Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 65-66

In the 65-66th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Yuan Chunwang keeps persuading Empress to hurt the fifth prince but she rejects it because she promised Consort Lin not to hurt princes. But Yuan Chunwang doesn’t give up, and tricks the fourth prince to hurt the fifth prince.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 65

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 65-66.

Empress worries about the twelfth prince and asks Yuan Chunwang if he thinks she is strict to her child. He thinks the fifth prince gets more favor than the twelfth prince, and persuades her to murder the fifth prince. Because the twelfth prince’s situation will be embarrassed if the fifth prince gets the throne.

She hesitates because she promised to Consort Lin not to hurt princes. Zhen Er blames Yuan Chunwang for bringing trouble to empress, but he points out that they will lose the position if the fifth prince becomes crown prince.

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The fifth prince keeps visiting Consort Lin. She fears him to hide in the box. Xiao Quanzi explains to the fifth prince that she takes the afternoon nap. Emperor knows Consort Lin is avoiding the fifth prince and is intention to play chess with him. She has to get out from the box.

The fifth prince explains that he treats her as his natural mother, so he supervises her to take care of herself. She claims that she is healthy and doesn’t need his visit. He is furious to leave.

Emperor sees that she worries about her health, so she fears to be close to her children. He asks her to stay him forever. Empress is upset at midnight and finds out the parrot is dead. Yuan Chunwang visits Hong Zhou and wishes him to get him a new parrot, and hints him to help the twelfth prince.

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Empress sees doctor, and the doctor persuades to relax. But she rages that she did it for the twelfth prince’s future. Emperor asks Consort Lin to appreciate he and Fu Heng’s paintings. She is intentional to say that Fu Heng’s painting is fake to keep emperor’s face. Emperor thought Fu Heng’s painting is genuine, and sighs that he must be old.

Consort Lin comforts Emperor, and they’re delightful. Empress hears what they talk and is upset. Emperor asks his follower to store away the painting. Empress is furious after looking at herself through the mirror, and thinks she is old. She worries about her position.

Yuan Chunwang persuades her to kill the fifth prince. But empress still loves emperor and remembers the promise to Consort Lin. So she wants to punish him. Zhen Er begs Empress to forgive Yuan Chunwang. But Empress thinks if Yuan Chunwang’s words are spread, she will be in danger.

Zhen Er tells Yuan Chunwang that empress won’t hurt emperor, he says that he gets an idea. He tells Hong Zhou that he will lose his position if the fifth prince gets the throne. Hong Zhou is moved.

Emperor asks Hong Zhou to supervise test, but he checks the papers in person. Hong Zhou thinks Emperor doesn’t trust him, and badmouths him. Emperor asks Hong Zhou to tell him directly if he has complaint. Hong Zhou doesn’t want to offend Emperor, so he denies. Emperor stares at Hong Zhou, saying he gave him the chance, since he didn’t speak out, so he shouldn’t say it in the future.

Emperor visits Empress and knows she eats deer fetus to stay healthy. She badmouths Consort Lin to him that she takes princes to play and delays their futures. He says he will persuade Consort Lin and leaves. Empress is disappointment but she doesn’t dare to keep him.

Empress asks Yuan Chunwang if she’s too strict to Yong Ji. He tells her to make decision. But she says that she promised Consort Lin not to hurt the princes of the palace. He reminds her that 5th prince is loved by Emperor, and she will be the queen if he becomes the emperor. But what 12th prince will do. He asks her if she thought about it.

Yuan Chunwang adds that Empress has son but gets someone else to become emperor. He thinks 12th prince’s fate is like the aged parrot who step by step slides into the unfortunate abyss. Empress stops Yuan Chunwang. He tells her to think it over.

Yuan Chunwang walks out of the palace, and the maid drags him to the garden. She asks him what he said to Empress. He says that he just told her the truth. She tells him not to pour oil on the fire since Empress worried about 12th prince’s future.

Yuan Chunwang points out that Empress forgets the fight of crown prince as she’s lived good life for ten years. He adds that 12th prince will be the thorn of new emperor if 5th prince becomes emperor. The maid thinks Emperor doesn’t intend to give out the title of crown prince because he’s healthy. She asks him why he’s so anxious.

Yuan Chunwang asks the maid if they need to wait until the box is contained emperor’s order in the light palace. He says that he knows they will call Empress queen no matter who becomes emperor. He reminds her that Empress can only reply on 12 prince after 13 prince passed away. He asks her if Empress can see her son bowing to 5th prince.

