun-Ho drops the gun because he realizes that Front Man is someone he knows. He recognizes him after he took off his mask. Front Man asks Jun-Ho to join him. But Jun-Ho shakes his head. So Front Man shoots Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho falls off the cliff. Front Man sees Jun-Ho drowning.

Player 456 and Player 218 stares at each other when they hold the knives. Player 456 walks to Player 067. He calls her name. She points the knife at him. He tells her that he won’t hurt her. He adds that he keeps the knife for Player 218. He puts the knife into his pocket.

Player 067 drops his knife so that Player 456 sits with her. He asks her for working together to deal with Player 218. He promises to share the cash with her. She takes a look at the cash in the piggy bank. He tells her that he wants to be a good father if he can get the cash.

Player 067 asks Player 456 for taking care of her brother if he wins Squid Game. But he walks to Player 218 when he drops the knife because of sleeping. He takes out the knife from his pocket. Player 067 stops Player 456 and reminds him that he’s not a bad guy.

Player 456 turns around and finds out that Player 067’s belly was hurt. He rushes to the gate, and knocks at the door. He asks the guard to save Player 067. The door is opened. Some guards walk in the room with the coffin. Player 456 spots the blood on Player 218’s face. He rushes to Player 067. He finds out that she got killed by Player 218.

Player 456 holds the knife and tries to stab Player 218. Player 218 is ready for the fighting. The guards part the two players. Player 456 sheds tears when he sees the guards carrying Player 067 into the coffin. Some cash fall into the piggy bank.

Front Man takes out the bullet from his shoulder. He presses the towel on the wound to stanch. He hears the gunfire and sees Jun-Ho in the mirror. The doll sings the song. Player 067 is thrown into the stove. She gets burned up.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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