Word of Honor: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 9. Zhou Zishu finds out that the dead is Fang Buzhi who stole Wen Kexing’s Glass Jade. Gao Cong draws some needles out of Fang Buzhi’s body. Zhao Jing is surprised that the hidden weapons killed Fang Buzhi immediately.

Word of Honor: Episode 9 Recap

Word of Honor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Word of Honor: Episode 9.

Zhou Zishu thinks the hidden weapons belongs to Sky Window. He adds that Han Ying took action so fast, and the Glass Jade is in Han Ying’s hand. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing decide to leave. Gao Cong wishes to see the two in Hero Meeting. Wen Kexing promises it because the meeting is held by Gao Cong.

Gu Xing picks the dish and puts it in Cao Weining’s bowl. But he tells her to eat it instead. She thinks he dislikes the dish she picked for him. He denies and eats it right away. She pinches his face and thinks it’s very soft. She explains that she didn’t hit on him, and reveals Shi Shigui likes to eat the little face. She tells him to be careful.

Cao Weining thinks human shouldn’t eat human. Gu Xiang says that they’re evil monsters. He thinks they should get rid of the evil monsters. She smiles and tells him not to be killed by the monsters. But he thinks they will ruin Monster Valley because the Hero Meeting is held by Gao Cong. But she says that Monster Valley left ten heads on the city gate. He tells her that he will protect her. She says that she doesn’t fear it, and thanks him for letting her live in Yueyang Sect.

Wen Kexing brings a table of dishes to Zhou Zishu. But Zhou Zishu finds out that his five senses begins to lose. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu to put down everything to eat. He notes that he worries about Zhang Chengling when he drinks. Zhou Zishu thinks he shouldn’t send Zhang Chengling to Five Lake Alliance. Wen Kexing thinks the girls in the world will fall for him because he has a good looking face. He asks Zhou Zishu if he wants to protect Zhang Chengling all his life. He adds that he disappointed the dog he promised to raise all his life. But Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing should get beaten with the metaphor.

Zhou Zishu feels uncomfortable in his ears. He sits in the bed to treat himself with his inner art. Wen Kexing blows the jade flute outside. He visits Zhou Zishu and tells him to come to Yuefan Tower with him. Zhou Zishu is furious to reject it because he doesn’t want to get up.

Zhou Zishu watches the show. He tells Wen Kexing that the Four artists became friends after they left Martial Arts World. He wants to spend his rest life with him. Zhang Chengling gets bullied when he practices martial arts. Gu Xuang encounters him. She’s surprised that he let her touch his head. She tells him not to cry. He says that he worried that his master gave him up. He adds that Wen Kexing told him to tangle Zhong Zishu and call him master. Gu Xiang thinks Wen Kexing didn’t teach Zhang Chengling any good thing.

Zhang Chengling asks Gu Xiang if Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing came. She denies. He’s lost. She smiles to comfort him that the two asked her to take care of him because they couldn’t get into Yueyang Sect. He thinks they’re very nice to him, and asks her how she got into. He thinks she sneaked into it. She denies and claims that she was invited by someone.

Wen Kexing walks Zhou Zishu. He’s surprised that he knows the details of each sect. He asks him if he knows which sect he comes from. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing has many masters. He tells him that the word “Hero” is written by so many people’s blood. Wen Kexing laughs and thinks it’s enough to have Zhou Zishu.

Wen Kexing brings the wine to Zhou Zishu. He asks him to go to the rooftop to enjoy the moonlight. He tells him that the moonlight is very beautiful. Zhou Zishu flies to the rooftop. He drinks with Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu that he’s very happy. He wonders why he didn’t ask him about it. Zhou Zishu thinks Wen Kexing will speak when he wants to tell him about it. He tells him to enjoy the moonlight.

Zhou Zishu spots the two guys fight with each other. He wonders why they have to fight with lives under the beautiful moonlight. Wen Kexing points out that there’re many fights in Yueyang this evening. He laughs and thinks the city is full of Glass Jades. He reveals he feels happy because the drama begins in the end. Zhou Zishu asks Wen Kexing to explains it. Wen Kexing thinks the good drama cannot be explained. He takes Zhou Zishu to go to take a look.

Zhou Zishu flies over the rooftop and finds out that the two men killed each other for the Glass Jade. Wen Kexing laughs and thinks the two didn’t know they hadn’t life to enjoy the benefits. Zhou Zishu asks Wen Kexing if the Glass Jade was stolen from him by Fang Buzhi. Wen Kexing tells Zhou Zishu to think about it because he’s very smart.

Zhou Zishu is furious to walk away. Wen Kexing follows him. Zhou Zishu thinks it’s not right. But Wen Kexing thinks he just added some woods in the flame. Zhou Zishu doesn’t expect that Wen Kexing is really insane. He gives him a cold eyes and walks away.

Wen Kexing brings the breakfast to Zhou Zishu. But he finds out that Zhou Zishu has left. Shen Shen takes a look at the Glass Jade. He’s surprised that it’s not the real one. Zhao Jing admits it and reveals many people fought for the Glass Jade last night. Gao Chong complains that it’s the shame of Five Lake Alliance.

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye.

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