Word of Honor: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 10. Wen Kexing digs the grave for Four Artists. But his sword is cut off. He continues to dig. Zhou Zishu walks to Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing complains to Zhou Zishu that he always kills people and buries people when he sees him.

Word of Honor: Episode 10 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 10.

Wen Kexing tells Four Artists to leave, and thinks they should be careful when they make friends. He thinks their death is wronged. Zhou Zishu holds Wen Kexing’s sword and asks him if he feels happy. He asks him if it’s the result he wants to get. Wen Kexing agrees to what Zhou Zishu said that Four Artists aren’t evil. But he asks him if what he killed were bad persons. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing did a great job. He walks away.

Zhou Zishu thought Wen Kexing is his best friend. He sighs and thinks he made a mistake. Wen Kexing is surrounded by the beauties. He takes the Glass Jades and asks them if they’re beautiful. The beauty admits it but she wonders why the Glass Jades are crushed. He says that the beautiful things aren’t hard. He tells the beauties that the person will get the gold bead if she can drink up the a pot of wine with him.

It flashes back. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he’s doing good things. He adds that the most evilest monster wears the human fur and hides in the crowd. He says that he came to expose their furs and ruin them.

The beauty puts her head on Wen Kexing’s shoulder. She tells him that she cannot drink anymore because she feels dizzy. He takes a look at the gold bead, and reveals the good stuff he wants to get appears again after many years. She thinks it’s a good thing. But he points out that he cannot afford the stuff anymore.

Gao Chong asks Shen Shen if he caught Feng Xiaofeng. Shen Shen feels sorry because Feng Xiaofeng fled. He comforts him that he will catch the monster to take revenge Four Artists after Hero Meeting. Gao Chong asks Zhao Jing about the funeral of Four Artists. Zhao Jing says that he has prepared for it. He reveals someone made a grave for Four artists. He thinks it was done by Beggar Sect. But Gao Chong thinks Zhao Jing thought it too much.

Shen Shen agrees to it and thinks Huang He targeted Glass Jade from the beginning. He mentions the two sentences of Monster Valley. But Gao Chong thinks the sentences weren’t speaked by Monster Valley. He asks Shen Shen if he’s sure that Ao Laizi was killed by Monster Valley. Shen Shen admits it and reveals Ao Laizi was missing when he tailed him.

Zhao Jing learns that Shen Shen went to tail Ao Laizi for his Glass Jade. Shen Shen yells that Glass Jade belongs to Five Lake Alliance. Gao Chong stops the two’s fight, and thinks Ao Laizi didn’t have ability to protect Glass Jade. He says that he wouldn’t get killed if he gave Glass Jade to them. Zhao Jing thinks it was their fault. He says that they shouldn’t rob it. But Shen Shen thinks they didn’t do anything wrong because it’s Martial Arts World. He thinks they should take over the stuff and disciples since the third brother got killed. He thinks it wasn’t related to Ao Laizi.

Shen Shen complains that Ao Laizi wanted to step in the business if Five Lake Alliance when he didn’t have any power. Gao Chong scolds Shen Shen for making Ao Laizi dead. He worries that Martial Arts World will look down on Five Lake Alliance. But Shen Shen talks back that the person wasn’t killed by them. He wants to take revenge him.

Zhou Zishu wakes up. He’s surprised to see Han Ying. Han Ying thinks Zhou Zishu would be exposed if the agent didn’t belong to Sky Window. He asks him about his injury. Zhou Zishu sighs and thinks he shouldn’t fear anything because he’s going to pass away. Han Ying thinks there will be a way, and wants to accompany Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu rejects it and thinks he shouldn’t be dead so easily because he hurt many people. He spots the figure of Buddha, and wonders when Han Ying began to believe in Buddha. Han Ying says that he has to believe in Buddha because he has something to ask for.

Zhou Zishu thinks the path he take Han Ying to walk is destined not to be cared by Buddha. He tells him to protect himself well, and tries to leave. But Han Ying stops Zhou Zishu and tells him that he wants to share the burdens with him. Zhou Zishu shows the Glass Jade to Han Ying. Han Ying is surprised to see the stuff because he has sent two pieces of Glass Jades to Jin state. Zhou Zishu tells Han Ying that it’s not the real Glass Jade.

Han Ying asks Zhou Zishu who made the Glass Jades. He wants to kill the person. Zhou Zishu tells Han Ying not to get involved. Han Ying pays his respect to Zhou Zishu, and tells him that he wants to take back the two pieces of Glass Jade for him. Zhou Zishu is against it because Han Ying will get punished for it. Han Ying says that he swore to be loyal to Zhou Zishu instead of Jin Prince. But Zhou Zishu says that he doesn’t want to get the bad luck stuff because he’s going to die. He tells him that it’s the best loyalty to live well.

Zhou Zishu tells Han Ying that he doesn’t want to hear the word “Chief”. Because the 81 people who followed him to create Sky Window have been dead. He thinks his hands which was stained by blood should be fried for one thousand year if there’s a retribution.

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou Ye.

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