Why Her? K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Why Her? K-Drama: Episode 5. The masked man tries to flee after he got the USB flash drive. Gong Chan fights with the masked man. The masked man runs away after he hit Gong Chan’s belly. Gong Chan reaches the second floor. He calls Soo-Jae and finds her phone.

Who’s the Masked Man?

Why Her

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Why Her? K-Drama: Episode 5.

Gong Chan sees the blood from the stairs before he leaves. He follows the blood and finds Soo-Jae from the rooftop. He takes her to hide. The masked man shows up. He leaves the rooftop. Soo-Jae passes out in Gong Chan’s arms. He takes her to the hospital.

The cop shows up. He asks Soo-Jae about the guy who hurt her. She tells him that she doesn’t need his help. The cop leaves. Gong Chan returns the bag to Soo-Jae. He asks her why she rejected the cop’s help. She tells him not to care for him. He shows the photo to her. He tells her that he took away her boxes. He thinks she needs his help.

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Soo-Jae blames Gong Chan for calling police. She tells him that she will take back her papers. She gets in the cab. He gets the cab as well. She’s surprised. He tells her that he worries about her. They arrive at the law school. Gong Chan takes Soo-Jae to his house. She volunteers to sleep on the couch.

Soo-Jae asks Gong Chan about the masked man. Gong Chan leaks that he had a fight with the masked man. He thinks the masked man knows Soo-Jae. Soo-Jae scolds Gong Chan. He wonders why she got angry. He feels painful in his belly. He goes to the first floor. He finds out that she falls asleep. He covers her with the blanket. He puts his hand on her forehead.

Zo-Gab wakes Gong Chan up. Gong Chan finds out that Soo-Jae left. Mi-Rim wants to take revenge after knowing Soo-Jae was hurt last night. Soo-Jae laughs. She tells Mi-Rim not to act. She thinks what she needs to do is to catch the masked man. She remembers what Gong Chan said that the masked man knows her. She decides to go to meet them.

Ki-Taek walks into his office. He finds out that Soo-Jae is waiting for him. He tells her to ask Suk-Pal about it if she wants to know more details about So-Young’s case. He leaks that the sale got delayed because of Master Kim. Soo-Jae laughs. She’s surprised that the fortune teller affected the sale.

The follower reports to Tae-Guk that someone attacked Soo-Jae and took away the USB flash drive last night. Tae-Guk thinks it was Il-Ku. Il-Ku denies it. Tae-Guk tells Il-Ku to find the person. Gong Chan takes a look at the USB flash driver. He remembers the USB flash drive dropped when he fought with the masked man.

Gong Chan goes to see Chun-Poong. He asks him to open the USB flash drive for him. Chun-Poong reports it to Gang-Ja. Yoon-Sang recognizes the design of the USB flash drive. Gang-Ja asks Gong Chan to confess it to her. He reveals the USB flash drive belongs to his friend and the thief tried to steal it.

Se-Ryeon laughs. She thinks the friend is a woman. She adds that Gong Chan has feelings for the woman. She tells the classmates to help Gong Chan. Because she thinks he’s very brave. Yoon-Sang walks Gong Chan. He tells him that he knows the USB belongs to Soo-Jae. He walks him into the classroom after he saw Soo-Jae.

The two guys talk about Soo-Jae when she’s taking class. She catches them and drives them out of her classroom. Gong Chan tells Yoon-Sang to find the person who hurt Soo-Jae. He tells him that he knows he’s Tae-Guk’s son. Joo-Wan is furious to walk out of the building. He runs into Il-Ku.

Il-Ku asks Joo-Wan why he gave a task to Suk-Pal. He leaks that Sung-Beom wants to know the answer. Mr. Ko drives by. He hears what the two said. He reports it to Soo-Jae. Mi-Rim wonders what task Joo-Wan gave to Suk-Pal. Chun-Poong asks Gong Chan about his girlfriend. Gong Chan denies it. It makes people mock Gong Chan.

Chun-Poong tells Gong Chan that he won’t help the girl if she’s not his lover. Soo-Jae calls Gong Chan. She asks him if the masked man drove a car. He realizes that she’s looking for the masked man. He’s furious to tell her not to do that. Because he worries that she will get hurt. He promises to deal with it for her.

Yoon-Sang gets in Soo-Jae’s car. He hands over the bag to her. He tells her that he knew she got attacked last night. She realizes that Gong Chan told it to him. He tells her to contact him instead of Gong Chan when she needs help. He gets off his car.

