The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 4. Princess Chungyeon tells Crown Prince to greet Deok-Im. She drags her friend to him. Deok-Im bows to Crown Prince when he covers his face with the fan. Princess Chungyeon reveals the girl visited King Youngjo and asked King Youngjo for his mercy for him.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 4 Recap

The Red Sleeve Cuff

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 4.

Crown Prince explains that he has a business. But he notes that Deok-Im stares at his face in the water. So he throws his fan into the water. Deok-Im looks at Crown Prince. The eunuch blames her for doing it. She feels sorry. Crown Prince tries to talk with Deok-Im.

But Deok-Ro shows up. He explains to Crown Prince he walked to him because he noted that he dropped his fan. Tae-Ho laughs. He tells Crown Prince that he feels happy for Deok-Ro’s coming. But Crown Prince turns around and glares at Tae-Ho when he brings up Deok-Ro’s identity.

Deok-Im realizes that Deok-Ro is Crown Prince’s teacher. Deok-Ro recognizes Deok-Im. He reminds Crown Prince that it’s time to go to study. Crown Prince walks away. Princess Chungyeon follows him. Deok-Im learns that Crown Prince fooled her.

Kyung-Hee complains that the maids left the task to her. Deok-Im shows up and asks Kyung-Hee for playing stone skipping with her. She promises to complete the task for her. She takes her friends to the lake. She does the stone skipping with them.

Kyung-Hee is surprised that Deok-Im is good at the game. She thinks she masters the skill. Deok-Im tells Kyung-Hee to treat the lake as someone’s face which she hates most, and casts the stone to it. She’s furious to do the stone skipping.

Yi San is having a meeting with his followers. He complains that he’s waited for the person for three days. But she’s not appeared. Deok-Ro wonders who’s the person. Yi San denies and tells Deok-Ro to report the thing he found to him. Deok-Ro tries to tell the source of the letter to Yi San. But Yi San stops Deok-Ro because he needs proof.

But the follower tells Yi San not to drop the case. Yi San points out that his life is the first time he should think about. He reveals someone shot him when he tried to catch the tiger. He tells his followers to find the traitor from the bodyguards.

Head Court Lady Jo walks out of the house. She tells the maids that they’re ladies now. Deok-Im takes away her pack with her friends. She tells her friends that she prefers to be the maid. She adds that he doesn’t want to work for Crown Prince when Kyung-Hee thinks people will respect them if they work in his palace.

Deok-Im complains that they still need to do the things like maids even if they’re ladies. She sighs. Young-Hee cheers Deok-Im when she smiles at her. She tells her that she will help each other.

Deok-Im is packing her stuff. She talks with the cat who stays in the painting. She tells her that she felt happy when she stayed with her even if she encountered a jerk. But she is startled after she found out that Yi San is standing behind her.

Yi San asks Deok-Im if he’s the bad person she talked about. She denies and bows to him. She explains that it’s a misunderstanding. He sees her pack so that he asks her about it. She reveals that she will leave the place. He tells her that he didn’t intend to fool her.

Yi San tells Deok-Im not to disturb him. He walks away. She’s furious to throw the salt to the door. But she finds out that he’s still in the library when she returns. She gets on knees to him, and asks him for his mercy. He gets her to have a seat with him. He asks her for telling her true feelings to him.

Deok-Im thinks Yi San shouldn’t dress up to be a teacher to fool her. But he blames her for not recognizing him instead. She asks him for apologizing to her. But he rejects it because he’s the crown prince. He asks her for not showing up in front of him. He leaves the library.

Deok-Im massages Court Lady Seo’s foot and asks her for helping her find a workplace which she won’t see Crown Prince. But Court Lady Seo tells Deok-Im that it’s impossible. She tells her to go to sleep. Court Lady Kwon is taking the handwriting class. She’s surprised that Deok-Im is good at handwriting.

Wol-Hye finds Deok-Im. She tells her that she will be the personal lady of Crown Prince. She adds that the personal ladies were punished by Crown Prince after they just made a small mistake. Deok-Im grabs Wol-Hye’s arms and begs her to save her. But Wol-Hye thinks Deok-Im lost the chance. She thinks she shouldn’t do a great job in the handwriting class.

Deok-Im brings the ink water to Yi San’s room. She cleans up the table after she found out that there was a big mess on the table. She gets on knees when Yi San shows up with Deok-Ro. Yi San notes that the lady touched his papers. He’s furious to scold Deok-Im.

The eunuch brings to medicine to Yi San. Yi San sees Deok-Im when she takes over the medicine from the eunuch. Deok-Ro tells Deok-Im to go to take water. She’s happy to leave the room. Wol-Hye runs into Deok-Im and asks her what Yi San did to her.

Deok-Im reveals she got scolded for touching Yi San’s papers. Wol-Hye thinks Deok-Im is very lucky because she didn’t get punished. Deok-Im is scared. She asks Wol-Hye for helping her. Wol-Hye tells Deok-Im not to worry about it. Deok-Im walks in Yi San’s room. He asks her for going to dry the handwriting he just did.

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But Yi San grabs Deok-Im’s hand when she’s going to dry his handwriting. He asks her why she came to serve him since she knew that he doesn’t want to see her. She promises not to see him again once she gets a new job. She tries to leave. But he keeps her and accepts her as his personal lady.

