Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 9-10

In the 9-10 episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Imperial Concubine Gao wants to kill Wei Yingluo as she knew she was intention to murder Imperial Concubine Yu. Fortunately, empress saved her. Wei Lingluo wants to burn Fu Heng with a kettle, but it burns Hai Lancha by mistake.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 9

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 9-10.

Imperial Concubine Xian’s mother kneels down to ask her to save her brother, but she refuses. Her mother gives her a slap, and leaves. Empress asks doctor about Imperial Concubine Yu’s body condition, he tells her that Imperial Concubine Yu thought too much, and it will damage her baby. Empress takes out her herbal remedies, and gives it to Imperial Concubine Yu.

Imperial Concubine Xian practices calligraphy, and reminds herself that she shouldn’t break law. Imperial Concubine Chun tells her to ask empress a favor, but she doesn’t want to join the struggle of palace. Imperial Concubine Chun thinks she is too naive.

Wei Yingluo finds out that Imperial Concubine Gao’s servant wants to murder Imperial Concubine Yu, and stuns him with vase. But Imperial Concubine Yu passes out, so she asks for help. But she runs into Imperial Concubine Gao, and has to hide into Imperial Concubine Yu’s palace.

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Wei Yingluo knows Imperial Concubine Gao wanted to kill her to cover the truth, so she locks herself up in the room. But they’re too powerful, so she sets a fire to draw the imperial bodyguards. Fu Heng saves her, and she tells him that Imperial Concubine Gao wanted to murder Imperial Concubine Yu. But Imperial Concubine Gao doesn’t admit it.

Wei Yingluo advises Fu Heng to interrogate the servant. But the servant claims that empress instigated him, and commits suicide. But she checks the wound on servant’s body, and proves that they fought. So Imperial Concubine Gao cannot frame empress.

Imperial Concubine Yu wakes up, but she is insane. Fu Heng thanks Wei Yingluo for helping empress, and brings medicine to her. He asks her why she risked her life to set fire, she says it’s fast way to catch attention. He is interested in her more, and reveals he and empress depended on each other when they were children. She asks him if she knows A Man. He is stunned for a while, but denies soon.

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Empress is shocked that Imperial Concubine Gao is so reckless. People regrets that Imperial Concubine Yu is insane otherwise she can identifies Imperial Concubine Gao. But Empress says Imperial Concubine Yu broke law to memorialize her maid Yi Bing in private, so Imperial Concubine Gao attacked her.

Imperial Concubine Gao blames Imperial Concubine Jia for believing her by mistake, but Imperial Concubine Jia points out that Imperial Concubine Yu is insane, and cannot threaten them. Imperial Concubine Gao’s brother sent a dog to her. She very likes the pet, and names him “snow ball”.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 10

Wei Yingluo thinks Fu Heng killed her sister, but Madam Zhang says she lacks evidence. Wei Yingluo says Fu Heng slept her sister, so he wanted to cover it. Empress decides to sell the jewelry from eternal palace to get money. Wei Yingluo is curious why eternal palace lacks money. Empress reveals Household Department doesn’t want to transfer money, so she has to sell the jewelry to help poor people. Wei Yingluo thinks she will get blamed, but empress says it doesn’t matter if she can help those poor people.

Empress worries Imperial Concubine Yu since her condition is worse more, and mention Emperor Shun Zhi and Imperial Concubine Dong Er. Wei Yingluo thinks Emperor Shun Zhi was cruel to kill maids after Imperial Concubine Dong Er. Emperor hears what they talked, and wants to punish Wei Yingluo. But she claims he can find her words on Emperor Shun Zhi paper. Emperor is happy, and asks her to lift her head. But she fears he recognizes her, and flees. But he recognizes her on the end, and tells her he won’t forgive her if she makes mistake again.

She fears that he returns to punish her, and Ming Yu persuades empress to drive Wei Yingluo away. But empress refuses because she was moved by Wei Yingluo. Household Department takes away the money from Imperial Concubine Xian’s mother because her son bribed. Imperial Concubine Xian wants to get her salary from Household Department in advance, but they refuse it. Just then Imperial Concubine Gao shows up, and gets the fur for her dog. Zhen Er thinks Imperial Concubine Xian isn’t as good as a dog.

Wei Yingluo made a kettle for Fu Heng, he is happy after receiving the gift. But he doesn’t know the kettle is a trap. Hai Lancha sees the kettle, and wants to take it. But he hurt himself. Fu Heng is sad, and asks her why she wanted to murder him. She pretends she made a mistake when she sewed the kettle, and flirts with him when he is blushing. He goes to see burned Hai Lancha, Hai Lancha thinks it’s a mistake as well, and reveals it’s complicated to sew the kettle. Fu Heng is moved.

Imperial Concubine Xian wants to sell her jewelry to save her brother, and asks his servant to do it. But Imperial Concubine Gao catches the servant, and wants to punish him for stealing. Imperial Concubine Xian has to admit that she sold her jewelry.

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  1. Thanks so much for recapping this drama. I can’t speak Chinese, and this isn’t subtitled yet, but I still wanted to watch after seeing how great it was after watching a few episodes. I can now make sense of what is happening. XXXX

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