Yuan Chunwang thinks Empress cannot stand it because she’s so arrogant. He tells the maid Zhen Er that he did it for their future. He tells her to think about what he said to her.

Consort Lin’s playing swing. The servant reports to her that 5th Prince comes to pay respect to her. She tells him to tell 5th Prince that she’s not there. But he says that it’s too late as 5th Prince is waiting outside. She’s startled to hit him and thinks he’s too stupid. She thinks it will never end if she lets him in and chant.

Consort Lin hides in a big box. 5th Prince arrives and asks about Consort Lin. The servant reveals Consort Lin had a headache and went to take a break at the sleeping palace. He stops 5th Prince passing. 5th Prince reveals Consort Lin sent men to take care of him when he was young. He wonders why she couldn’t take care of her when it’s her turn.

5th Prince thinks Consort Lin shouldn’t drink ice drinks, and complains that the ice in the nation bank was sent to Yanxi Palace. He adds that the ice watermelon and ice grapes shouldn’t be eaten by Consort Lin. He thinks Emperor will scold them if she has a stomachache. The maid agrees to what the prince said, and tells him that they remembered it. She promises to take care of their master well and not let her catch an cold.

The maid tells 5th Prince to leave as she thinks he’s busy. But he says that he received a family letter from his mom, and wants to read it for Consort Lin. He wants to sit on the box to wait until she wakes up. Emperor arrives, and the people pay their respect to him.

Emperor asks 5th Prince Yong Qi if Consort Lin isn’t there. Yong Qi admits it and says that she went to take a break. Emperor tells Yong Qi to complete the chess they haven’t completed. The servant tells Emperor to move to the main palace, and wants to prepare the chess. But Emperor sees the box, and rejects it. He tells the servant to move the box there.

Yong Qi wins, and Emperor tells him to begin another round. Consort Lin cannot stand it and tells the servant to open the box. She goes out of the box and thinks she is going to be suffocated to death. Emperor asks Consort Lin if she wants to let the people in the whole Forbidden City enjoy the fun of her since she’s going to be a mother.

Consort Lin blames Emperor for torturing her as he knew she was in the box. Yong Qi asks Consort Lin if she intended to avoid him. She denies and thinks her avoiding wouldn’t work. Because he comes ten times if she avoids him one time. Emperor scolds Consort Lin for saying so, and thinks Yong Qi cares for her.

Consort Lin says that she knows Yong Qi cares for her. But she doesn’t want to be someone’s mom anymore. Yong Qi tells Consort Lin that he’s treat her as his real mom because she took care of him when he was young. He adds that he swore to supervise her to take care of herself when Zhao Hua visited him.

Yong Qi mentions Consort Lin stomach illness gets worse and worse, and Emperor asked the chef to cook mutton soup each day. He asks her if she drank it. Yong Qi says that Consort Lin got puerperal disease when she gave birth to Zhao Hua, and she has a headache when she’s blown by wind. He adds that she was sitting at the wind gate.

Yong Qi tells Consort Lin that Zhao Hua can stay at Yanxi Palace to be raised if she’s healthy, and the mother and the son didn’t have to part. He tells Emperor that he gets angry and worries that he doesn’t respect Consort Lin. He leaves. Consort Lin tries to keep him and tells him that she just couldn’t help.

Emperor laughs and says that he feels happy for seeing Consort Lin humbled. She asks him who Yong Qi is like. He grabs her hand and tells her that he understands she regrets that Yong Lu passed away. He reveals he saw her accompanying Yong Lu before she died, and she sent Zhao Yu to Kangshou Palace to accompany Zhao Hua after one month.

Emperor says that Consort Lin let Consort Qing raise Yong Yan, and people thought she did it for befriending Consort Qing. He says that she sent Zhao Hua out of Kangshou Palace was to comfort Queen because she’s her elder daughter.

Emperor thinks Consort Lin feels guilty to Queen after the case of Chen Bi. But she tells him that she wouldn’t use Zhao Hua to make up guilt because she’s a human. He points out that she worried that she wasn’t healthy, and wanted to look for new backing for them.

Emperor warns Consort Lin not to have the unlucky mind. He tells her that she just hurt her body when she gave birth to Yong Yan, and mentions what the doctor said that she will recover if she has a good rest. He wishes her to accompany him all her life, and he doesn’t forgive her if she leaves him like Rong Yin. Consort Lin comforts Emperor that she will try her best to live long.

