Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Su Yanxi tries to run cross the road. Gu Xicheng parks his in front of her to stop her. Because he worried that she would get hit by another car. She mistakes it and blames him.

How Does Gu Xicheng Kiss Su Yanxi?

Time To Fall In Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Gu Xicheng ignores Su Yanxi. He drives away. He arrives at the company. The assistant takes the people to welcome Gu Xicheng. He’s confident that he’s going to find a girlfriend for him. Su Yanqi tells Mi Qi that she came to get interviewed. But Mi Qi tells Su Yanxi that the quota is full. She accepts her resume.

Su Yanxi thinks she’s going to take rejected. She hears the girls talking about the interview. She asks the girls a favor. Gu Xicheng interviews the girl. She tells him that she doesn’t think about how to get benefits from him. He tells the bodyguards to take her away.

Su Yanxi smiles to walk into Gu Xicheng’s office. She tells him that she comes to get interviewed. She recognizes him and asks him for 20,000 yuan monthly salary. He agrees to it, telling her to follow him. She’s happy that she got accepted. But she realizes that he wants to rent her.

Su Yanxi is furious to tell Gu Xicheng that she works for him and his company “Flower Face”. She hits the vase before she leaves. Gu Xicheng’s hand gets hurt by the rose after he stopped the vase from falling. The assistant walks into the office. He mistakes Gu Xicheng had a fight with someone.

Gu Xicheng tells the assistant to take away the roses. He claims that he wouldn’t look for a girlfriend if he wasn’t for his grandmother. But the assistant thinks Gu Xicheng can find his true love. He believes he needs a woman to protect him.

Gu Xicheng calls Grandmother. He tells her that he cannot come to the hospital. She mentions his marriage. He hangs up. Su Yanxi shows up at the parking lot. She tries to take off her clothes because she feels hot. Gu Xicheng opens the door. He tries to stop her. But he kisses her after he fell with her. He explains to her that he intended to inform her about the cameras. She’s furious to run away.

Su Yanxi tells An An that her mom has to leave the hospital if she cannot pay the medical bills. An An comforts Su Yanxi that they will find a way. Grandmother sees the kissing photo of Gu Xicheng and Su Yanxi. She feels happy. Aunt Mei believes that Grandmother’s wish is going to get achieved.

Grandmother finds out that Su Yanxi was the one who helped her. She shows the photo to Gu Xicheng. She asks him who’s the girl. He tells her that he doesn’t know the girl. She asks him if he wanted to concealed it from her if she didn’t let Situ Shuo watch him.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

He Jinxi asks Su Yanxi if she wants to see her mom dying. She tries to walk away. Su Yanxi stops He Jinxi. She agrees to do it. But she tells her that she will return the money to her. He Jinxi tells Su Yanxi that she does it for their mom. She tells her that she’s the real He Jinxi.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 stars Lin Xinyi and Luo Zheng.

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