The Eternal Love: Episode 2 – 8th Princess Consort

In Chinese drama The Eternal Love episode 2, Qu Xiao Tan finally marries Mo Lian Cheng and becomes 8th Princess Consort, but elder Prince cannot forget her and visit her wedding room.

The Eternal Love Recap: Episode 2

Qu Xiao Tan (Liang Jie) wakes up in her room, she reminds she was locked up yesterday and asks herself why she is in here. Madam Qu’s maid asks her why she still doesn’t prepared her dowry since she promised it. She yells the maid and thinks Madam Qu is crazy. But Jing Xin tells her that she accepted it yesterday and did the mandarin duck pouch.

The Eternal Love

Qu Xiao Tan make a water trap for 8th Prince to prevent him from approaching her as she recalls she is going to sleep with a strange man and doesn’t find her bed.

Meanwhile, elder Prince Mo Yu Huai is going to approach Qu Xiao Tan’s room, he is blocked by Yu Hao who points the sword at his neck. Mo Lian Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin) stops his stupid action and asks him why he comes here. Mo Yu Huai claims Qu Tan Er belongs to him and he will get her one day. Mo Lian Cheng tells him that the beauty is his wife now and persuades him not to lie himself.

The Eternal Love

While 8th Prince doesn’t come, Qu Xiao Tan calls her husband, “Fu Jun, Xiang Gong…”

Elder Prince leaves after hearing what she says.

The Eternal Love

While 8th Prince enter his wedding room, he is aware of her trap. Hence, he doesn’t move and asks her to how a drink when Qu Xiao Tan lets him approach. She lets him remove her covering. Mo Lian Chen jumps avoiding the trap and pushes her in beds. When he is going to kiss her, She avoids it and tells him she is in period today. Then, he leaves. You can also check out The Eternal Love: Episode 1.

Qu Xiao Tan guesses the trap is invalid and tests it herself. The trap is started and her body is wet by water and is hit by wood.

The Eternal Love

Qu Tan Er asks Jing Xin, “Did I sleep with 8th Prince yesterday?”

Jing Xin tells her Mo Lian Cheng didn’t do it as he just sits a moment and leaves. Qu Tan Er is very happy about what her maid said. When she mentions elder Prince, Jing Xin tells her she calls 8th Prince “Honey!”, so that he leaves. Qu Tan Er lets her reminds her while she looks weird.

Mo Lian Cheng sends his two concubines visit 8th Princess Consort. Yu Hao knows they are spies and asks his master why he lets them meet. 8th Prince reveals he wants to let them make a mistake so that he can catch them.

The concubines make fun of Qu Tan Er and Mo Yu Hua’s relationship, she doesn’t want to talk with them and drive them away. However, she is tumbled by concubine. Qu Xiao Tan hits them and avenges Qu Tan Er on them.

The Eternal Love

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