The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 6. Su-Yeong greets the girls when she runs into them at the restaurant. But they ignore her because she was a part-time worker. They think she only cares for her performance.

Su-Yeong Tells Mi-Gyeong that She has a Boyfriend

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 6.

Su-Yeong gets interviewed by the director who asks her why she wants to switch her positions. She tells him that she wishes her hard work to be accepted. Eun-Jung and Du-Sik are told that Su-Yeong reported Shi-Kyung. They tell it to the colleagues after they returned to the office. Seok-Hyeon wonders if Shi-Kyung knew what Su-Yeong did to him.

Su-Yeong shows up. Shi-Kyung is furious to rush to her. But Sang-Su blocks Shi-Kyung’s way. He tells him to calm down. Shi-Kyung takes a look at the people. He asks Su-Yeong to come to his office. He walks away. Sang-Su worries about Su-Yeong. But she thinks she will be fine. She goes to Shi-Kyung’s office.

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Su-Yeong walks into Shi-Kyung’s office with a bag. He blames her for reporting him. She asks him for a formal apology. He refuses to apologize to her because he thinks he did nothing wrong to her. He mentions he gave her the cab fare.

Su-Yeong places the bag on the desk. She tells Shi-Kyung that she felt uncomfortable when she accepted the fare. She asks him to take back his money. He takes a look at the fares. He thinks she saved them. She tells him that she did it to him because he had never respected her. She mentions he gave her the low score when she had the best performance.

Su-Yeong walks out of Shi-Kyung’s office. She walks away. Shi-Kyung places his car key on Jong-Hyeon’s desk. He asks him to wash his car. He leaves as well. Ji-Yoon wonders if Shi-Kyung will be fired. But Ku-Il thinks Su-Yeong will be fired.

Su-Yeong runs into Sang-Su. She asks him why he protected her. She worries that someone would misunderstand it. He asks her about what Shi-Kyung told to her. But she thinks it’s her business. Jong-Hyeon texts Su-Yeong. He asks her if she’s fine. She admits it and asks him not to worry about her. She has an eye contact with him. She smiles at him.

Eun-Jung mentions Su-Yeong asked the client to join the association when she eats with the colleagues. She wonders how she could pretend nothing has happened. Min-Hee thinks it’s professional. Du-Sik tries to badmouth Su-Yeong. But he sees her. Ku-Il asks Su-Yeong to join them. But Mi-Gyeong tells Ku-Il that Su-Yeong needs to go to somewhere with her.

Mi-Gyeong takes Su-Yeong to release stress. Su-Yeong feel guilty because Mi-Gyeong didn’t eat for helping her. Mi-Gyeong asks Su-Yeong to call her name. Su-Yeong does it. It makes Mi-Gyeong happy. The madam walks to Jong-Hyeon when he’s washing the car. She asks him if Shi-Kyung is in his office. He denies it. She tells him that she will come again.

Su-Yeong gets a call from someone. Mi-Gyeong wonders who called Su-Yeong. Su-Yeong reveals it was her boyfriend. Mi-Gyeong isn’t happy because she worries Su-Yeong’s boyfriend is Sang-Su. But Su-Yeong tells Mi-Gyeong that her boyfriend is Jong-Hyeon. Mi-Gyeong laughs to congratulate Su-Yeong.

Mi-Seon tries to buy the bag from the shop. But Seong-Hye beats Mi-Seon because Mi-Seon told others that she and her husband had a fight. Jung-Im stops Seong-Hye. She tells her that Mi-Seon if her friend. Mi-Seon is told that Jung-Im’s husband passed away. She buys her son a gift.

Sang-Su goes to the filing room to look for the papers. He runs into Su-Yeong. Du-Sik is off duty with Ku-Il. He closes the door of the filing room. Su-Yeong tries to help Sang-Su get the papers. But the box falls. He catches the box when he stands behind her. She turns around and she has an eye contact with him.

Sang-Su realizes that Gyeong-Pil turned off the lights. He finds out that he and Su-Yeong forgot to take their phones. Su-Yeong tries to go to look for the light switch. But she bumps Sang-Su. He reminds her that her hand is on his chest. She takes away her hand.

Sang-Su feels sorry for thinking Su-Yeong’s issue with Shi-Kyung wasn’t a big problem. She tells him that she can understand what he did. She apologizes to him for getting angry at him when he didn’t appear. But he thinks it was his mistake that he didn’t keep his promise.

Su-Yeong thinks she wouldn’t get together with Sang-Su even if he kept his promise. Because they’re so different. She tells him to find a woman who can fulfill his desires. He takes a look at her. He smiles to ask her if she wanted to give the answer to him. She admits it and tells him that she found the man who can fulfill her desires.

The lights are turned off. Gyeong-Pil opens the door of the filing room. He walks into the room and apologizes to Sang-Su and Su-Yeong. Su-Yeong walks away. Gyeong-Pil asks Sang-Su if something happened to him and Su-Yeong. Sang-Su denies. He leaves the filing room as well.

Su-Yeong is waiting for the bus on the bus stop. She gets a message from Jong-Hyeon who asks her to text him. Sang-Su shows up. He walks to Su-Yeong and he has a seat with her. She tries to leave because her bus comes. He stops her and tells her to take care of herself. She agrees to it and she gets on the bus.

Jong-Hyeon is waiting for Su-Yeong in front of the restaurant. She shows up and feels sorry for her late. He holds her hand and takes her to get into the restaurant. He asks her to take a look at the photo of Seoul Tower when he eats with her. She tells him that only country boys want to go to Seoul Tower.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Episode 6 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Su-Yeong showing her shoes to Jong-Hyeon. But he’s not happy. Mi-Gyeong feels happy after her leg was hurt. Because she finds her lucky coin. She tells Sang-Su that she will give the coin to him if he agrees to be her boyfriend.

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