Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

In the 11-12th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Wei Yingluo helps Imperial Concubine Yu to get rid of Imperial Concubine Jia at the lichee party. Imperial Concubine Xian realizes she cannot avoid the battle of palace.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 11-12.

Empress walks Imperial Concubine Yu, and runs into Imperial Concubine Yu and Imperial Concubine Jia. Imperial Concubine Yu is scared while seeing them, and Imperial Concubine Jia makes Imperial Concubine Gao’s dog Snow Ball to chase Imperial Concubine Yu. Wei Yingluo shows up, and saves her.

Imperial Concubine Gao wants to punish Wei Yingluo for hurt her dog, but empress was intention to save emperor’s baby asking Imperial Concubine Gao to forgive her. Imperial Concubine Gao knows Imperial Concubine Jia used her dog to hurt Imperial Concubine Yu, and scolds her. But Imperial Concubine Jia claims she did it for her son, Imperial Concubine Gao warns her not to do evil thing behind her.

Empress sends Wei Yingluo to hand over pearl powder to Imperial Concubine Yu, but she finds out the pearl powder looks weird, and knows the maid Fang Cao replaces the shell powder with pearl powder. Fang Cao claims she did it to save her sicked mother. Imperial Concubine Yu is disappointed with Fang Cao, but forgives her because their friendship.

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Wei Yingluo doesn’t believe what Fang Cao said because the shell powder won’t be pure white. Fang Cao knows she cannot cover it, and admits that Imperial Concubine Jia gave her money to poison her Miss. Wei Yingluo doesn’t want Imperial Concubine Jia to murder Imperial Concubine Yu with other ways, so she tells her to keep Fang Cao.

Chun Wang is sent to do the inferior job because he helped Imperial Concubine Xian to see jewelry. He thinks he didn’t do anything wrong, but is bullied by his colleagues, and goes to eat foods with dog. Emperor knows empress likes to eat lichee, and carried a lichee tree to her. She tells Wei Yingluo to keep the lichee tree until next party, so she can share the lichee with other imperial concubines.

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Fang Cao reports to Imperial Concubine Jia about Imperial Concubine Yu’s body condition, Imperial Concubine Jia thrills and thinks she got rid of a competitor for her son. But she suspects it when Fang Cao mentions Imperial Concubine Yu’s bellyache. Imperial Concubine Xian is in a tight budget because of supporting her family, Imperial Concubine Chun tells her to join empress’s union. But she doesn’t want to join the battle of concubines.

Empress hosts a huge lichee party, and invites concubines. Wei Yingluo goes to arrest the maid who meets up with Fang Cao. But she finds out the shell powder isn’t venomous, and realizes that Imperial Concubine Jia’s goal is the lichee party.

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Imperial Concubine Jia suspected Fang Cao when shen mentioned Imperial Concubine Yu’s bellyache because shell powder wouldn’t bring such result. So she made Wei Yingluo leave, and destroyed lichee tree. The maids are afraid of emperor’s punishment, but Wei Yingluo comes up with an idea. Empress knows Imperial Concubine Xian needs money, so she asks emperor for award during the party. Imperial Concubine Xian is grateful for empress, but Imperial Concubine Gao thinks empress wanted to take her to her side. Meanwhile Imperial Concubine Jia lets her dog flee by mistake.

Imperial Concubine Yu hides in her palace after knowing they didn’t catch Imperial Concubine Jia’s sin. Wei Yingluo visits her, and tells her to take revenge according her plan. Imperial Concubine Gao and Imperial Concubine Jia are shocked when Imperial Concubine Yu appears. Wei Yingluo lets her followers to carry the lichee tree to the party, and asks empress to take off the red cloth on the tree. The dog runs out when empress takes off the cloth. Imperial Concubine Yu cries out, and says she was hurt by the dog. Imperial Concubine Jia doesn’t expects Wei Yingluo fought back with the dog.

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Imperial Concubine Gao transfers her sin to Imperial Concubine Jia since the dog didn’t flee because of her, and Wei Yingluo asks emperor to give Imperial Concubine Yu a justice. Emperor removes Imperial Concubine Jia’s title, and stops her salary for one year.

Wei Yingluo tells empress how she set a trap for Imperial Concubine Jia, empress decides to teach her study. Imperial Concubine Chun reminds Imperial Concubine Xian empress’s kindness, Imperial Concubine Xian knows she cannot avoid the battle anymore.

The dog is going to be executed, but nobody wants to offend Imperial Concubine Gao. Wei Yingluo replaces the dog with fake fur to save him. Emperor realizes that he was cheated by the maid again.

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  1. Thankyou for the recap… I love Wei Yingluo character, she is fierce and merciless… Unlike concubine Xian, who is too gentle and innocent, powerless…

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