Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 7-8

In the 7-8th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Wei Lingluo was transferred to empress’s palace because of her clever. But the maid Ming Yu dislikes her as she flirts with Fu Heng, and badmouths her. Because Ming Yu falls for Fu Heng.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 7-8.

Wei Yingluo doesn’t want to open her gift, and Imperial Concubine Gao recognizes Wei Yingluo. Emperor sends birthday bell to empress, and people are envy of her. Imperial Concubine Gao leaves with temper. Wei Yingluo takes out the clothes when empress thrills about the bell.

But someone else points out that the clothes is made by deer tail hair, and thinks she cheated empress with low value stuff. Wei Yingluo explains that the clothes is suitable for empress’s frugality style, and gets empress’s praise. She kneels down telling empress the truth after the party.

Empress doesn’t understand why she took out the clothes until the end. Wei Yingluo tells her she wanted to wait until emperor’s gift arrives to avoid to be punished. Empress thinks she is clever, and asks Er Qing to transfer Wei Yingluo to her palace. Ji Xiang doesn’t understands why Wei Yingluo chose to tell the truth. Wei Yingluo reveals she must catch empress’s attention, so she will be transferred to her palace to see Fu Heng.

Ling Long hears Wei Lingluo didn’t get punished, and got praise by empress. She is jealous her more. Wei Lingluo decides to find out who stole peacock feather thread, and Ling Long checks Wei Lingluo’s drawer at midnight. Wei Lingluo catches her, but she doesn’t have evidence that Ling Long stole her peacock feather thread. Ling Long is scared because emperor investigated the peacock feather thread missing, and tells Ji Xiang that she prepared a gift for her, and asks her to dig it.

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But Mr. Wu arrests Ji Xiang, she claims someone else framed her. But he thinks he got enough evidence, and executes her. Wei Lingluo takes Ji Xiang’s handkerchief, and swears to take revenge. Ling Long pretends to be sad for Ji Xiang, and maids comfort her. Wei Lingluo pretends to be tough, but people think she is cruel.

Madam Zhang arranges people to make clothes for emperor. Ling Long thinks it’s a good chance, and volunteers. But Wei Lingluo challenges her. Ling Long fears she cannot defeat Wei Lingluo, so she changes their works. Emperor drops tea cup because of works, and finds out his clothes isn’t right. Mr. Wu scolds Ling Long for embroidering by mistake, and sends her into prison. Ling Long says that she changed the clothes with Wei Lingluo, but nobody believes her.

Wei Lingluo goes to see Ling Long, and tells her she made the mistake because of missing Ji Xiang, but Ling Long didn’t check it. Ling Long has to admit that she framed Ji Xiang, but emperor decided to exile her.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 8

Madam Zhang asks Wei Lingluo what she will do if Fu Heng killed her sister, Wei Lingluo says anybody will get the punishment if he hurt her sister. She finds out it’s not easy to see Fu Heng after joining Chang Chun palace. She pretends to drop the jade plate in front of him, but he walks away without any reaction. He asks for the jade plate then, and tells her the details about the jade plate. But Ming Yu sees it, and warns her not to flirt with him.

Wei Lingluo finds out maids ignore her, and realizes Ming Yu badmouthed her. She takes out her sister’s ashes, and suspects Fu Heng was the one who raped her sister. Ming Yu takes away the water Wei Lingluo prepared for empress, and tells empress that Wei Lingluo is lazy. Wei Lingluo reminds Ming Yu to withdraw the flowers since there will be heavy rain. But Ming Yu ignores her words. Empress is satisfied with Wei Lingluo when she covers the flowers at the garden when it’s raining.

Ming Yu is scared because of her negligence, Er Qing tells her not to badmouth Wei Lingluo to empress. Imperial Concubine Gao finds out Wei Lingluo isn’t silly, but clever. She asks her followers to cut Wei Lingluo’s tongue, but empress stops it, and asks her why she wanted to punish her maid. Imperial Concubine Gao claims Wei Lingluo pretended to be silly, But Wei Lingluo points out that he just looks like a fool, but she isn’t silly. Empress asks her how she offended Imperial Concubine Gao, Wei Lingluo tells her she offended her because of loquat medicine.

Imperial Concubine Gao is in anger, and wants to punish Wei Lingluo. But Imperial Concubine Jia thinks she should get rid of Imperial Concubine Yu first because she is pregnant, and reminds her the maid Yi Bing’s death.

Imperial Concubine Xian made a pair of shoes for emperor, but he is still cold to her. Her mother asks her a favor as his brother bribed the minister Er Shan, but Er Shan was arrested. She wants to stay away with it, but her mother asks her to beg emperor, and save her brother.

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