Joy of Life: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Joy of Life: Episode 2. Fan Xian chops radish and asks Wu Zhu if he should go to capital or not. Wu Zhu reveals Qing Mei ran business in capital, and Fan Xian learns that Wu Zhu thinks he should go. But Wu Zhu tells Fan Xian to make the decision on his own.

Joy of Life: Episode 2 Recap

Joy of Life

Fan Xian chops radish and asks Wu Zhu if he should go to capital or not. Wu Zhu reveals Qing Mei ran business in capital, and Fan Xian learns that Wu Zhu thinks he should go. But Wu Zhu tells Fan Xian to make the decision on his own.

Fan Xian asks if the person who killed his mom is still alive. Wu Zhu doesn’t know. Fan Xian wants to go to the capital but he worries about the danger. He looks at Wu Zhu and wonders if Wu Zhu won’t age when Fan Xian is 80 years old. Wu Zhu looks at Fan Xian, but Fan Xian avoids the eye contact.

Fan Xian eats with Madam, and Mr. Zhou mentions the knights rejected to eat. Madam ignores it and wants to eat the bamboo shoots. But Fan Xian takes it away and eats it up. Fan Xian asks where the bamboo shoots came, and Mr. Sun reveals the nephew of Lao Ha sent it in the morning.

Fan Xian wonders why the person was changed, but Mr. Zhou thinks it’s reasonable that the nephew sends dish when Lao Ha is sick. So Fan Xian asks if the nephew came once. Mr. Zhou reveals it was his first time. Fan Xian leaves, and Mr. Zhou thinks Fan Xian was too arrogant.

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Fan Xian vomits what he ate to the pond, and he takes the maid to see people when she says that she ate the bamboo shoots. The servant tells Fan Xian that the people keeps vomiting. Fan Xian takes the servant to the kitchen, and brings some bowls and milk.

Fan Xian tells the servant to feed the people milk, and asks where the red knights went. The servant reveals they asked the residence of Lao Ha and left. Fan Xian stops the red knights and asks what they want to do. The red knight says that they want to kill Lao Ha because he poisoned. Fan Xian thinks Lao Ha just gets kidnapped and he will die if they burst into.

The red knight tells Fan Xian to move away and intends to pull out his blade. Fan Xian reminds him that it’s a plot to move the tiger from mountain, and borrows a blade.

Fan Xian steps in the yard, and he sees Lao Hao is tied up on the wood pillar, his mouth is blocked by the cloth. Zi Jing closes the door, and Fan Xian asks him if he cooked the bamboo shoots. Zi Jing opens his cloak and the flying knives begin to attack Fan Xian. Everything is broken when the flying knives reach it. But Fan Xian avoids them without any problem.

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After the fight, Fan Xian falls down. Zi Jing tells Fan Xian that he fails, but Fan Xian thinks Zi Jing poisoned on the daggers. Zi Jing wonders why Fan Xian didn’t let the red knights in, and thinks he risked his life for a vegetables sender. Zi Jing intends to kill Fan Xian but he finds out that he cannot use power. Fan Xian reveals he poisoned on his blade, and Zi Jing wonders why Fan Xian is fine.

Fan Xian reveals that he has grown up with poison, and the normal poison is useless to him. He asks Zi Jing why he didn’t use poisonous substance in the dishes, and Zi Jing points out that the person he wanted to kill was only Fan Xian. Fan Xian asks Zi Jing why he wanted to kill him. Zi Jing recites the secret order of Jiancha institution that Fan Xian is the nation traitor.

Fan Xian learns that Zi Jing is the person of Jiancha institution, and shows the token of Jiancha institution to Zi Jing. Zi Jing asks where Fan Xian got it, and Fan Xian reveals Fei Jie is his master. Fan Xian wonders why he came the nation traitor when he is the illegitimate child and has lived in Dan State. Fan Xian asks Zi Jing who helped him poison in the dishes.

Fan Xian sees Mr. Zhou being tied up, and knows that Mr. Zhou is the murderer. Mr. Zhou tells Madam that he did it for Fan family, and Madam asks Fan Xian to be on knees and listen to it. Mr. Zhou reveals that he is the follower of 2th Madam, and he thinks Fan Xian will take family property if he arrives in the capital. Madam agrees that she cannot be tenderhearted for the purpose of Fan family, and tells Fan Xian to learn to be merciless.

