The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 3. The tiger walks around the palace and kills a maid. Deok-Im runs into the festival and takes her friends aside. She tells them that the tiger appears at the palace. Kyung-Hee wants to let the maids know it.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 3 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 3.

Deok-Im is against it. She reminds Kyung-Hee that each maid will rush to the gate and they will step on each other. She tells her to help her save the maids. She adds that she intends to read a book. Deok-Im and her friends are ready for the plan. But Young-Hee worries that she cannot take the duty.

Deok-Im holds her friend’s hands and gives them the courage. The friends tell the maids that Deok-Im will read for them. The maids gather. Court Lady Seo is surprised to spot it when she eats the snack. Because Deok-Im needs to work in the evening.

Deok-Im tells the maids that she will read the book for them. But she asks them to line up passing the gate first. But the little maid cries to show up. She asks for a help. The maids begin to run to the gate after they heard the roar of the tiger. Someone is stepped. Deok-Im fails to stop the insane maids.

Court Lady Seo picks up the torch to drive the maids aside. She stands in front of the gate. She tells them to line up. The little maid cries to run to Deok-Im. She grabs her clothes and tells her that the two maids are still in the house. Deok-Im promises to go to save the maids.

Deok-Im runs to the house and moves the ladder aside. She opens the door and walks into the room. She saves the two little maids. But she’s told that Sook-Geum is missing. So she goes to look for Sook-Geum. She follows the bloodstain and finds the little maid who’s dead.

Deok-Im sees the tiger who walks to her. He tries to hurt her, but he runs away after Yi San shot him with the fire arrow. Yi San tells Deok-Im to flee after knowing that she’s fine. She turns around and looks at his back when he goes to chase the tiger.

Yi San joins the bodyguards. He tells them to hunt the tiger. The tiger shows up and attacks the bodyguard. Yi San shoots the tiger when he walks. Tae-Ho catches the chance to cut off the rope. The trap falls to the tiger. Tae-Ho goes to check the trap. But he hears the roar of the tiger. He turns around and spots the tiger pouncing to Yi San. Yi San shoots the tiger. Deok-Im returns home. The maids are waiting for her. Deok-Im cries after she was hugged by her friends.

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Deok-Im goes to the well to wait for Yi San after she was told that the crown prince’s teacher likes to drink water at the place. She remembers Yi San cared for her after he saved her. Deok-Ro shows up when Deok-Im tries to take water from the bucket.

Deok-Im recognizes Deok-Ro and hands over the water to him when he wants drink it. She sees the newspaper he holds, and asks for taking a look at the newspaper. She tells him that she wants to know if any person was hurt by the tiger. He hands over the newspaper to her.

Deok-Im reads the newspaper. She learns that Crown Prince will get punished because the king didn’t allow him to catch the tiger. She asks Deok-Ro about it. He admits it and thinks Crown Prince should wait for a while. He tries to leave. But she stops him and asks him about the teacher of Crown Prince. She reveals the guy saved her when she encountered the tiger.

Deok-Ro walks to Deok-Im, and asks her to describe the looks of the guy. She tells him that the person wears a jade hair button. He remembers he saw the jade hair button on Yi San’s crown when he wiped off the dust for him. He realizes that the person is Crown Prince. But he doesn’t tell it to Deok-Im. He takes over the newspaper from her. He asks her for telling her name to him if they have a chance to meet again. He walks away. She’s lost when she sees him off.

The ministers talk about if they should punish Crown Prince or not. King Youngjo asks for Jung-Yeo’s opinion. Jung-Yeo mentions Crown Prince caught the tiger with one hit. He thinks he can catch a dragon without any problem. King Youngjo is furious to blame Jung-Yeo for wronging Crown Prince because he’s the future king of the nation.

Jung-Yeo gets on knees to King Youngjo, and asks him for his mercy. He explains that he just told him the truth. Princess Hwawan is furious to slap the table after knowing her son Baek-Ik did nothing at the court. He says that he was shocked after knowing Yi San and his bodyguards caught the tiger. Princess Hwawan thinks Baek-Ik is too timid. He tells him to catch the chance to persuade Jung-Yeo to do something.

Jung-Yeo laughs after knowing Princess Hwawan’s intention. He reveals King Youngjo believes that Crown Prince did it for saving people. Baek-Ik promises to go back to persuade Baek-Ik. It makes Jung-Yeo. Baek-Ik tries to leave. But he notes that someone hides behind the curtain.

Jung-Yeo tells Head Court Lady Jo that he likes Baek-Ik. He wonders why Princess Hwawan trusts the guy since he’s not her real son. He thinks Head Court Lady Jo recommended the person to Princess Hwawan. He asks her how to win King Youngjo’s trust back after he badmouthed Crown Prince. She tells him not to worry about it. She thinks they should wait for a while.

Princess Chungyeon notes that Deok-Im is tired when she transcribes the book with her. She tells her that she wants to complete the book and persuade King Youngjo to forgive Crown Prince.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 3 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young and Kang Hoon.

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