Squid Game Ending: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game Ending: Episode 9. The guard gathers Player 456 and Player 218 together, and tells them that the last game will be Squid Game.

Squid Game Ending: Episode 9 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game Ending: Episode 9.

Player 456 chooses triangle when he stares at Player 218. The guard throws the coin to the sky. He covers the coin with his hands after it fell. He finds out that it’s triangle. He asks Player 456 to choose offense or defense. Player 456 chooses offense.

The guard tells his arrangement to the two players. He walks them out of the tunnel after another two guards opened the gate. They arrive at the squid game playground. The VIPs and Front Man watch them. The guard explains the rule of squid game to the two players that the offense can only be victory when he steps on the head of the squid. He adds that the one who gets killed loses.

Player 456 ties his shoes and grabs the sand. He stands up and jumps on one foot to the waist of squid. Player 218 is waiting for him. Player 456 tries to remind Player 218 the scene when they played squid game. But Player 218 stops Player 456 and tries to attack him. But Player 456 avoids it and throws the sand to Player 218’s face.

Player 218’s eye hurt. Player 456 catches the chance to walk through the waist of squid. It’s raining. The two players take a look at the sky. Player 218 explains to Player 456 that he killed Player 067 because she was going to pass away. But Player 456 points out that the girl could survive.

Player 218 admits that he killed Player 067 because he knew Player 456 would drop the game for the girl. He yells at Player 456 that what the two did would make him be broke. Player 456 reveals Player 067 stopped him when he intended to take Player 218’s life.

Player 456 pulls out the knife and tells Player 218 that he won’t get what he wants. He walks to him with the knife. But Player 218 has the knife as well. The two players try to stab each other. But they fail. Player 218 strangles Player 456 with his arm, trying to stab him.

But Player 456 takes off Player 218’s knife and beats his head. Player 218 steps back because of the pain. Player 456 catches the chance to kick away the knife. Player 218 takes off his clothes and attacks Player 456 with the clothes. He takes off his knife as well.

Player 218 picks up the knife from the ground. He stabs Player 456’s leg and kicks him after he collapsed. He tries to kill him with the knife. But Player 456 bites Player 218’s foot. He keeps beating him with his fist for taking revenge the players that were killed by Player 218.

Player 456 pulls out the knife from his palm. He tries to stab Player 218 but he stabs the ground. Player 456 walks away. The guard points the gun at Player 218. Player 456 asks the guard for ending Squid Game because he wants to give up with Player 218.

Player 456 walks to Player 218. He tries to help him get up with his hand. But Player 218 pulls out the knife from the ground. He stabs his neck and tells Player 456 to take care of his mom. Player 218 dies in Player 456’s arms. Player 456 cries.

Player 456 is in the car. His eyes get blinded. Front Man drinks the champagne. He congratulates Player 456. Player 456 asks Front Man why he held Squid Game. Front Man tells Player 456 that he thinks the players are horses. He wears his mask and makes Player 456 fall asleep with the gas when Player 456 wants to know Front Man’s identity.

The car parks at the street. Player 456 gets dropped. The man takes off Player 456’s blinder and tells him to believe in God. Player 456 spits out a bank card. He goes to the bank and tries to take out some cash from the ATM. He finds out that he has 45 billions won.

Player 456 walks at the street. Player 218’s mom recognizes him. She gives him the mackerel and tells him that his mom is sick. He tries to give the cash to her. But she rejects it and asks him about Player 218 when he tries to walk away. He goes home and tells his mom that he’s rich now. But the old woman passes away. He’s very sad.

Player 456 takes the train to visit the banker. He borrows 10,000 won from him. The banker is surprised because he thinks Player 456 is very rich. Player 456 goes to the river bank to drink. The flower seller shows up. She tries to sell her flowers to him. He buys a bunch of flowers from her with the cash the banker gave him.

Player 456 finds the Squid Game invitation card from the flowers. He reads the invitation card and learns that Player 001 is alive. He goes to the SKY Building to see him. He walks to Player 001 who lies in the bed. Player 001 takes off his oxygen mask. He drinks the water which was handed over by Player 456.

Player 001 asks Player 456 to play the game to guess if the homeless man will be saved. Player 456 is furious to tell Player 001 that he can kill him. But Player 001 tells Player 456 that he will get the answer if he takes his life.

Player 456 walks to the window. He watches the homeless man who lies on the ground. Player 001 tells Player 456 that he and other VIPS created Squid Game because they thought life is boring. He reveals he felt very happy when he played the game with him.

Player 456 spots the police arriving to save the homeless man. He wants to inform Player 001 about it. But he finds out that Player 001 passes away. He tells him that he got defeated. He walks away. Front Man shows up and helps Player 001 close his eyes.

It flashes back. Player 001 takes off his mask and puts it on the table. He asks Front Man for replacing him to be the VIP. Because he wants to play Squid Game himself.

Front Man takes a look at Old Man. He leaves. Player 456 goes to the barber shop. He tells the barber to dye his hair red. He goes to pick up Player 067’s brother Kang Cheol. He introduces himself as Player 067’s friend to Kang Cheol. He takes a look at the family photo of Player 067 and Kang Cheol when the kid asks him about his sister’s whereabouts.

Player 456 takes Kang Cheol to see Player 218’s mom. He asks the old lady to take care of the kid. She agrees to it. He walks away. She notes that the kid feels cold. She opens the suitcase and tries to take out the warmer for Kang Cheol. But she finds out that the suitcase is full of cash. She’s told that the cash belongs to her son. She tries to chase Player 456. But he disappears.

Player 456 gets off the train. He tells Ga-Yeong over the phone that he’s going to board the plane. He hangs up when he spots Suit Man playing game with a guy. Suit Man smiles when he sees Player 456. Player 456 runs to catch Suit Man. But Suit Man gets into the train, and the door is closed. The train drives away.

Player 456 takes away the Squid Game business card from the guy. He’s furious to tell him not to play the game. He calls the number when he’s going to board the plane. He asks the man why he did it to the players, and tells him that he will take revenge. Player 456 doesn’t board the plane in the end. He leaves the airport.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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