The Song of Glory: Episode 1 Recap & Review

Shen Lige fails to kill Liu Yikang, and she loses her best sister A Nu on The Song of Glory.

The Song of Glory: Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

This Song of Glory recap contains spoilers.

The Song of Glory: Episode 1 begins with Li Ge taking the black mask to walk into the dressing room, and the juniors reports that Lu Yuan comes. Li Ge comforts them that they’re waiting for him, and the dancing of this night is for him.

Li Ge wears her black mask and dances for Lu Yuan. The follower reports to Lu Yuan that he has looked into it and they’re the walking dancers. Lu Yuan reveals the dancing was for emperor, and the follower says that there is a honored guest going upstairs.

Lu Yuan goes to drink with Peng Prince Yi Kang. The follower tells Yi Kang to go home as he coughs. Yi Kang is furious to throw away the wine cup, and thinks his illness is because of him. Lu Yuan comforts Yi Kang that people just worry about him.

Li Ge tells Senior that the fish has bitten the bait. Senior points out that there’re tons of bodyguards in Peng Prince’s house. Li Ge thinks everyone should get rid of Peng Prince since he allowed the jerk Lu Yuan to hurt people. She adds that she cannot face the dead families if she doesn’t take revenge.

Senior agrees to it, and tells Li Ge that A Lu will aid her. She thinks she can kill the evil prince in their help. He reminds her that she has only one chance, and tells her to leave when he sends out the signal.

The Song of Glory: the Bracelet

Li Ge takes a bath and remembers Master told her that Peng Prince killed her parents. A Lu wakes Li Ge up and thinks they will kill Peng Prince. She tells her that she wants to go to the hometown of Senior.

Li Ge tells A Lu to look for her parents with the bracelet. A Lu wants Li Ge to join her, and tells her that her family is her family. Li Ge agrees to it and tells A Lu to call her older sister.

The follower reports to Peng Prince that Lu Yuan ignores laws and people complains about it. Peng Prince observes the armor and sighs that he cannot compete with the crafty sycophant. He says that Lu Yuan controls the whole health city, and asks the follower about his father. The follower reveals his father decides to risk his life to fight with the enemies.

Peng Prince thinks he can give the important position to Shen General if he wins the war. So he can clean up the court. Le Qing bugs Peng Prince, but Zi Jin reminds her miss that he will get angry. Le Qing wants to wait for a while as Peng Prince comes rarely.

Madam comes with Maid Song. Le Qing asks if she finds her older sister. Maid Song denies. Madam reveals Maid Song brought some desserts. Le Qing comforts her mom that the older sister will go home.

The Song of Glory: the Assassination Party

A Nu tells Senior to take out the wine she has buried under the pear with Li Ge if she cannot get back. She tells him to drink it for her. He promises it, and she gives the comb to him.

The follower gives the medicine to Peng Prince but reminds him that it will hurt his body. Peng Prince drinks it up and tells the follower to be careful.

The princess is drawing. The maid informs the princess that Peng Prince cannot come as he is sick. Princess asks to cancel the dinner.

Li Ge and her sisters prepare the crossbow and wear masks. Lu Yuan gives the magnificent drawing to Queen. Queen feels regret for not dancing. He says that he prepared the dancers for her. Queen feels happy.

But the dancers take off their cloak and shoot at Peng Prince. Some of the bodyguards get killed. Lu Yuan tells his father to hide himself. Le Ge shows up from the rooftop and shoots at Peng Prince. Xuan Prince accepts the arrow for Peng Prince.

The Song of Glory: Fleeing Prince

Queen sees Jingling prince vomiting blood, and she cries out. Peng Prince tells the follower to help Jingling Prince leave, and he asks to take down Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan begs Peng Prince to believe him, and swears to kill the assassin in person.

Lu Yuan blocks the flying sword from Li Ge so that Peng Prince decides to give Lu Yuan a chance. But he asks for a survivor.

Peng Prince leaves with his men. But Li Ge blocks his way and kills some men. The follower Shen Feng fights with Li Ge. Li Ge flees.

Peng Prince flees in the study, and the man attacks him from his back. The follower helps Peng Prince hurt the man. Peng Prince asks the man if he is the follower of Lu Yuan. The man says that there’re many people wanting to kill him besides Lu Yuan, and he burns the house.

Peng Prince tries to leave the room with the follower San Bao. But the door is blocked by someone else from outside.

The Song of Glory: Sacrifice

Li Ge defeats Sheng Feng at the drum ground. Lu Yuan shows up and hurts Li Ge. When he is going to kill her, Shen Feng stops Lu Yuan as Peng Prince asked for a survivor. Li Ge catches the chance to flee. The follower reports to Shen Feng that Peng Prince didn’t go home. So Shen Feng leaves to look for Peng Prince.

The doctor takes out the arrow from Jingling Prince’s body. The doctor tells Queen that Jingling Prince will die. The follower reports to Queen that Peng Prince didn’t go home.

Le Ge runs into A Nu who’s hurt. She tells her to hang in there. A Nu gives the bracelet to Li Ge and tells her to help her find her parents. She tries to leave, but Li Ge holds A Nu’s hand to stop her.

The Song of Glory: Episode 1 ends with Senior showing up to make the two part so that A Nu runs away. Li Ge fights with Senior. He gets her to be against the wall, and tells her to calm down.

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