You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Xing Kelei encounters Ruan Qingxia and asks her if she came to see Shu Wenbo. She reveals Shu Wenbo has ignored her for a few days. Xing Kelei tells Ruan Qingxia that Shu Wenbo has many tasks. He adds that Shu Wenbo is going to go out.

You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

You Are My Hero

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Ruan Qingxia tells Xing Kelei that she wanted to get Shu Wenbo to help Mi Ka move out. But he ignored her. She says that the girl’s hands were almost broken while moving. Xing Kelei asks Ruan Qingxia why Mi Ka needed to move out. She says that Xia Ka is broke after she lent her money to patients. She asks Xing Kelei to say sorry to Shu Wenbo.

Xing Kelei tells Ruan Qingxia to love someone else. But she rejects it and says that she loves the wood. Xing Keilei runs into Mi Ka and asks her if she’s looking for houses. He says that he wants to help her. But she rejects it, and reveals she met a good landlord.

Mi Ka receives an electric cooker. She calls Chen Tao and asks for the landlord’s number because she wants to thank him. Chen Tao tells Mi Ka that she doesn’t need to do that. He adds that he will thank the landlord himself. He texts Xing Kelei that Mi Ka needs facial masks. Xing Kelei goes to Xing Keyao’s room to take facial masks. But she catches him.

Xing Keyao smiles at Xing Kelei. She asks him what he’s doing. He says that he needs to moisturize, and puts the facial masks in Mi Ka’s room. Mi Ka takes a look at the facial masks. She calls Ruan Qingxia, and thinks she encountered a stalker.

Ruan Qingxia checks the room and thinks the landlord is watching Mi Ka. But Mi Ka points out that she only told the facial mask to Chen Tao at the hospital. Ruan Qingxia thinks Chen Tao wants to pursue Mi Ka. But Mi Ka says that she only treats the guy as brother, and thinks she needs to have a talk with him.

Chen Tao brings the breakfast to Mi Ka. He explains that he intended to give the breakfast to Xu Yanshan. But she had breakfast. Mi Ka stares at Chen Tao and asks him if he has feelings for her. She adds that she doesn’t want to be in love.

Mi Ka tells Ruan Qingxia that Chen Tao doesn’t like her at all. She says that she thinks there’re problems in the house, and asks Ruan Qingxia to accompany her. Ruan Qingxia agrees to it but she still wants to get Shu Wenbo to check the house.

Ruan Qingxia calls Shu Wenbo. She tells him that she has a big case. He comes to see her. She lets him in. She tells him that the landlord is a stalker. He tells the two girls that the house belongs to Xing Kelei.

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