Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 1. Haeng-Seon rides the scooter to arrive at the academy. But the scooter crashes and she trips. She returns to her restaurant and she begins to cook. Her friend Yeong-Joo asks her what happened.

Star Teacher and Crazy Fan

Crash Course in Romance

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 1.

Haeng-Seon reveals she treated her wound. Yeong-Joo thinks Haeng-Seon rode her scooter too fast. Haeng-Seon denies it. She reveals she turned when the woman showed up. The customer shows up. Haeng-Seon notes that the customer dyed her hair. The customer feels happy because she thinks Haeng-Seon cares for her more than her husband. Haeng-Seon complains to Yeong-Joo that the mothers lined up to wait for the star teacher. She thinks they brought the competition.

Chi-Yeol walks into the study with an umbrella. He fights with the thugs and blocks the math bullets with the umbrella. He defeats the thugs. The director tells Chi-Yeol that he did a great job. But he asks him to do the dance version.

Chi-Yeol does the dance version after he gave a great kick. He tries to leave with Dong-Hui. But he director stops Chi-Yeol. He asks him to kick higher. He persuades him that he just needs to spend ten minutes. Chi-Yeol tells the director that ten minutes of his time is worth seventeen million won. He thinks he cannot pay the money to him. He walks away.

Chi-Yeol gets in the car. He complains to Dong-Hui that Director Kang arranged the shoot during the June mock exam. Dong-Hui reports to Chi-Yeol that Jun-Ho began his live review session. Chi-Yeol remembers that Jun-Ho is the rising star. He decides to do the live review session after he took a look at Jun-Ho’s live review session.

Chi-Yeol returns to the academy. He does the live review session. He defeats Jun-Ho. Chi-Yeol is tired to lie on the couch. He tells Dong-Hui that Jun-Ho was defeated because he didn’t resolve the questions. He thinks he’s the exception. Joon-Sang is very happy after someone told him the good news.

Dan-Ji walks out of the school with Hae-E. She wants to jump into Han River because she failed the June mock. Su-A shows up. She tells Hae-E that she just missed a question. Hae-E thinks Su-A didn’t sleep well for the exam. Su-A tells Hae-E to take private classes.

Su-Hui shows up. She waves at Su-A. Su-A leaves. Hae-E wants to beat Su-A when she sees her off. Dan-Ji stops Hae-E. Su-A tells Su-Hui that everyone failed the exam. She believes that she will be the winner. Su-Hui is surprised. She tells her daughter that she want to cry after she heard the good news. Su-A tells Su-Hui to cry when she wins.

Su-Hui brings the bad news to Su-A that she couldn’t get her a good seat. Su-A complains to Su-Hui that she cannot see the teacher. Hae-E walks Sun-Jae. He complains to him that she fails the exam even if she had studied hard. He persuades her to take Chi-Yeol’s class. He tells her that Chi-Yeol is an outstanding teacher. But Hae-E has told Haeng-Seon that she’s not interested in private classes.

Hae-E takes Sun-Jae to do the bus trip. She sees him off. She sees Chi-Yeol’s poster. She puts the poster into her pocket. She returns home. Haeng-Seon asks Hae-E to go to call her uncle Jae-Woo. Hae-E tries to tell something to her mother. But she gives up the mind.

Haeng-Seon asks Hae-E about the exam. She believes that she got full mark. Hae-E refuses to leak it. She goes to see Jae-Woo. She sees the clothes. She folds the clothes. Jae-Woo shows up behind Hae-E. It startles her. He shows the lion photo to her. He thinks the lion is like Haeng-Seon. Haeng-Seon breaks into the room. She yells at Jae-Woo.

Chi-Yeol doesn’t accept the gift from the girl after the class. The girl doesn’t want to give up. Ms. Jung runs into Chi-Yeol. She tells him that she wants to arrange a blind date for him. But he rejects it. She gets angry because he changed her name.

Chi-Yeol hands over the presents to Dong-Hui. He tells him to keep them. Chi-Yeol tells Dong-Hui that he didn’t want to go on a blind date because he didn’t wish to waste his time to fight with a woman. He thinks work is suitable for him.

Dong-Hui hands over the food to Chi-Yeol. Chi-Yeol eats the food. But he goes to the restroom. Dong-Hui asks Chi-Yeol if he went to see a doctor. Chi-Yeol admits it. He mentions what the doctor said that he has eating disorder because of stress. Dong-Hui asks Chi-Yeol if he saw the student. Chi-Yeol admits it. He tells Dong-Hui not to talk with him.

Sun-Jae returns home when his parents have a fight. Sun-Jae’s father takes the suitcase to leave his house. Seo-Jin takes a look at Sun-Jae’s exam papers. She finds out that he made a mistake. She believes that he didn’t study hard. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be a doctor. She yells at him and asks him what he wants to be. Because he doesn’t want to be an attorney as well. She tells him to return to his room when she hears the piano music.

