“Love of Thousand Years” (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary

Love of Thousand Years” is a Chinese historical drama on the theme of immortal and monster.

The drama is adapted from top wuxia novel “The Killing of Three Thousand Crows” which is written by Shisi Lang.

Zheng Yecheng and Zhao Lusi are the lead actors.

Zheng Yecheng starred “An Oriental Odyssey” with Janice Wu, and he played a prince who lost his memories and had to be Janice Wu’s servant.

Janice Wu starred Chinese drama “Skate Into Love” with Steven Zhang. She played the role Tang Xue who likes skating.

The drama is similar with “Go Go Squid!”, which was starred by Yang Zi and Li Xian.

Zhao Lusi starred “Love Better Than Immortality“. She played a girl who traveled to ancient times and falled for the chief of demon sect. She also acted the role Bei Erduo with Riley Wang (Ye Shuwei) in Chinese drama “I Hear You“. “I Hear You” is on Netflix.

Zhao Lusi also starred The Romance of Tiger and Rose in 2020.

Love of Thousand Years (2020)

"Love of Thousand Years" (2020 Drama): Cast & Summary


Title: Love of Thousand Years (The Killing of Three Thousand Crows)

Director: Hui Yu

Writer: Zhao Tianyou

Network: Manggo TV, New Power Movie

Runtime: From Mar. 19

Episodes: 30

Language: Chinese


It is the romantic tragedy where a princess swears to kill all of the monsters after his kingdom was ruined by Tianyuan empire. She is told that the holy lamp can help her get rid of monsters, and she runs into a immortal who falls for her.


Zheng Yecheng as Fu Jiuyun

An immortal of Xiangqu mountain, and he is also the wick of holy lamp.

Zhao Lusi as Qin Chuan

A maid who always gets bullied, and she dislikes handsome immortal.

Wang Mengli as Xuan Zhu

A noble princess who cares for her love.

Liu Yitong as Zuo Zichen

The son of Prime Minister, and his eyes is blinded by his love. But he doesn’t hate her and cares for her.

Jiang Yiyi as Yan Yan

The princess of Li Nation, and her parents were killed by monsters because of Prime Minister’s betrayal.

Dai Yunfan as Li Yuan

The elder prince of Tianyuan empire. He is evil and brutal.

Mao Fangyuan as Ting Yuan

The second prince of Tianyuan empire. He is kind and likes to pretend to be silly.


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