Empress cannot fall asleep. Zhen Er puts her hand on Empress’s forehead, and finds out that she’s sweating. She prepares the new pajamas for her. Empress finds out that parrot is dead after Zhen Er left.

Yuan Chunwang pays his respect to Prince He. Prince He says that he’s not seen Empress for a long time, and promises not to let 12th Prince to be lazy. Yuan Chunwang tells Prince He that the parrot Empress likes most passed away. He adds that she’s sad and upset.

Yuan Chunwang asks Prince He where he got the parrot, and wants to get the same parrot for Empress. Prince He tells Yuan Chunwang to leave the job to him. Yuan Chunwang thanks Prince He and thinks it will be good if Emperor can be considerate like him.

Prince He thinks Consort Lin has gotten favor from Emperor in the past ten years because she’s kept giving birth. He thinks Emperor slights Empress because he’s bewitched by Consort Lin. But he thinks Consort Lin cannot defeat Empress because she’s the main concubine of Emperor.

Yuan Chunwang points out that Empress isn’t upset just because of the palace fights, and asks Prince He if Emperor mentioned…to him since they’re full brothers. He realizes that he said something wrong, and leaves. The follower wonders why Yuan Chunwang stumbled. Prince He says that he knows what Empress is worrying about.

Empress tells Doctor Zhang that she cannot sleep, and asks him what kind of illness she has. He tells her that she has the illness because of anger, and thinks she shouldn’t fight with the concubines. She learns that what he means is that she is in jealousy, and tells him to get lost.

Empress looks at herself in the mirror and thinks she’s aged. Zhen Er denies. Empress asks Zhen Er if everyone thinks she’s mad. She thinks they’re mad and tells her to dress up for her because she wants to go to Yangxin Palace.

Consort Lin asks Emperor why there’re two same paintings. He tells her that it’s Huang Gongwang’s “Rich Living Spring Mountain Painting”. He says that he got one last years, and Fu Heng gave him another. He asks her to take a look and find out which one is the original painting.

Consort Lin thinks the one Emperor got is the original painting. She says that Fu Heng isn’t good at identifying painting, and reminds Emperor that Fu Heng treated the jade bottles as the works of Tang Dynasty but it came from civil department in fact.

But Emperor thinks Fu Heng was right this time, and hints Consort Lin that the artists of Yuan Dynasty usually signs at the bottom of the painting. He adds that the signature is at the top of the old painting. He thinks it’s weird. But she thinks it was the trick the later generations faked the painting. She says that she’s surprised that he got tricked.

Consort Lin gets Emperor to take a look at the paintings, and thinks the new one cannot be match for the old one. He thinks she’s right. So she get the servants to send the original painting to Sanxi Palace. She thinks Emperor’s vision isn’t good, and tells him to get himself a glasses. But he brags that he can shoot the goal with the distance of 100 steps.

Emperor thinks Empress has been aged in the past two years. He says that her personality becomes weird, and it makes him not talk with her. He adds that she got angry when he left. Consort Lin points out that it’s normal women are unhappy when they reach the age. He hints her that she’s aged. But she talks back that she’s younger than him for 16 years.

Emperor pinches Consort Lin’s face. She asks him for forgiving her, and tells him that she will have wrinkles if he continues to pinch her. He asks her why she didn’t fear when she said that he’s aged.

Empress waits for Emperor outside, and Li Yu wants to inform Emperor. She rejects it because she thinks Emperor is busy. She tells him to remind Emperor not to drink the iced lotus seed soup too much as she thinks it will hurt his stomach.

Li Yu brings the iced lotus seed soup to Emperor, and tells him that it was delivered by Empress. Emperor tells Li Yu to put it down and keep the painting. Li Yu mentions Consort Lin thought it’s fake. Emperor reveals she worried that he will sign on the painting so that she said it’s fake. He adds that he knew her trick and he didn’t want to debunk her.

The maid walks Consort Lin and thinks she had sin to cheat Emperor. Consort Lin says that Emperor won’t debunk her as he wants to keep his face.

Empress realizes that her body tells her that it’s useless even if she tried her best to keep her beauty. She throws a fit. Zhen Er gets on knees and persuades Empress that each woman will be aged even if she’s Consort Lin. But Empress points out that Consort Lin is younger than her for ten years, and asks how many years a woman has.

Empress asks Zhen Er if she heard Consort Lin mocked her that she’s aged. She adds that the concubines who are like flowers mock her the dignified empress. She says that her bone is rotten, and asks Zhen Er if her face will be full of blue veins. Zhen Er cries and tells Empress that it won’t happen.