Hae-E tries to show the exam papers to Haeng-Seon. But Jae-Woo has a fever. Hae-E calls the hospital. Chi-Yeol returns home and opens the door. But the girl catches the chance to get into his house. He holds her bag and drags her out of his house. She hugs him before she gets in the cab. Someone takes a photo of them.

The doctor sees Jae-Woo in the ward. He tells Haeng-Seon that Jae-Woo can leave the hospital after they run a test. Hae-Seon goes to pay the medical bill. She tells Hae-E to leave because she needs to study. She takes care of Jae-Woo alone in the ward.

Hae-E takes a bath and returns to her room. She takes a look at Chi-Yeol’s poster. She throws the poster into the trash can. She texts her classmates and asks them if their sewing assignment ends tomorrow. They admit it. Hae-E tries to do the sewing assignment. But her hand is hurt.

Chi-Yeol returns home. He goes to sleep after he took the medicine. He has a dream that Su-Hyeon runs to him and asks him to help her resolve the question. Someone calls Chi-Yeol and wakes him up in the morning. He tells him to go to read the news. Chi-Yeol sees the photo that the fan hugs him.

Dong-Hui reads the comments for Chi-Yeol. Chi-Yeol learns that the fans blamed him for dating the girl. Chi-Yeol wants to kick the girl out. But Dong-Hui mentions Chi-Yeol called cabs for his students. He comforts him that the case won’t affect his reputation.

But Hyo-Won hands over the photo to Chi-Yeol. Chi-Yeol takes a look at the photo. He finds out that the girl told the people that they’re true love. Mi-Ok believes that Chi-Yeol dated his student after knowing he cancelled his course. Su-Hui doesn’t believe that the star teacher would do that. So she calls someone.

Dong-Hui walks into the ward. He worries that people will misunderstand Chi-Yeol because they don’t know that he’s sick. He tells him to eat something. Chi-Yeol wears the tiger clothes to leave his ward. But Jae-Woo takes a photo of Chi-Yeol. He walks away.

Chi-Yeol asks Jae-Woo to give his phone to him. He catches him. Haeng-Seon shows up when Chi-Yeol tries to take away the phone. She pushes him over. He picks up the phone and runs away. She chases him. He flees to the men’s restroom because he believed that he would be caught by her.

Haeng-Seon walks into the men’s restroom to catch Chi-Yeol. But she’s taken away by the guard. Chi-Yeol takes a look at the photos Jae-Woo took. He finds out that he just took photos of the tiger. He walks out of the restroom. Haeng-Seon calls him. He throws the phone to her when she rushes to him. The phone falls to the ground. Haeng-Seon picks up the phone. She finds out that the phone is broken.

Chi-Yeol joins Dong-Hui. He asks him to take him to the academy. Haeng-Seon takes a look at the phone. She swears to catch Chi-Yeol. Jae-Woo finds her. He asks her about his phone. He takes over the phone from her. He finds out that it’s broken.

The teacher tells the students that Su-A is the first place. Hae-E isn’t happy. She walks out of the school. It’s raining. Su-Hui drives by. She wants to give Hae-E a ride. But Hae-E rejects it. Su-Hui leaves with Su-A. Haeng-Seon tells Jae-Woo to eat something when he’s sad to lie on the couch.

Hae-E returns home. Haeng-Seon notes that Hae-E is soaking. She blames her for not sharing an umbrella with a friend. Hae-E returns to her room. She’s tired to lie in the bed. Haeng-Seon walks into Hae-E’s room. She asks her to cook for Jae-Woo.

Hae-E rejects it. She throws a fit to Haeng-Seon. Haeng-Seon wonders why Hae-E got angry. She asks her if something happened in the school. She believes that she got full mark in the exam. Hae-E complains to Haeng-Seon that other mothers did many things for their daughters. She asks her if she’s her stepmother.

Hae-E is furious to walk out of her room. Haeng-Seon follows Hae-E. She tells her that she’s not her stepmother. Hae-E thinks Haeng-Seon should send her away after her mother gave up her. She leaves the house. Dong-Hui walks into the restaurant when Yeong-Joo is talking about the phone with Jae-Woo.

Yeong-Joo has feelings for Dong-Hui when she sees him. He brings the food to Chi-Yeol. He tells him to eat it. Hae-E walks on the street. She sees the mother holding her daughter’s hand when they walk. She remembers her mother took her to Haeng-Seon’s mother’s restaurant. Haeng-Seon looks for Hae-E. She finds her in the end. She tells her that she’s her aunt. Hae-E apologizes to Haeng-Seon for what she did to her. Haeng-Seon asks Hae-E why she did it. Chi-Yeol returns home. He throws the food to the table. He’s tired to lie on the couch. He takes a look at the food.

Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Crash Course in Romance K-Drama ends with Chi-Yeol worrying that he will vomit again if he tastes the food. But he still tastes the food. He finds out that he didn’t throw out. Hae-E tells Haeng-Seon that she wants to take Chi-Yeol’s class. Chi-Yeol eats up the food which came from Haeng-Seon’s restaurant.

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