The Mythical Realm: Chapter 1 Unwilling Part 3

Ye Yun found 82 Huayu grasses outside of monster valley via soft lighting chanting. It requires patient, volition and luck. He has to find 18 Huayu grasses in three hours. It’s impossible task unless she can enter the second floor.

The Mythical Realm: Chapter 1 Unwilling Part 3

Because there are many grasses on the second floor. Rookie students cannot enter it. Outer door students also don’t want to waist time on here. He can complete the task in just one hour. However the lowest monster is second level, third level monster also appears in here. It’s danger to enter depending on his current degree.

A stela appears in front of Ye Yun. It contains bloody glow. This is second stela.

The field of vision can only reach 10 meters at here. He looks around by lighting, his face falls. It’s hard to find grass by the field of vision.

He found a blue glass easily which is Huayu grass. Then he got second, third…

He got 8 in just one hour.

“Liu Daolie, would you think I am luck today? I will net you pay it back while exceeding you.” He got 9th, his eyes flash a killing.

“Wait! Why did Huayu grasses grow on the region?” Ye Yun realize he misses something. “Oops, Huayu grass has ice property. Hence, second level monsters like to eat it to enhance their ice properties.”

A cold lighting appears from his back while Ye Yuan realizes there is a mistake. He is scared and rolls towards front. The lighting flashes from his back and lancinates his clothes.

Ye Yun looks up seeing a couple of huge white snakes nearby. The snakes sit on the ground sticking their red tongues to send out bloodcurdling sounds. It’s third monster – ice crystal snow snake.

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