The Glory K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 9. Myeong-O walks out of the building. He calls someone. Do-Young gets a call from his secretary who tells him that Myeong-O kept calling him. Myeong-O calls Sa-Ra when she tries to open the safe. He asks her for a meeting up.

Does Dong-Eun Have Yeon-Jin’s Name Tag?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 9.

Sa-Ra wonders why Myeong-O wishes to see her. He explains to her that he wants to exchange some cash. She opens the safe and puts the cash into her bag. She claims that she’s busy. He asks her if she was at the scene of the crime when So-Hee was killed.

Myeong-O mentions Sa-Ra didn’t tell it to the police when she saw So-Hee falling. She hangs up. It makes him think she’s shameless. Jae-Jun calls Myeong-O when he’s getting changed. He asks him about the stuff he sent to him. Myeong-O tells Jae-Jun that it was the record of his embezzlement.

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Jae-Jun is furious to tell Myeong-O that he wants to kill him. Myeong-O brings up the death of So-Hee. He tells Jae-Jun that he knows he helped Yeon-Jin. He tells him to send the money to him. Myeong-O gets in the elevator. He calls Hye-Jeong and asks her to leave Korea with him.

Hye-Jeong wonders why she leaves Korea with Myeong-O. She thinks he wants to be a dog. He yells at her and tells her that he has feelings for her. She’s startled to throw away her phone. She feels cold and asks the seller for the fur. Myeong-O tells Dong-Eun that he called everyone except Yeon-Jin. She realizes that she’s on his calling list. He tells her that he will tell her plan to the people if she doesn’t give So-Hee’s name tag to him. She smiles.

Yeon-Jin runs into Do-Young in Dong-Eun’s room. She yells at him and asks him why he came to Dong-Eun’s house. He looks at the photos on the wall. He wonders why his wife if the main role. The camera films them. Dong-Eun watches Yeon-Jin and Do-Young through her phone when she plays Go.

Do-Young asks Yeon-Jin if she bullied Dong-Eun. He asks her if she bullied Dong-Eun because Dong-Eun did something to her. She tells him that she bullied Dong-Eun just because she didn’t like her. She tells him that he let her down. She leaves Dong-Eun’s house.

Do-Young walks to the photos. He takes a look at the photos. He finds out that Jae-Jun met with his daughter. Yeo-Jeong takes a look at So-Hee’s box. He finds out that the box is empty. He walks out of the morgue when Manager Han is scolded by the chief.

Manager Han explains to the chief that he let Yeo-Jeong touch the box because Yeo-Jeong is the director’s son. The chief fires Manager Han. Yeo-Jeong asks the chief for a talk. The chief tells Yeo-Jeong that So-Hee’s body is in the freezer.

Yeo-Jeong wonders why the hospital did it to So-Hee. The chief doesn’t know it. He reveals Yeo-Jeong’s father asked him to do so. Dong-Eun walks out of the bathroom after she took a bath. She walks around the house and sees Yeo-Jeong’s family photos.

Yeo-Jeong returns home. He smiles when he sees Dong-Eun. She asks him if he was busy. He denies it and thinks she should use the blue towel. She reaches out the pink towel to him. She thinks it’s suitable for him. He tells her to sleep in his bed because he didn’t prepare the guest room. She tells him that she bought him something.

Sa-Ra tells Jae-Jun that the cop asked her for an interview. It makes him believe that she killed Myeong-O. He reveals the cop asked him for an interview as well. He hangs up when the cop shows up. He tells Detective Choi that he’s busy.

Detective Choi hands over his business card to Jae-Jun. He tells him that it’s a murder case. He asks him about the last time he saw Myeong-O. Jae-Jun claims that he has worked. Detective Choi wonders why Jae-Jun didn’t care for it since Myeong-O didn’t come to work.

Jae-Jun reveals he was going to fire Myeong-O. Detective Choi asks Jae-Jun if Myeong-O met with someone. Jae-Jun leaks that Do-Young kept looking for Myeong-O. He hands over Do-Young’s business card to Detective Choi. Jae-Jun watches Yeon-Jin’s weather shows.

Yeon-Jin is off duty. She walks Gyeong-Ran in the lobby. Gyeong-Ran stops when she sees Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun walks to Yeon-Jin. She tells her that she wishes to drink coffee with her. Gyeong-Ran shows her scar to The Glory when she puts Yeon-Jin’s clothes into the trunk.

Yeon-Jin meets with Dong-Eun at the cafe. She tells her that she found out that she had worked hard after she visited her house. She thinks it would be difficult to her. Dong-Eun complains to Yeon-Jin that she did many work for her.

Yeon-Jin points out that Dong-Eun would go to police station to report her if she has evidence. Dong-Eun mentions what she told Yeon-Jin that she’s very busy. She shows the footage to her. She tells her that she’s going to post it.

Yeon-Jin tells Dong-Eun to post the footage because she knows how to explain it. Dong-Eun shows her injury photos to Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin takes a look at the photos and the medical report. She crumples the report. She wants to kill Dong-Eun.

Dong-Eun points out that the one who should be killed is Yeon-Jin. She tells her that she will forgive her if she confesses what she did to the police. Yeon-Jin laughs. She thinks she will be over if she confesses. She tells Dong-Eun that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Yeon-Jin thinks Dong-Eun should thank her for saving her from the hell. She tells her that the poor shouldn’t seek for the justice. Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin that she just lost her last chance. She walks out of the cafe. Do-Young takes a look at Jae-Jun and Ye-Sol’s group photo. He remembers Jae-Jun told him that he has a secret child. He crumples the photo.

