“Please Classmate” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Please Classmate” is a new Chinese school romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a boy Li He who falls for his classmate after she called him idiot.

Dai Luwa and Xia Zhiguang are the lead actors.

Dai Luwa starred Chinese mystery drama “Target Person” in 2020. She played the role Ke Tang. She also starred “Cross Fire” in same year. She played the role Chu Ge.

Xia Zhiguang cast Chinese romance dramaNine Kilometers of Love” in 2019. He played the role Zhu Yuhan. He also cast “Oh! My Emperor: Season 1” and “Oh! My Emperor: Season 2” in 2018.

Please Classmate (2021)

Please Classmate


Title: Please Classmate

Director: Lin Yi

Writer: Lin Yi

Network: Tengxu Video

Runtime: From Apr. 23

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Yuan Caixi goes to South School to take the student manuals. But the four classmates refuse to give the student manuals to her, and they conceal it in the broadcast room. She catches them when they go to check if the student manuals are there.

The chief of the four classmates Li He doesn’t allow Yuan Caixi to leave. He makes her trip and hugs her. He thinks she will fall for him. But she pushes her over and calls him idiot. He’s furious and wants to take revenge. He tells the Physical Teacher Lao Bai that he wants to help Yuan Caixi stretch during the physical test. But he takes the chance to bully her.

Yuan Caixi is furious to challenge Li He in avoiding ball game. Someone sprinkles the floor with water. Li He’s team gets defeated. He mistakes that her team used the dirty method. The two teams have a fight. Director Ma takes the guests to visit the school. He tells the guests that the sport students and the art students get along well.

But Director Ma gets hit by the ball. He sees the fight of the student. He’s furious to call Yuan Caixi and Li He to his office. He asks the two to explain it. Li He reports to Director Ma that Yuan Caixi didn’t respect him. But she denies.


Dai Luwa as Yuan Caixi

She’s the girl who likes to study. She gets angry because Li He calls her second place. She’s nervous when someone mentions second. She wants to defeat Ning Zeyu because he always gets full mark.

Xia Zhiguang as Li He

He doesn’t want Yuan Caixi to take away his student manual. Because he knows that he’s bad at studying. He tries to make her fall for him with her charm. But she calls him idiot. He decides to give her a lesson in physical fitness test.

Yan Xujia as Ning Zeyu

He’s the top 1 student in the school. He’s called Studying God. He likes his classmate Yuan Caixi but he doesn’t confess his feelings to her. But he worries that he will get rejected. So he chooses to protect her without letting her know it. He treats Li He as his enemy because he notes that Li He wants to pursue Yuan Caixi.

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