The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 23 Recap

Chen Qianqian takes the men of tiger city to catch Chen Chuchu on The Romance of Tiger and Rose.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Episode 23 Recap

The Romance of Tiger and Rose

This Romance of Tiger and Rose recap contains spoilers.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose begins with Chu Chu reading the letter of her mom and realizing that she was born not to be the rose city chief. She is in tears and asks why she was given the hope. She thinks everyone knew it but didn’t tell her, making her have a huge dream. Pei Heng puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Tiger City Chief Madam takes Qian Qian to see her stuff. Qian Qian takes out the hammer from the box, and praises her mother-in-law’s power. Tiger City Chief Madam is shy, and reveals her armor is better than the hammer.

Qian Qian asks Tiger City Chief Madam if she was the commander. City Chief Madam reveals she replaced her dad to fight when she was young, and she beat Tiger City Chief. Qian Qian wonders why her mother-in-law doesn’t do the commander, and asks if she regrets.

Tiger City Chief Madam says that she prefers her husband than fight, and she taught what she has to Han Shuo. She says that she doesn’t feel regret for giving up those things for the father and son. Qian Qian asks her mother-in-law if she thinks about fight when Han Shuo has grown up.

Qian Qian mentions women earns money and men does housework in rose city. Tiger City Chief Madam points out that men in rose city cannot do things they want to do. Qian Qian realizes that she never considered the situation of rose city men, and she tells Tiger City Chief Madam to get her husband to take the responsibility.

Chu Chu complains to Zi Zhu that the position of commander should belong to her, and she doesn’t want to be the younger city chief. The bodyguard reports to Pei Heng that they’re going to send the ore to tiger city. She asks him if they need to send men to escort.

Pei Heng rejects it and doesn’t want to cause conflict. Chu Chu shows up and thinks they cannot get along with tiger city well. She tells the bodyguards that she is the daughter of Commander Pei, and thinks the army shouldn’t lower their head to a man. The bodyguards take away the flower badge from Pei Heng, and give it to Chu Chu.

Chu Chu breaks the flower badge and tells the bodyguards only to listen to her order. She detains the mineral and tells tiger city to return Qian Qian to her.

Rose City Chief asks Chu Chu how she becomes the city chief since everyone knew that she isn’t her daughter. Chu Chu thinks it’s no difference when she owns the power. Rose City Chief reveals she worried that Chu Chu becomes like this so that she didn’t tell her about her origin. Chu Chu tells Rose City Chief that she wants to prove to her that she is better than Qian Qian. She promises not to kill Qian Qian, and wants to get her to see how she loses to her. Rose City Chief tells Chu Chu that she still treats her like her daughter.

Bai Ji reports to Han Shuo that rose city asks for Qian Qian. Han Shuo thinks Chu Chu set a trap for Qian Qian, and wants to visit Tiger City Chief to make Qian Qian stay in tiger city.

But Tiger City Chief wants to send Qian Qian to rose city, and thinks it’s a beauty trap of rose city. Qian Qian tells Tiger City Chief to let women be the master of family. But he thinks women are joke except Wu Jiang of rose city. Tiger City Chief Madam thinks her husband has to push a woman out to solve the problem even if he looks down on women.

Tiger City Chief Madam thinks Qian Qian was right that women should control their own destiny so that they won’t be looked down by someone else. She asks Commander Li if he agrees to return the tiger badge to her. Commander Li gives the tiger badge to her and feels regret that she married too early.

Tiger City Chief threatens Madam that he will divorce her if she dares to attack rose city. Madam gives the divorce letter to him and reminds him that she beat him ever. He reminds her that she is still Tiger City Chief Madam. She says that she doesn’t want the honor since it was given by him. Tiger City Chief is furious and thinks the women of rose city are disaster.

Qian Qian chases Madam and thanks her. But Madam says that she just made the choice she wanted, and thinks it’s right that women should be herself. Lin Qi gives the money to Qian Qian as travelling expenses. Qian Qian wonders why Lin Qi knew that she is going to return to rose city.

