And The Winner is Love: Episode 3 Recap & Review

Chong Xuezhi promises to find lotus wing and finds out that Shangguan Tou is the person who saved her on And The Winner is Love.

And The Winner is Love: Episode 3 Recap & Review

And The Winner is Love

This And The Winner is Love recap contains spoilers.

And The Winner is Love begins with the chiefs stopping Xue Zhi (Yukee Chen) from burning up lotus manual, and they tell her to deal with it with lotus wing. But she finds out that the scroll is blank after opening the box which contains lotus wing. People suspect spirit sword village switched the scroll, and Qing Mei explains that he gave the box to the chief monk Shi Yan after she was poisoned. But the chiefs don’t believe Shi Yan would do that as he owns many martial arts manuals. So they turn to suspect fire sect. Xue Zhi promises to find lotus wing in three months.

The group of fire sect talks about who stole lotus wing, and they think it was the man of Wuduan temple. Mu Yuan sneaks into the temple, but Shi Yan waits for him with the monks taking sticks. He tells Mu Yuan that Wuduan temple didn’t stole lotus wing, and promises to help fire sect in the meeting three months later. Mu Yuan has to leave.

And The Winner is Love brings intense plot after lotus wing gets stolen. Everyone has the motivation to do that, but we’re lack of evidence. Shi Yan had the highly chance to steal it as Qing Mei gave the lotus wing to him.

Mu Yuan is on the way to return fire sect, and he sees Qing Mei falling off the horse. He volunteers to escort him to spirit sword village. Qing Mei cries and tells his master Zong Xing that he didn’t stole lotus wing. Zong Xing believes what his disciple said.

Feng Zi runs into Xue Zhi and asks her if she knows Shangguan Tou (Leo Luo). Xue Zhi denies and wonders why Feng Zi is interested in him. The follower tells Xue Zhi that he was the person who saved her from the stage. So she goes to ask about him in the street. The seller tricks her to the brothel and takes away all of her money.

Shangguan Tou’s follower Wu Ming stops the man from molesting Xue Zhi, and takes her to see his master. Xue Zhi asks Shangguan Tou if he was the person who saved her from the cave. But he denies. So she gets the boy to draw hair from his portrait.

Yukee Chen acts the cute and naughty Xue Zhi on And The Winner is Love, and Leo Luo’s role has to bear her bad action. It’s very funny. Wu Ming brings the portrait to his master, and Shangguan Tou takes the portrait to see Xue Zhi. He admits that she was the person on the cave, but she asks him to show the evidence.

Liu Li reminds Xue Zhi that she can ask Shangguan Tou to find lotus wing, and Xue Zhi receives the letter from him. He tells her that place her horse Xuan Zhi sleeps, and she runs into him there. She asks him to help her find lotus wing and promises to protect the person he wants to protect. He agrees to it and tells the women of fire sect to ask about lotus wing from the club and bar.

Shangguan Tou takes Xue Zhi to the lake and tells her to make a wish because the day is wish day. When she is going to make wish, he tells her who is the person he wants to protect. And The Winner is Love ends when he whispers her.

The heroine knows the hero’s identity in the end after some plot And The Winner is Love took. Their love begins when they get together to find lotus wing. The role Mu Yuan leaves and he gives the chance to Shangguan Tou. I thinks Xue Zhi will love Shangguan Tou soon even if she toys him on the episode 3. He doesn’t get angry and enjoys it.

But episode 3 still doesn’t tell us who stole lotus wing. Qing Mei and Shi Yan had the chance to do that, and I thinks the thief is one of them. Both look evil even if they pretend to be innocence. I expect episode 4 will tell us the truth.

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