You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 11. Xing Kelei tells Mi Ka that he should be cautious to treat each life as a police. She nods and asks him when he will return to the team. He says that he won’t return to the team for three days. He wants to drink with her. She rejects it and goes to the bathroom.

You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

You Are My Hero

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for You Are My Hero Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

Mi Ka washes her face and wonders what she is thinking about. She’s surprised that Xing Kelei has cleaned up the table. He asks her what she will do in the evening. She says that she will go to sleep. He thinks it’s too early. He mentions what she said that she wants to search information. He wants to help her.

Mi Ka explains that she doesn’t want to search information because she’s tired. She says that she’s tired when she’s in emergency department. Xing Kelei forces her to the wall, and feels sorry for making her get into emergency department. She is nervous because she mistakes that he wants to kiss her. But he just turns off the light for her.

Xing Kelei waits for Mi Ka and tells her that he wants to drive her to the hospital because he needs to get his wound a new medicine. She thanks him and gets in his car. Doctor Xu waits for Shao Yuhan and worries that he will catch a cold. He says that he’s fine because he drove the car. He invites Mi Ka to attend his family party.

Doctor Xu tells Shao Yuhan that she wants to attend his family party. He promises to invite her next time. The girl asks Xing Kelei if the special police are very handsome when they deal with bad guys. He says that they hide in the trash can sometimes.

Xing Keyao steps on Xing Kelei’s shoe. She tells him that the girl Xiao Lei just got back overseas. She adds that Xiao Lei learned fine arts. Xiao Lei asks Xing Kelei about the artist he likes. He denies.

Xing Kelei walks Xing Keyao and tells her that he and Xiao Lei live in different world. She points out that his world is in front of their house. He wonders how she knew it. She tells him that she’s not silly, and asks him how he used her facial masks. She tells him that their mom gave her a task that one of them should get married.

Xing Kelei thinks Xing Keyao should get married because she’s aged. She agrees to it and tells him to resign. He thinks it’s not a good idea, and tells her to deal with their mom together. But she points out that their mom won’t be easy to be fooled.

Xing Keyao sees Mi Ka getting off Shao Yuhan’s car. She follows her and finds out that her facial mask is in Mi Ka’s house. Xing Keyao asks Mi Ka if she’s satisfied with the house.

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