Deok-Im opens window and finds out that it’s raining outside. She watches the rain and smiles. Yi San stares at her. He has feelings for her. She notes that he’s staring at her. So she turns around. He’s startled to pretend to read the book.

Deok-Im runs in the rain. She stops when Deok-Ro holds umbrella for her. He walks her and feels sorry for not telling her that he’s the teacher of Crown Prince. He wants to take her home. But she rejects it because she worries that the ladies will mistake them if they spot them.

Deok-Ro calls Deok-Im her family name. She’s shocked. He tells her that he wanted her to tell her family name to him. He adds that he cannot see her because she’s a lady now. He hands over his umbrella to her. He walks away. She sees him off. She sighs and knows the reason why each woman likes Deok-Ro.

Sam-Wol shows up behind Deok-Im. She greets her. Deok-Im gives the umbrella to Sam-Wol after knowing she’s going to go home. Deok-Im returns to the dormitory. She’s surprised that Bok-Yeon and other ladies are waiting for her. Bok-Yeon tells the lady that Deok-Im isn’t the woman they’re looking for. Because Deok-Im doesn’t take umbrella.

Bok-Yeon tells Deok-Im that they know Deok-Ro gave his umbrella to a woman. She adds that they want to give the woman a lesson. She complains that why the woman doesn’t show up. Deok-Im is scared to run away. Head Court Lady Jo has a meeting with the ladies. She summons Court Lady Seo.

Head Court Lady mentions Deok-Im. She thinks she can be Crown Prince’s woman because she’s very smart. Court Lady Seo is against it. She thinks there’s so many things Deok-Im should learn from her. Head Court Lady agrees to it. But she points out that the two will get together in the end because Crown Prince needs a woman.

Deok-Im gets changed. She goes to do farewell with Court Lady Seo. Court Lady Seo learns that Deok-Im is going to go home. She thinks she has become a woman. Deok-Im runs out of the palace with other ladies. They’re going to see her families. The ladies are picked up by their families, except Deok-Im.

Deok-Im visits the man and wants to get into the house. She wants to thank him for raising her. But he rejects it and tells her that he did that because Hyebin Hong asked him to do that. The kid shows up. He tells Deok-Im that Hyebin Hong wants to see her. So the man tells Deok-Im to leave.

The kid takes Deok-Im to see Hyebin Hong. Deok-Im remembers her brother got on knees to Hyebin Hong, and begged her to keep her. She bows to her after she saw her. She tells her that she wants to thank her for saving her and her brother’s lives. Hyebin Hong asks Deok-Im for reporting to her what Crown Prince is doing to her.

But Deok-Im is against it. She thinks it will break the law. Hyebin Hong points out that everyone does this kind of things in the palace. She thinks she could prevent the tragedy of her husband if she did it in advance. Hyebin Hong tells Deok-Im that she will have a chance to see her brother if she completes the task.

Princess Hwawan learns that the maid who helped Crown Prince became his personal maid. She follows Deok-Im and grabs her hair, making her to trip. Princess Hwawan tells Deok-Im that her sleeve touched the king’s path. But Deok-Im points out that she didn’t go to the place.

Princess Hwawan tells the maids to take Deok-Im away to accept the punishment. But Yi San stops the maids. Princess Hwawan turns around. She smiles to tell Yi San that Deok-Im made a mistake. But he tells her that Deok-Im didn’t do that because he has stayed with her.

Princess Hwawan laughs. She thinks Yi San wants to protect the lady because she works for him. He admits it and tells Deok-Im to leave with him. But Princess Hwawan stops Yi San. She tells him that Deok-Im’s fate can only be decided by Queen Jungsoon. She takes them to see Queen Jungsoon.

Queen Jungsoon tells Princess Hwawan to forgive Deok-Im. But Princess Hwawan rejects it. She yells at Queen Jungsoon that she saw Deok-Im touched the king’s path. Queen Jungsoon doesn’t want to offend Princess Hwawan. She tells Yi San that she allows Princess Hwawan to punish Deok-Im.

Princess Hwawan is very happy. She tries to take Deok-Im away. But Queen Jungsoon stops Princess Hwawan and asks her for staying to taste the rice cakes she made. King Youngjo shows up. He wants to taste the rice cake after knowing it was made by Queen Jungsoon.

But Princess Hwawan stops King Youngjo. She reminds him that he cannot eat the rice cake, and worries that he will pass away. She cries to tell him that the only person who cares for him in the world is her. King Youngjo lets Yi San make the decision for him.

Yi San tells King Youngjo not to eat the rice ball. King Youngjo puts the rice ball into the bowl. He sees Deok-Im and recognizes her. He wonders why she’s in Queen Jungsoon’s palace. Queen Jungsoon reveals Princess Hwawan wants to punish Deok-Im for touching the king’s path. King Youngjo lets Yi San decide Deok-Im’s fate. But Princess Hwawan is against it because she worries that Yi San will forgive Deok-Im.

The Red Sleeve Cuff: Episode 4 stars Lee Joon-Ho, Lee Se-Young and Kang Hoon.

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