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Madam asks the bodyguards to break Mr. Zhou’s legs and throw him to the fishing boat. Mr. Zhou learns that it’s fake that Madam doesn’t like Fan Xian.

Madam helps Fan Xian up, and tells him that Mr. Zhou received Ru Yu’s letter and she asked him to kill him with someone else. Fan Xian reveals Ru Yu sent many presents to him, and thinks she treats him well. Madam intends to get Fan Jian to look into it. Fan Xian wants to look into it on his own, but she mentions that he promised to stay in the Dan State. Fan Xian explains that he wants to see the world, but Madam thinks there will be the second killer since there was the first killer.

Fan Xian says that they still didn’t forgive him when he had avoided it so long. So he wants to face it. Madam asks if the murderer is Ru Yu. Fan Xian says that he will tell Ru Yu that he doesn’t want family property. Madam tells Fan Xian to be careful. She says that she won’t see him off because she cannot see separation when she is aged.

Zi Jing asks Fan Xian if he and Madam’s relationship has been not well, and Fan Xian reveals that he worried to get family involved because he kept being hunt by killers. Zi Jing learns that Fan Xian protected Madam when he told her to be indifference to him. Fan Xian says that he doesn’t have to act when he is going to leave. He thanks Zi Jing for helping him. Zi Jing reveals Jiancha institution sent message with pigeon that the secret order killing Fan Xian was fake.

Zi Jing says that someone wanted to use the hand of Jiancha institution to kill Fan Xian. Fan Xian thinks he will find it out when he arrives in the capital. Zi Jing asks Fan Xian a favor to kill him.

The man buys the scissors from Wu Zhu’s store but he takes away his wines. Fan Xian runs into the man, and tells Wu Zhu that the man stole his stuff. Wu Zhu says that he knows it, and Fan Xian learns that Wu Zhu stays in Dan State is to protect him. Fan Xian tells Wu Zhu that he is going to go to the capital, and asks if he knows why he concealed the assassination to him. Fan Xian says that he can also live in the world without Wu Zhu’s help. He says that he has grown up.

Fan Xian says that Wu Zhu kept protecting him when he could remember things, and he fears nothing when Wu Zhu is there. But he thinks it’s not right, and reveals Lao Liu likes fishing and Xiao Ma likes to look at girls. He asks him what he likes, but Wu Zhu denies it. Fan Xian thinks Wu Zhu only lives for him, and it’s unfair to Wu Zhu. Wu Zhu asks Fan Xian if he doesn’t need him. Fan Xian says that he needs him forever, but he wishes him to find the thing he wants to do because Wu Zhu is the most important relative to him.

Fan Xian says that he will look for the person who wants to kill him, and he will search for the story of his mom. He will live better than anymore in the world because it’s the things he keeps wanting to do. Fan Xian wishes Wu Zhu can find the things he wants to do and live for his own.

Wu Zhu shows up and startles Fan Xian. Wu Zhu says that Qing Mei wished him to find the things he wants to do. He wants to open the box he brought, and reveals it belongs to Qing Mei. Wu Zhu wants to know what Qing Mei left. Fan Xian fails to open the box with the knife, and he wants to change a knife. Wu Zhu hits the box with his iron stick, but he fails.

Fan Xian wonders what stuff the box is made by, and asks why the skin is so hard. Wu Zhu says that the key is in the capital, and he wants to go to the capital in advance. He leaves the box to Fan Xian.

Fan Xian takes the box and is going to leave. Madam asks the maid if Fan Xian left, and the maid offers to take a look with her. But Madam rejects it. Fan Xian shows up and kisses Madam’s forehead. He promises to pick her up. Fan Xian runs away, and Madam is in tears.

The red knights escort Fan Xian through the woods. Fan Xian notes that Zi Jing pretends to be his servant, and he mentions Zi Jing got him to tell people that he is dead. Zi Jing thinks he won’t get looked into if he follows his troop. Fan Xian thinks the red knights know Zi Jing. Zi Jing says that they know money.

Fan Xian says that he wants to find out who wants to kill him, and Zi Jing thinks it’s Ru Yu. Fan Xian wants to know how Ru Yu misled Jiancha institution, and he asks Zi Jing to look into it with the identity of dead. Zi Jing asks why he needs to help Fan Xian. Fan Xian thinks Zi Jing wants to know who tricked him. Zi Jing denies. Fan Xian reminds Fan Xian that he needs him to help him get in the capital. Zi Jing says that he will think about it when he gets in the capital.

