Use for My Talent: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 3. Shi Shuangjiao is startled to step back when she sees Gu Renqi. She trips after she stepped on the bucket. He gets Hu You to help Shi Shuangjiao get up. Gu Renqi tells Shi Shuangjiao that her performance wasn’t qualified.

Use for My Talent: Episode 3 Recap

Use for My Talent

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Chinese drama Use for My Talent: Episode 3.

Shi Shuangjiao tells Gu Renqi that she will be careful next time. He tells her to keep the office clean. He walks away. Hu You shakes hands with Shi Shuangjiao after they knew each other. He introduces her to Wu Yu as the new colleague. The two men leave because they need to do something together.

The beauty tells Lu Xian that she will forgive him if what he said isn’t true. But he says that it’s true. She beats him and she’s furious to walk away. He sees Shi Shuangjiao and wonders why she didn’t ask him to pick her up. She thinks he’s a jerk, and reveals she saw another girl crying to run out from the house. She thinks she will get herself the troubles if she offends one of the girls.

Lu Xian points out that he should forget old lovers since he has a new girlfriend. She thinks she should let Shi Junjie stay away from him. He picks up the tool and thinks she became a cleaner like her father. She threatens to make him lose the reputation if he tells her families about it.

Shi Shuangjiao blames Lu Xian for getting into her house. He explains that Mr. Shi called him. Mr. Shi tells the two to wash hands to eat. Shi Shuangjiao asks her father why he let Lu Xian join their family meal. Mr. Shi laughs and says that Lu Xian paid the meal. Shi Shuangjiao thinks Lu Xian has no shame to say that he’s alone since he dated girl each day.

Lu Xian promises to wash dishes and the floor. Shi Junjie tells Lu Xian that the method he taught worked. Shi Shuangjiao wonders why her brother is close to Lu Xian. She tells him not to learn the dark tips from Lu Xian. Mr. Shi puts the mung bean lobster on the table. But Shi Junjie thinks it’s dark cooking.

Mr. Shi mentions what Lu Xian said that the mung bean is full of nutrition. Shi Shuangjiao sighs and thinks her families got brainwashed. Mr. Shi asks Shi Shuangjiao what she’s doing. She tells him that she’s the seller in a technical corporation. She adds that the work is very easy. But Lu Xian tells her to supply her brain because what she does is physical work.

Mr. Shi is surprised that the seller needs to do physical work. Shi Shuangjiao explains that she needs to visit clients and do physical work sometimes. Shi Junjie tells his sister not to buy him books if she doesn’t have too much money. But she rejects it and thinks his score is going to come out.

Mr. Shi tells Shi Shuangjiao to give up the job if she needs to face clients each day. Lu Xian wants to tell Mr. Shi the truth. But Shi Shuangjiao steps on his foot, so he gives up his mind. Gu Renqi wipes the mirror after he took a shower. He sees Shi Shuangjiao draws a red heart in the mirror and blows it to him. He’s startled. He wonders why he thought of her.

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The fresh oyster is placed on the table. It’s stinking. Nobody wants to clean it, except Shi Shuangjiao. Uncle Jian praises her and wants to give the five stars order form to her. She says that she can do it, and reveals she doesn’t have smell. Gu Renqi shows up and thinks she’s not suitable because he needs the employee who can judge from her smell.

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Shi Shuangjiao talks back that she can do the cleaning work well even if she doesn’t have smell. She mentions how she got rid of the fresh oyster. Gu Renqi asks her how she knows the fresh oyster is good or bad. She agrees to what he said, but she thinks it’s very important to deal with the garbage without any psychological disorder.

Uncle Jian agrees to what Shi Shuangjiao said. He thinks she saved them. Gu Renqi smiles and asks Shi Shuangjiao if she really cannot smell. She admits it. He tells her that he will fire her if he finds out that she fooled him. Lu Xian picks up Shi Shuangjiao. He wears the helmet for her. Gu Renqi spots it and wonders why the the two are so close since they’re just wearing a helmet.

Lu Xian drives Shi Shuangjiao home. She smiles her clothes and asks him if there’s any perfume in his house. He tells her to get changed in his house. She gets changed. He puts her clothes into the washing machine, and tells her to take it back once it’s washed. He tells her not to pretend to be strong. She smiles and thinks he’s a sugarcane boy. He tells her that she hurts him when she praises him.

Gu Renqi tells Dong Xian to call Shi Shuangjiao because she didn’t clean her office well. Shi Shuangjiao trips when she goes downstairs. Dong Xian tells Gu Renqi that something happened on Shi Shuangjiao. Gu Renqi decides to go to see the woman.

Shi Shuangjiao complains to Lu Xian that her brother fooled her. She mentions he called her older sister. Zhu Yan goes to buy screen protector. She’s surprised to see Shi Junjie. She asks him why he works there. He tells her that he has to choose a bad school because his score is bad. She reminds him that his sister worked hard for him.

Shi Junjie tells Zhu Yan that he wants to share responsibility for Shi Shuangjiao. He asks her for helping him in study. She agrees to it. Shi Shuangjiao glares at Shi Junjie and thinks he did bad things again.

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