Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 6. Fu Boya tells He Jinxi that he realized that she’s Su Yanxi after he saw her reaction on the beach. He asks her about her and Gu Xicheng’s relationship.

Why Gu Xicheng Gives the Necklace to Su Yanxi?

Time To Fall In Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 6.

Gu Xicheng sees Fu Boya grabbing Su Yanxi’s arm. He tries to take Su Yanxi away. But she rejects it because she wants to have a talk with Fu Boya. Fu Boya tells Gu Xicheng that he disallows him to take away his friend. Gu Xicheng drags Su Yanxi to his side. He catches the chance to hug her.

Gu Xicheng tells Fu Boya that Su Yanxi is his fiancee. He takes Su Yanxi away. Gu Xicheng parks his car on the street. He asks Su Yanxi to explains it. She tells him that she and Fu Boya are ordinary friends. But he doesn’t believe it.

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Su Yanxi is furious to get off Gu Xicheng’s car. She walks away. Su Yanxi tells Lu Anan that she didn’t see herself to Gu Xicheng. Lu Anan thinks Gu Xicheng has feelings for Su Yanxi. Su Yanxi doesn’t believe it. Lu Anan worries that Fu Boya will betrayed Su Yanxi after knowing Fu Boya recognized Su Yanxi.

Su Yanxi thinks Fu Boya won’t leak it. She opens the door and finds out that Gu Xicheng feels uncomfortable. He tells her that he has a stomachache because of eating spicy food. She lets him lie in the bed. She finds the medicine and lets him take the medicine. She tries to leave. But he stops her. He tells her that he only needs her to accompany him. He asks her not to leave. She promises it.

Gu Xicheng wakes up. He finds out that Su Yanxi falls asleep. He thinks his life won’t be lonely. He blocks the sunshine for her with his hand. He wonders if she will accompany him. The secretary hands over the invitation of the Charity Auction Party to him. He wonders if Su Yanxi will attend the party.

Su Yanxi thinks the fan YYDS was for Lu Anan. Lu Anan reveals the guy YYDS is Situ Shuo. Su Yanxi thinks Situ Shuo wants to pursue Lu Anan. Lu Anan leaks that she slept with Sutu Shuo after she drank with him. She claims that she won’t have feelings for Situ Shuo.

Gu Xicheng hands over the necklace to Su Yanxi. He tells her to attend the Charity Auction Party with the identity of his secretary. He walks away. She takes out the box. She opens the box. She sees another necklace. She remembers her mom asked her to sell the necklace.

Lu Anan learns that Gu Xicheng asked Su Yanxi to attend the Charity Auction Party. She tells her to ask Gu Xicheng for the dress. Lu Anan finds out that Situ Shuo prepared a band for her, asking her out. She pours the water to him.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Situ Shuo follows Lu Anan. He asks her to have a date with him. She agrees to it. But she tells him not to follow her. Su Yanxi receives the package. She opens it and sees a dress. She smiles.

Time To Fall In Love Chinese Drama: Episode 6 stars Lin Xinyi and Luo Zheng.

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