Joo-Wan is drunk to return home. Tae-Guk is waiting for him. Joo-Wan gets on knees to Tae-Guk. He tells him that he gave the task to Suk-Pal because he told him that Suk-Pal is the one who can be trusted. Tae-Guk asks Joo-Wan to give the USB flash drive to him. Joo-Wan sighs. He remembers Suk-Pal rejected it when he asked him for the USB flash drive. He have a fight with him. Suk-Pal drove away. Tae-Guk is furious to scold Joo-Wan. He tells him that Soo-Jae has known what he did. Joo-Wan cries to tell Tae-Guk that he wanted to help him. Soo-Jae goes to see Mr. Ko. He tells her that he found something.

Did Soo-Jae Have A Baby With Joo-Wan?

It flashes back. Soo-Jae asks Mr. Ko to look into Ki-Taek. Mr. Ko hits Ki-Taek’s car. He tells him that he can fix his car. He takes him to his repair shop. He takes out the memory card from his car. Soo-Jae finds out that Ki-Taek went to the building after she watched the footage. But she thinks he wasn’t the one who attacked her according to the shoes he wore.

Chun-Poong opens the USB flash drive. He’s shocked after he saw the amount of the money. Yoon-Sang leaks that the girl is Soo-Jae. Gong Chan admits that the girl he likes is Soo-Jae. He asks the classmates to help Soo-Jae. Gang-Ja plays the footage she got. Yoon-Sang finds out that Joo-Wan is related to the masked man.

Yoon-Sang calls Joo-Wan. But he doesn’t pick up his phone. Yoon-Sang breaks into Tae-Guk’s office. He tells him that he knew what Joo-Wan did. He blames Joo-Wan. Tae-Guk tells Yoon-Sang to respect his brother. He leaks Joo-Wan did what Yoon-Sang wouldn’t do. Yoon-Sang reminds his father that Soo-Jae will know what Joo-Wan did soon.

Soo-Jae goes to see Gong Chan. He shows the footage to her. She sees Suk-Pal. She admits that she knows the guy. Gong Chan returns the USB flash drive to Soo-Jae. He explains that he didn’t give it to her because he worried that she will get attacked again.

Soo-Jae tells Gong Chan that she won’t thank him. She blames him for leaking the USB flash drive to his classmates. He explains that he did it because he worried about her. Il-Ku reports to Tae-Guk that Ki-Taek wants to see him. Tae-Guk complains that Ki-Taek is a trash.

Joon-Hee treats Soo-Jae’s wound. Soo-Jae smiles. Joon-Hee tells Soo-Jae that she wants to thank Gong Chan for saving her friend. She believes that Tae-Guk knew what Joo-Wan did. Soo-Jae cries when she thinks about what Gong Chan did to her. She worries that he will find her ugly side if he continues to look into her.

Soo-Jae gets a call from Tae-Guk who asks for a meeting up. She applies the lipstick on her lips. She gets a call from Se-Pil when she’s driving. He leaks that Joo-Wan left South Korea. Se-Pil goes to see Jin-Ki. Soo-Jae goes to the hotel to see Tae-Guk. But she sees Ki-Taek.

Ki-Taek admits that he went to the building to take the USB flash drive. But it had been taken by someone else. Soo-Jae tells Ki-Taek that his children will feel shame for having a father like him if they know what he did. He tells her that he knew she had Joo-Wan’s baby.

It flashes back. Tae-Guk tells Soo-Jae to go to United States. He promises to let Joo-Wan get married with her. It makes her happy. Joo-Wan sees off Soo-Jae at the airport. He promises to go to see her after he completes his work. He grabs her hand to comfort her. But she finds out that he got married with another woman.

Why Her? K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Ki-Taek mentions Soo-Jae tried to take her life after she knew Joo-Wan betrayed her. He asks her for the USB flash drive. She’s surprised that he became the follower of Tae-Guk instead of Sung-Beom. He leaks that he trusts Tae-Guk because he helped him conceal the money he stole. But Soo-Jae points out that Tae-Guk won’t trust Ki-Taek after he failed to get the USB flash drive. She pours the wine for him. She tells him that she only wants to see Tae-Guk.

It flashes back. Soo-Jae gets a call from Tae-Guk after she lost her baby. She cries to ask him why he tricked her. He tells her to come back to work for him. She passes out after she walked out of the ward. She arrives at the company. She wipes off her tears. Soo-Jae grabs her fist tightly when she sees Tae-Guk. She shakes hands with him. He smiles at her. He promises to help her. But she swears to take over his company.

Tae-Guk tells Soo-Jae that he knew she wanted to take over his company after she came back. He adds that he helped her after he found her weakness. He thinks she’s the one who can be bullied. She shows the papers to him. She tells him that she has known he used her to get rich. She asks him for a huge money.

Why Her? K-Drama: Episode 5 stars Seo Hyun-Jin, Hwang In-Yeop, Heo Jun-Ho and Bae In-Hyuk.

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