The Glory K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 3. Dong-Eun arrives at Hyeon-Nam’s house. She finds out that her drunk husband Seok-Jae is beating her. Hyeon-Nam’s daughter Seon-A runs into the house with a knife. She tells Seok-Jae that she will take his life with the knife if he continues to hurt her mother.

How Does Dong-Eun Know Ye-Sol is Jae-Jun’s Daughter?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 3.

Hyeon-Nam stops Seon-A. Seok-Jae grabs Hyeon-Nam’s hair to kick her. He takes the rope and tries to hurt Seon-A since she wants to kill him with the knife. Hyeon-Nam rushes to Seok-Jae. She pushes him away and holds the knife. Dong-Eun walks away. She texts someone and tells him that she wants to hire a woman.

Yeo-Jeong gives the patient a treatment of his arm. The doctor informs Yeo-Jeong that another patient is waiting for him. Yeo-Jeong walks out of the ward. He runs into the old man who asks the nurse for the wine. He tells the nurse not to give any wine to the old man. It makes the old man get angry. Yeo-Jeong takes a look at the TV which is playing Go. He remembers Dong-Eun left him after she had played the Go with him.

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Dong-Eun meets with Hyeon-Nam in her car. She gives the photos to her and asks her to look into Shin-Tae. Hyeon-Nam accepts the task. But she asks for the salary. Dong-Eun agrees to pay the salary to Hyeon-Nam. She tells her to learn how to drive. She promises to train her daughter. But she asks for the salary as well.

Dong-Eun trains Seon-A when Hyeon-Nam learns how to drive. Hyeon-Nam is excited to show the Driver’s License to Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun gives the car key to Hyeon-Nam. Hyeon-Name is happy to hug Dong-Eun. But Dong-Eun asks Hyeon-Name if she knows how to use digital camera. She teaches her how to use digital camera then.

Yeon-Jin and Jae-Jun walk out of the house. Hyeon-Nam takes photos of them when she stays in the car. Dong-Eun arrives at the parking lot. She gets in the car and receives the photos Hyeon-Nam took. She finds out that Yeon-Jin took her daughter to the eye clinic.

Dong-Eun goes to the eye clinic. She sees color blindness on the poster. She remembers Jae-Jun beat the classmate because he told others that she has color blindness. Dong-Eun smiles after she realized that Yeon-Jin tried to hide it.

Ye-Sol tells Yeon-Jin that she wants to be a forecaster like her. She shows the green heels to her but she says it’s red. Yeon-Jin tells Ye-Sol not to care for the color of the heels. The lady recommends a new member to Jae-Jun. But the new member doesn’t like the dumplings in his country club. The lady introduces the new member as Do-Yeong’s mother to Jae-Jun. Jae-Jun remembers the wedding of Yeon-Jin and Do-Yeong. He tells his follower not to accept any new member.

Do-Yeong goes to the Go club to play Go with Lawyer Choi. Lawyer Choi notes that Dong-Eun is playing Go with the player. Do-Yeong watches Dong-Eun play Go. She defeats the player. The player has to give some cash to her. She leaves the Go club.

Hyeon-Nam follows Hye-Jeong to get off the bus. Hye-Jeong texts Jae-Jun and asks for a meeting up. But he doesn’t reply her. So she turns around. Hyeon-Name avoids Hye-Jeong because she worries that she found her. Hye-Jeong sees Jae-Jun’s car. She mistakes that he came to pick her up. She smiles when she pulls the car door.

But Hye-Jeong finds out it’s Myeong-O. He laughs to let her get in the car. He introduces a rich man to her. It makes her want to sleep with the rich man. She calls Myeong-O as Jae-Jun’s car. Do-Yeong plays Go at home when he thinks of Dong-Eun. Yeon-Jin asks Do-Yeong why he chose her since he went to see three women. He tells her that she wore less than those women. It makes her laugh. She tells him that she will wear less clothes.

Dong-Eun goes to train Seon-A. But she runs into Yeo-Jeong on the subway. He tells her that she warmed him when she played Go with him. He leaves his business card to her because he knows she’s very busy. Hyeon-Nam meets with Dong-Eun. She shows the footage of Shin-Tae to her. She laughs to tell her that she’s a happy person.

Dong-Eun buys the flowers from the flower shop. She goes to see Jong-Moon with the flowers. She smiles to introduce herself to him. Soo-Han shows up. He introduces Jong-Moon as his father to Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun tells Soo-Han that she’s his father’s student. She tells Jong-Moon that she became a teacher like him. He remembers he slapped her.

Dong-Eun meets with Myeong-O on the rooftop. She tells him that she won’t take revenge for him because he owns nothing. He’s furious to grab her clothes. He tells her that he will push her off the rooftop. She mentions So-Hee was pushed off the rooftop.

Myeong-O tells Dong-Eun that he didn’t kill So-Hee. Dong-Eun tells Myeong-O to get the money from the killer. She asks him for the hair of Jae-Jun. He gives the hair to her. She leaves the rooftop. Sa-Ra’s mother wakes Sa-Ra up. She reminds her that she has an exhibition.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Jae-Jun showing up at the exhibition. He wants to buy Sa-Ra’s painting. But she rejects it. Yeon-Jin tells Sa-Ra to come to the school because she’s going to get an award. The people gather in the gym. Sa-Ra notes that Myeong-O doesn’t come. Jae-Jun believes that Myeong-O is drunk somewhere.

Dong-Eun shows up. She tells Yeon-Jin that she likes to watch her weather show. Yeon-Jin smiles after she recognized Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun tells Yeon-Jin that she ate sashimi. Dong-Eun remembers she asked Shin-Tae to let her be the teacher of his school when she showed his secret to him. Dong-Eun applauds when Yeon-Jin gets an award.

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