“The Player” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

The Player” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a player Ren Yixia who likes to play game with his best friend Li Yuan. But he becomes his enemy when Li Yuan wants to hurt Gu Ling in game world.

“The Player” is adapted from the game “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

Chen Yao and Gong Jun are the lead actors.

Chen Yao starred Chinese historical drama “Maiden Holmes” in 2020. She played a cop Su Ci. She also starred “My Unicorn Girl” in same year. She played the role Sang Tian.

Gong Jun starred Chinese historical dramaWord of Honor” in 2021. He played the demon king Wen Kexing who wants to ruin the martial arts world. Because the people in the martial arts world killed his parents. But his childhood friend Zhou Zishu stops him. He also starred “Begin Again” in 2020.

The Player (2021)

The Player


Title: The Player

Director: Xu Huikang

Writer: Deng Liqi

Network: Mangguo TV

Runtime: From Apr. 22

Episodes: 20

Language: Chinese


Gu Ling likes to play game. She’s not interested in any man. Her roommate Bai Gongzhu takes her to see the male god Ren Yixia. Gu Ling dislikes Ren Yixia after knowing he’s interested in the girls who are his fans. Li Yuan shows up and invites Ren Yixia to kill dragon. He gets the dragon baby.

Li Yuan spots Gu Ling selling items. Ren Yixia thinks Gu Ling is very popular. Li Yuan casts the dragon baby, and tells the players that the winner will get his dragon baby. It makes them fight with each other. Gu Ling blames Li Yuan for doing so.

Ren Yixia knows his goddess will come to see him. He wants to confess his feelings to her. Li Yuan asks Ren Yixia why he likes Xiao Fei since there’re many girls who like him. Ren Yixia reveals Xiao Fei told him that she doesn’t have any boyfriend.


Chen Yao as Gu Ling

She has some a child shadow. It makes her not trust males. She swears not to be in love so that she likes to play game. But the thing is changed after Ren Yixia appeared. She panics when he’s trying to confess his feelings to her.

Gong Jun as Ren Yixia

He has loved the girl Xiao Fei for ten years. He wants to confesses his feelings to her. But she tells him that she chose the man she encountered in the plane as her boyfriend. He gets hit, and Gu Ling spots it.

Chen Borong as Long Ziche

Ren Yixia and Gu Ling invite Long Ziche to deal with Li Yuan after they realized that they’re not the rivals of Li Yuan.

Zhang Leyun as Hu Miaomiao

She’s the roommate of Gu Ling.

Ai Jiani as Yan Yufei

Gu Ling’s not sure if she should accept Ren Yixia’s love. Because she thinks Ren Yixia will leave her one day. Yan Yufei cheers Gu Ling up.

Wen Yuan as Li Yuan

He used to be the best friend of Ren Yixia. But Ren Yixia is against him after knowing his evil plan.

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