The secretary reports to Do-Young that Myeong-O is missing. She places the flash drive on the table. She reveals the flash drive was given by Myeong-O. Do-Young throws away the flash drive after he listened to Myeong-O’s recording.

Dong-Eun goes to see Yeo-Jeong. She finds out that he’s setting up a tent in the house. She tells him to move the tent to the second floor. She hands over the sweet potatoes to him. He tells her that he likes sweet potatoes very much. But she mentions what he told her that he likes noodles very much.

Yeo-Jeong explains to Dong-Eun that sweet potato is his second-favorite. He puts the food into the bag. He walks away. She takes a look at the tent. She sees the sparkling walls. She thinks she forgets her revenge when she sees the walls.

Do-Young returns home. He finds out that the presents are blue. Dong-Eun walks out of the house. She sees Yeo-Jeong preparing a dinner for her. She wonders why they eat out in the cold after he placed a blanket on her knees. He mentions he bought a house with a yard. She asks him if it’s romantic.

But Dong-Eun worries about the electricity bill. She wants to turn the lights off. Yeo-Jeong agrees to it and hands over the cake to her. She wonders when he learned how to cook. He reveals he learns it from morning. She laughs to tell him to try being romantic with her.

Yeo-Jeong is very happy. He tries to play music. But Dong-Eun stops him. She tells him that she intends to sing. But she regrets when he’s ready. She coughs and thinks she has a fever. She tries to leave. But he stops her when he puts his hand on her forehead.

Yeo-Jeong tells Dong-Eun that he knows she told a lie to him. He tells her to leave because he wants to sing like a bird. She thanks him for letting her live in his house. Sa-Ra learns that the missing case was turned into a drug case. She’s furious to grab Hye-Jeong’s hair.

Hye-Jeong points out that the police wouldn’t look into the case if Sa-Ra isn’t a drug addict. It makes Sa-Ra want to beat Hye-Jeong. But Jae-Jun stops Sa-Ra. He thinks she made a mistake. Yeon-Jin throws the accident report to the table. She mentions they bullied Dong-Eun when Sa-Ra reads the report.

Sa-Ra points out that it’s not her business. She asks the people if Myeong-O talked with them about So-Hee. She learns that Myeong-O is missing because he called everyone. Hye-Jeong mentions what she told Myeong-O that Yeon-Jin was the one who told her to go to So-Hee’s school.

Yeon-Jin pretends not to understand what Hye-Jeong said. She claims that she stayed with Jae-Jun when So-Hee was killed. She reminds them that the investigation is unfair to them. Jae-Jun remembers the lawyer told him that he won’t get the child if Yeon-Jin doesn’t get a divorce. He tells Yeon-Jin that he doesn’t remember he stayed with her.

Yeon-Jin reminds Jae-Jun that they were in the movie room. But Sa-Ra doesn’t believe what Yeon-Jin said. She thinks she did something to So-Hee. Yeon-Jin remembers she set a fire on So-Hee and pushed her off the rooftop. She laughs.

Yeon-Jin calls Yeong-Jun. She asks him if he remembers her name tag. Dong-Eun gave Yeon-Jin’s name tag to the police. But Yeong-Jun gave the tag to Yeong-Ae. Yeong-Ae laughed. She wanted to burn the tag. Dong-Eun meets with Detective Choi. She tells him that Yeon-Jin’s name tag wasn’t in the evidence list.

Detective Choi wonders why Dong-Eun told Myeong-O that she had Yeon-Jin’s name tag. She explains to him that she wished Myeong-O to work for her. She tells him that her goal is Yeon-Jin. But he mentions she doesn’t have enough evidence.

Yeon-Jin meets with Yeong-Jun. She asks him about her name tag. She worries that the witness will do something. He points out that her mother burned the name tag. He thinks the only problem is So-Hee’s dead body. He mentions the dead body is in the mortuary. She laughs and thanks him for finding the car.

Hyeon-Nam finds out that Sun-A was beaten by Seok-Jae again. She tries to go to see Seok-Jae. But Sun-A stops her mother when she holds her hand. She worries that she will be beaten by Seok-Jae as well. Hyeon-Nam takes out the tissue. She wipes the blood off Sun-A’s face.

Hyeon-Nam wonders why Sun-A is so bright and beautiful since she was born from a terrible place. Sun-A tells her mother that she hates tearjerker. Hyeon-Nam apologizes to Sun-A when she cries. Sun-A wipes off Hyeon-Nam’s tears. Hyeon-Nam tells Sun-A to go to the United States to study. Sun-A agrees to it. Hyeon-Nam hugs Sun-A.

Yeo-Jeong greets Sang-Im when she walks out of the operating room. She mistakes that he came for money. But he tells her that he came because of a business. He walks to her and hugs her. She pushes him away because she worries that he will get blood.

Yeo-Jeong tells Sang-Im that he wants to be a killer for the girl he loves. She remembers what Yeong-Cheon told her that her son will go to hell. She tells Yeo-Jeong that she won’t stop him. But she asks him to keep it a secret. He agrees to it.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Yeong-Ae taking out Yeon-Jin’s name tag from the safe. Hyeon-Nam parks the car. She tries to get off the car. But Yeon-Jin knocks at the window of the car. Hyeon-Nam tells Yeon-Jin that she got the wrong person. Yeon-Jin disagrees to what Hyeon-Nam said. She shows her husband’s photo to her.

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