The Killing of Three Thousand Crows: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for The Killing of Three Thousand Crows (Love of Thousand Years): Episode 1. The friend complains to Jiu Yun for taking him to the drawing again, and asks what it draws about. In the drawing, the prince Yan Yan lifts the drumsticks to hit the huge drum. Her face is with blood.

The Killing of Three Thousand Crows: Episode 1 Recap

The Killing of Three Thousand Crows: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Killing of Three Thousand Crows: Episode 1.

The enemies approach Yan Yan, and her bodyguards are tired to lie on the ground. Jiu Yun reveals the drawing was drawn by his master, and he cannot understand it after watching it for thousands years.

The bodyguards are cheered up by Yan Yan, and they rush to fight with the enemies. But they’re killed.

The friend thinks the battle happens in human world each day and it’s not worth to watch. Jiu Yun says that he has looked for the girl for one thousand years.

The paper crane lands on Yan Yan’s table, and she falls asleep. Master wakes up Yan Yan with the ruler, and blames her for not mastering the paper art after studying for one year. He tells her not to walk out of the room if she cannot make ten paper cranes.

Yan Yan points out that the art is the random creating, and it will be rigid if Master adds rules. But she gives in under the ruler of Master. Yan Yan claims that she will treat it seriously, but makes a paper frog.

A Man laughs, and Yan Yan gives up to study paper art.

Second Brother runs into Yan Yan and thinks she got punished by Master. She complains that she couldn’t summon crane because she heard Xuan Zhu would come. Second Brother shows the drawing which is worth of 1000 gold.

Yan Yan doesn’t believe it, and she is drawn in the world of the drawing. She is happy to catch the plum blossom, and asks where he got the drawing.

Second Brother rushed into Literature House and got the drawing from the Gongzi Qi in the crazy women.

Second Brother tells Yan Yan that Gongzi Qi thought no woman can resist his charm. Yan Yan thinks Gongzi Qi is very frivolous and the man doesn’t have pride who draws cold plum blossom. Second Brother says that Gongzi Qi isn’t as bad as Yan Yan thinks.

Yan Yan asks if Gongzi Qi’s music skill is outstanding, and Second Brother says that Gongzi Qi only makes half of the song “east wind peach blossom”. He adds that Gongzi Qi thought nobody is worth of him to write out the whole song.

Yan Yan thinks Gongzi Qi is very arrogant, and asks Second Brother to tell Gongzi Qi that she will dance his song. But Second Brother thinks people will mock Yan Yan. Yan Yan claims that she will make it, and he promises to get the song for her.

Second Brother walks Yan Yan and asks her to talk sweet to aunt. But Tan Chun thinks Aunt will do something bad for not getting the empress position. The two step in to greet Aunt, and they see Xuan Zhu.

Aunt flatters Yan Yan for her beauty, and thinks her daughter Xuan Zhu cannot match Yan Yan. Yan Yan asks Xuan Zhu to show the immortal art since she got a celestial being master. Xuan Chu claims that she cannot leak the name of her master. Yan Yan reminds Xuan Zhu that it’s a big shame if she learns nothing.

Yan Yan fights with Xuan Zhu for the handkerchief, and asks if she wants everything she has. Zi Chen shows up, and Yan Yan thinks he cares for Xuan Zhu. Zi Chen explains that he was asked by his sick dad to visit Madam Qiu Hua.

Emperor takes the paper, and thinks the Tian Yuan nation will attack Da Li. He worries about the soldiers because the enemies are good at black art. Empress thinks Left Prime Minister has ways because he gets along with immortal mountain.

But Emperor reveals that Left Prime Minister wants to resign, and he wants to visit him.

Second Brother shows the complete song to Yan Yan, and mentions Gongzi Qi said that he will tell people that Tang Chuan is dumb if she cannot dance it out.

Yan Yan tells Zi Chen that Emperor came to see his dad, and Zi Chen wants to greet Emperor. Yan Yan stops Zi Chen and tests him with the song. Zi Chen points out that the song comes from a guru, and Yan Yan asks how to play the song with lute. He tells her to play it opposite.

Zi Chen sees that the song contains the bloodiness when life passes away, and the players and audiences will feel sad. Yan Yan thinks it isn’t suitable because the birthday party is a happy event.

Zi Chen edits the song. Yan Yan falls for him and thinks Zi Chen is the first in music. She gives him the jade hairpin she makes for him, and wears it in person. Zi Chen catches the chance to grab Yan Yan’s hand.

Left Prime Minister asks Zi Chen to attend Empress’s birthday party for him, and thinks he cannot promise it even if Emperor invited him in person.

Yan Yan asks A Man if Zi Chen will marry her, and A Man thinks Zi Chen will ride the white hose to be Yan Yan’s husband. Yan Yan claims that she will prove that Zi Chen is better than Gongzi Qi in music.

Yan Yan falls asleep, and Gongzi Qi leaves the note to her. Yan Yan wakes up and yells that she will win.

Left Prime Minister gives the map to the King of Tian Yuan, and the king tells his soldiers that they will defeat Da Li.

Yan Yan dances in the banquet, and she stunns everyone. The friend thinks Gongzi Qi will lose, and Yan Yan falls from heaven like a fairy. Gongzi Qi rages because Yan Yan edited his song.

Mei Shan tells Jiu Yun not to get his feelings being broken by Yan Yan, and the two walk out. Master waits for Jiu Yun and tells him not to step in Yan Yan’s fate. Jiu Yun asks Master to hand over the drawing to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan wakes up and opens the drawing Jiu Yun left, and she is excited by the falling flowers. Yan Yan wants to go out and give the drawing to Zi Chen.

Yan Yan arrives at Zi Chen’s house but he has left. Left Prime Minister summons monsters. Yan Yan climbs over the wall, and sees the monsters rushing out with Left Prime Minister.

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