Lin Qi reveals that lady circle spreads that Madam is going to fight a battle. She thinks Qian Qian was sharp to make father-in-law and mother-in-law get a divorce. She reveals Tiger City Chief got angry after knowing the women want to the master. Qian Qian sees the bulletin which restricts women, and Lin Qi wants to return to rose city.

Pei Heng sees the bulletin which restricts men, and he takes the paper to see Chu Chu. He asks her if she wants to be the city chief, and tells her not to be against the government decree of Rose City Chief. Chu Chu points out that it was the orders of Qian Qian, and he thinks she violates public opinion. She thinks her will is the public opinion, and claims that she won’t let anyone control her. Pei Heng thinks the truth will prove that Qian Qian is right.

Qian Qian releases Zi Ying and tells him stay in tiger city as men cannot go to rose city. She gives the paper to him, but he doesn’t believe Chu Chu would do so. He thinks those things should only be done by Qian Qian, and reveals she beat him when he dressed up to be a woman to join the army. She learns that Chu Chu saved him from her, and tells him to return rose city with her. She promises to repay what she owed him.

Tiger City Chief tells the maid to wash feet for him. But she says that the basin has been taken away by Madam. He is furious and wants to see Han Shuo.

Tiger City Chief blames Qian Qian for making Madam do the absurd things, and the wommen in tiger city rebel. Han Shuo points out that Qian Qian just made the problem appear. He reminds his father why he married his mother. Tiger City Chief reveals there were stars in Madam’s eyes, and Han Shuo thinks his mom was like Qian Qian.

Han Shuo asks Tiger City Chief who he didn’t plan the magnolia in the room. Tiger City Chief points out that only the vast world can match magnolia. Han Shuo asks Dad why he got his mom to support husband and teach son since he loves the woman riding horse, and mom lost the light for him. He asks him if he knows what kind of person she wants to be.

Han Shuo tells the soldiers to ask for a justice from Chu Chu, and promises to take them back. Tiger City Chief bugs them and tells the follower to pack the stuff for him.

Zi Zhu reports to Chu Chu that the army of tiger city comes. She thinks tiger city is bewitched by Qian Qian. The follower says that Yuan Yuan went to see third princess. She gives him a slap and tell him that there isn’t third princess anymore.

Qian Qian is happy to see Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan reveals she fled from the hidden path from her house. Qian Qian asks why she didn’t take Mom. Su Mu says that Chu Chu locked Rose City Chief and Pei Heng up. Qian Qian comforts Yuan Yuan that the men of tiger city will save Mom and Pei Heng.

But Yuan Yuan thinks the men are too little. Tiger City Chief scolds Yuan Yuan for looking down on herself. She explains that she worries that Qian Qian will fight with Chu Chu. Han Shuo offers to attack rose city with gunpowder. But Qian Qian doesn’t want to hurt people.

Zi Ying tells Qian Qian to pretend to get caught by him so that he will take her to see Chu Chu. Qian Qian agrees to it, and he tries to get kneels to her. She stops her as there were bad things when he got on knees to her.

Chu Chu sees Qian Qian and asks to lock her up. But Zi Ying puts his dagger on Chu Chu’s neck. Tiger City Chief and Madam try to save Rose City Chief. But they’re caught by the bodyguards.

Chu Chu reminds Zi Ying that she ever saved him. He says that he doesn’t forget it, and thinks she is like the previous Qian Qian. Chu Chu says that she won’t wait for her death, and her followers come. The follower reports to Pei Heng that Chu Chu caught Qian Qian.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose ends with Chu Chu telling the bodyguards to catch Qian Qian. But they reject it as Qian Qian is the third princess. Qian Qian thinks Chu Chu doesn’t match the position of rose city princess as she hurt her sisters. The bodyguards point their swords at Chu Chu.

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