Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 2. Bu Zui pushes Wei Xun over and thinks he is a dog. She thinks it’s nausea and wants to get injected rabies vaccine. But he says that he isn’t interested in her because she isn’t pretty.

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk: Episode 2 Recap

Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk

Bu Zui pushes Wei Xun over and thinks he is a dog. She thinks it’s nausea and wants to get injected rabies vaccine. But he says that he isn’t interested in her because she isn’t pretty.

Wei Xun scolds Bu Zui for eating with his sense of taste. But she thinks it’s her freedom. He tells her not to be addicted to his kiss, but she slaps his face.

Bu Zui meets with the friend and tells him that Wei Xun robbed her sense of taste. So he asks her how Wei Xun did that. He is surprised that Bu Zui ravished a kiss on Bu Zui. He gets up and wants to give Wei Xun a lesson. But Bu Zui reminds him that she lost her sense of taste.

Wei Xun learns that her sense of taste is back. Mia calls Wei Xun and asks for manuscript. She mentions the place Monnas Winery. But Wei Xun wants to delay for two days. She agrees to it.

President Lu promises Bai Dao the Rose Winery if he wins Wei Xun. Bai Dao asks President Lu why he wants to defeat his son. President Lu says that it’s because Wei Xun is the only heir of Lu Group.

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It flashes back. President Lu takes the flowers and appears at his wife’s funeral, but Wei Xun scolds his father for his late. Wei Xun is furious to run away, and President Lu pays his respect to his wife.

Wei Xun calls the police and tells him that he was stolen by the thief Bu Zui at the parking lot.

Bu Zui trips for stopping the reporters approaching President Lu, and Yong Yong gives her the salve. The police visit her and reveals someone reported her as a thief. She asks them for the evidence, and the police show the footage to her. So she leaves with them.

Bu Zui is taken to the police station, and she runs into Wei Xun. The officer reveals Wei Xun reported that Bu Zui stole his stuff. Bu Zui denies but she realizes that Wei Wei means the sense of taste.

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Wei Xun asks Bu Zui if she remembers it. She blinks that the thing returned on his own, and points out that Wei Xun cannot prove that the stuff belongs to him. The officer tells the two to explain it.

Bu Zui intends to tell the officer that Wei Xun’s sense of taste is in her place. Wei Xun hugs Bu Zui and says that his heart is in her place. The officer thinks the two fooled him, and threatens to send them to the jail. He tells them to apply the form and leave.

Bu Zui wants Wei Xun to prove they exchanged the gustation. He speaks out the junk foods he never eats. She admits it but thinks it’s not his business. He says that she is in his mind, and she learns that he is confessing to her. So she says that she likes someone else.

Wei Xun claims that he just cares for his gustation, but Bu Zui tells him that she cannot help him because it returned himself. He points out that the gustation can be exchanged temporarily when their lips touch. So he wants to hire her to keep the gustation temporarily.

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Bu Zui thinks Wei Xun is insane and intends to leave. He asks her how much money she wants. She tells him the amount as she thinks he won’t pay it to her. But he promises it and tells her to sign it tomorrow. She says that the one who doesn’t sign is a little dog.

Yong Yong is playing mobile game, and Bu Zui startles him. He tells her that Chief Bodyguard fired her because she was taken by police. He says that he told Chief Bodyguard that he leaves when Bu Zui leaves. Bu Zui thinks Yong Yong is a good brother, but she reveals she intended to leave because it’s tried and cannot earn money.

Bu Zui gets a message from the loan shark, and she is serious to ask Yong Yong about the bonus. He says that it’s gone but Chief Bodyguard promised to pay the rest salary. Bu Zui thinks Chief Bodyguard still remains some conscience. Yong Yong wants to help Bu Zui, but she thinks his salary isn’t enough. Yong Yong offers to sell blood, but Bu Zui thinks he is crazy.

In the evening, Wei Xun is writing the contract. He drinks the bitter gourd water but throws all of the water bottles into the trash can. He stares at family photo of him and his mom.

In the morning, Bu Zui is startled to get up when someone knocks at the door. She mistakes Wei Xun as the loan shark, and points at him with the broom. He tells her to sign the contract, and she wonders why he knew her family address. He reveals that she wrote it down at the police station, and tells her to read the contract.

Bu Zui finds out that Wei Xun can adjust her job content and duties according to the contract. She tells him to say that he can enslave her. He reminds her to read the third page, and she finds out that he can start the work rule of working for 24 hours.

Bu Zui reminds Wei Xun the work law in the nation, and he promises to double the salary for the extra working hours. He tells her that he will pay her 6,000 yuan monthly. Bu Zui learns that she needs to get enslaved by Wei Xun for 28 years. She asks him who he delays for so long, and he claims that he needs to ensure that his life and career won’t get affected.

Bu Zui’s head falls on the table and thinks her life will be in big mess. But he reminds her that she can get the money if he gets his gustation back. Bu Zui takes the pen but she thinks she cannot lose her moral integrity for money. She thinks she will just get kissed, and tells herself to treat it as dog bite.

Wei Xun intends to take back the contract and claims that he has other choices. Bu Zei takes the contract, and Mr. De bursts into with the thugs. Bu Zui calls Mr. De as brother, but he says that he cannot accept it and complains that she turned off her phone.

Bu Zui tells Mr. De to have a seat, and she goes to get tea for him. But the thugs stop her. Mr. De learns that Bu Zui got the great contract, and asks her to pay the money. But she ignores him. So Mr. De lifts the stick to break the stuff of the yard.

Wei Xun stops them and asks what they want. Mr. De reveals Bu Zui owed their money, and Wei Xun promises to return the money for Bu Zui.

Wei Xun drives Bu Zui to the Monnas Chateau, and Uncle Ma takes them to the wine cellar. Uncle Ma says that he prepared the wine, and asks them to taste it. After Uncle Ma leaves, Wei Xun asks Bu Zui to come to him. She asks him what he wants, and he says that he wants to exchanged the gustation. She walks to him, and he intends to kiss her. But she turns around and wants to cancel the contract. But he reminds her that the liquidated damages will double.

Wei Xun kisses Bu Zui, and she pushes him over and gives him a slap. She sneezes, and he massages his face. He drinks up and wine and tastes it carefully. Hes spits the wine and tastes it one by one.

Wei Xun goes out of the wine cellar, and Uncle Ma asks him about it. Wei Xun asks to empty the barrel of number 92. Bu Zui wonders if they need to pour out the wines. He says that ruining the bad product is to respect good product. Bu Zui finds out that Wei Xun isn’t disgusted when he is working.

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