But Yuan Chunwang shows up and tells Empress that it will happen. He adds that Queen is aged as well, and reveals Queen never worries about it even if she’s 70 years old. He points out that what she relies on is her son not husband. He thinks it’s very different, and tells her to think about it.

Empress thinks Yuan Chunwang shouldn’t scold her as he’s just a servant. He tells her that she’s changed to be indecision. But she says that she swore not to hurt the princes in the palace. But he thinks she wouldn’t treat oath seriously. He adds that she just scruples Emperor, and thinks she doesn’t want to hurt his heart to lose him.

Yuan Chunwang tells Empress to get rid of her fate and take off the bound of love because she’s a powerful woman. He adds that she can win perfectly but she bears it laboriously. He thinks she isn’t worth of doing it. She slaps the table and thinks it’s not his business. She tells him to get 40 rods from Punishment Department.

Empress tells Zhen Er that what Yuan Chunwang said will get her involved. She adds that she would kill him if she didn’t save her face.

Zhen Er applies the medicine on Yuan Chunwang’s wound. She cries. He thinks he hit the sore spot of Empress since she got angry. She blames him for hitting Empress’s sore spot since he knew she loves Emperor deeply and is going to be aged. He says that he couldn’t make her sober if he didn’t so so. She asks him what he wants to do. He says that he wants her to see Emperor clearly. She points out that Empress doesn’t want to hurt Emperor. He says that he will do it himself if she cannot make the decision.

Yuan Chunwang tells Prince He that he knows that only he cares for Empress in the palace. He tells him that Empress’s path will be hard if he doesn’t help her. Prince He says that he will catch the chance to persuade Emperor to be nice to Empress and 12th prince. But Yuan Chunwang points out that the dream Empress has expected for 30 years. He asks him if she achieved it.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 66

Emperor asks Mr. Li if he smells the fishy, Mr. Li denies and wants to investigate. Emperor knows Empress wants to stay healthy, so he stops Mr. Li. He mentions Empress’s words to Consort Lin and asks her not to spoil children. Consort Lin knows what Empress meant, but she wants to make her children happy.

Emperor scolds Consort Lin and fights with her. Mr. Li laughs when watching them outside. Emperor hurts his waist. She massages the waist for him, saying she doesn’t expect the children are promising but wants them to live happy. She asks him to give the title “crown prince” to the fifth prince. He thinks she isn’t promising, and sighs to leave. Because they expect the fifth prince to get the throne.

The fifth prince thinks Consort Lin spoils the fifteenth prince, and wants to take his brother to study. She agrees. The fourth prince visits Empress with gift, but Zhen Er rejects him with the illness of Empress. He sees her asking the twelfth prince to work hard, and realizes she loves her natural son more than him. He is furious to hurt the fifth prince, so empress will love him.

Zhen Er was intentional to make the fourth prince see it, and worries the fourth prince hates the twelfth prince. But Yuan Chunwang says he gets a plan. The fifth prince thinks the foreign gun is more advanced than bird gun, so he shows the foreign gun to emperor. But the gun explodes and hurts the fifth prince. Yuan Chunwang sees it and laughs.

The doctor tells Emperor and Empress that the fifth prince has risk still, even if he gets treated. Emperor is sad since he loves the fifth prince so much. Consort Lin thinks the fifth prince’s injury is weird and visits the gun room. Fu Heng shows the gun to her, she asks him if it has risk and reveals the fifth prince spent many time to prepare it.

Empress visits the fifth prince, Consort Lin tells her that he was hurt by someone else. The fifth prince tells Consort Lin that he knew someone hurt him for throne, but he doesn’t want to involve his brothers. She is sad after hearing his words.

Empress visits Emperor and claims the fifth prince’s case is an accident. He asks her if she really thinks so, and treats her as suspect. He asks all of princes to stay at the Forbidden City. The fourth prince is scared to get involved. Zhen Er gets the sweet dumplings to him. He is happy since Empress remembered what he likes to eat. But Zhen Er says it’s poisonous. The fourth prince is disappointed to Empress.

Empress knows the fifth prince’s injury was related to Yuan Chunwang, and forces him to tell her the truth. He says it was the fourth prince. She is shocked. Fu Heng reports to Emperor that the fourth prince visited the gun room, so he asks his followers to arrest him. The fourth prince thinks Empress wants to kill him, so he tells Emperor that Empress changed the gun to hurt the fifth prince.

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