Fan Xian thinks Zi Jing is perfunctory of him, but Zi Jing points out that Fan Xian doesn’t have time to look into it because he needs to prepare for the wedding. Fan Xian is surprised as nobody told him about it. Zi Jing says that he looked into it when he got the secret order of killing Fan Xian. Fan Xian asks who he is going to marry to. Zi Jing says that he doesn’t know because he was only asked to kill Fan Xian. Zi Jing gives the knife to Fan Xian as the wedding present.

Zi Jing reminds Fan Xian in the carriage that the caravan belongs to Jiancha institution. Fan Xian takes a look and sees Fei Jie. Fei Jie hints Fan Xian not to speak. Zi Jing thinks there will be a big thing when Fei Jie escorts it. Fan Xian asks to stop the carriage.

Fei Jie tells someone in the carriage that he goes to walk around. Fan Xian gives a pear to Fei Jie, and reveals he took it from the orchard. Fan Xian asks Fei Jie where he will go, and Fei Jie says that it’s Bei Qi. Fei Jie reveals the institution set up a agent net and it’s lack of a leader. Fan Xuan learns that the leader is the person who sits in the carriage.

Fei Jie reveals that the person is Ruo Hai’s son Bing Yun. He adds that it’s for Fan Xian and Bing Yun must take the duty of assassinating the chief of the department. Because Zi Jing is Bing Yun’s follower. Fan Xian asks if it’s ok when he killed the person on his side. Fei Jie says that Zi Jing isn’t lineal, and thinks Fan Xian is lucky because the people of sixth department didn’t take part in.

Fei Jie tells Fan Xian to wait until he is back even if there is a big thing. He tells him to take the big pear next time because it’s sweet.

The carriage is waiting for Fan Xian. Fan Xian knows that it’s Bing Yun, and the bodyguards surround Fan Xian. Fan Xian asks Bing Yun what he will do since he killed Zi Jing. Bing Yun asks for the token of Tisi. Fei Jie sits on the carriage and reminds Bing Yun that he cannot walk out the carriage until he arrives Bei Qi. Bing Yun thinks Fan Xian will hurt Jiancha institution and Qing state if he keeps the token. But Fei Jie points out that the one will hurt Qing state is Bing Yun if he walks out the carriage.

Bing Yun asks the bodyguards to take Fan Xian’s token, but Fei Jie shows the blue bottle with poison that the person who takes action cannot live for three breathing. Bing Yun leaves and tells Fan Xian that he will see him soon. But Fei Jie points out that Bing Yun won’t return in a short time.

Qi Nian stops Fan Xian’s carriage, and flatters him that he is lucky to see him. Fan Xian wants to leave, but Qi Nian gives the map of the city to Fan Xian and asks for two ounce silver. Fan Xian gives it to Si Nian. The bodyguard asks Si Nian how many maps he has sold, and Si Nian reveals all of the young masters bought it. The bodyguard asks Si Nian if he fears to get beaten. Si Nian says that the money is nothing for the young masters, and he helps them grow up because there are many cunning people in the city.

Zi Jing wonders why Fan Xian doesn’t tear the map up, but Fan Xian says that it’s two ounce silver. Zi Jing says goodbye to Fan Xian and thinks they won’t see each other again. Fan Xian tells Zi Jing to visit him if he needs help. But Zi Jing points out that Fan Xian cannot get in the gate of Fan family if Ru Yu wants to kill him. He says that he won’t take revenge him if he dies.

Fan Xian wants to know how they kill him, and heads out to look at the street. The girls are going to rush to the carriage when the red flag passes.

The man gives the scroll to the red knight, and the red knights leave. The man tells Fan Xian that he will escort him, and drives the carriage. The girls are killed by the bodyguards at the yard.

Fan Xian asks the man why they turn around, and the man says that the carriage turned over in front of them. Fan Xian thinks it turned over in the right time.

The man stops the carriage at the Qing temple and he leaves because he needs to pee. Fan Xian gets off and intends to get in the Qing temple. But the bodyguard blocks Fan Xian. The two have a fight, and the bodyguard asks Fan Xian who he is when his qi is so powerful. He says that nobody can get in Qing temple because there is a noble person blessing.

Fan Xian learns that the person isn’t waiting for him, and he vomits blood. The bodyguard returns and only allows Fan Xian to get in the side palace.

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