Love and Destiny: Episode 9 [Recap]

Shi San fails to try the Jingtun art, and eats the cookies. Si Ming passes by and praises her eating style. Yun Feng tells Jiu Chen that the people of Lie Yi saved Zhong Hao and they got in the Youdu mountain. Jiu Chen says that he didn’t see Zhong Hao but saw Demon Lord, and Demon Lord cannot break seal because his power is incomplete. He adds that Demon Lord’s core power isn’t in his body, and Yun Feng thinks the power is in Ling Xi’s body.

Love and Destiny: Episode 9 Recap

Love and Destiny

Jiu Chen points out that he cannot sense the demon power from Ling Xi, and Yun Feng thinks Le Bo can seal the demon power. Si Ming thinks it’s a misunderstanding that Ling Xi is related to Demon Lord. Ling Yi succeeds to make the pills, but Hua Yan reminds Ling Xi not to be casual to eat the pills.

Ling Xi asks Shi San if there is a watch moon spring at heavenly palace, and Shi San shares that the kid fell into the spring but was cured by chasing sun bird.

Ling Xi eats the pill and jumps into watch moon spring. Jiu Chen saves Ling Xi, and she tells her that she can test medicine for him because she didn’t die after jumping into the spring. But he tells her to take care of herself. Ling Xi tells Shi San that Jiu Chen thought she has the talent of making medicine, but Shi San suspect it. So Ling Xi shows the medical book to Shi San.

Yun Feng passes by, and Shi San gives the medical book to him. He notes the ingredient, and Ling Yi shares that it’s Yanxin flower, which can make cold medicine. Yun Feng remembers Qing Yao watched Yanxin flower, and goes to visit her. But the student blocks Yun Feng because Qing Yao is making medicine.

Qing Yao walks out and gives the new expelling cold pill to Yun Feng. He realizes that she picked up the grass was to make medicine for Jiu Chen. Xing Xi gives the expelling cold pill to Jiu Chen, but he asks for her pill.

Jiu Chen is surprised that the pill is so big, and Xing Yi says that the effect is same and stops Jiu Chen taking Qing Yao pill. She prepares the knife and chopsticks for him. Xiao Bai is drawn out by the ball, and Ling Yi finds the dead Xiao Bai. Ling Xi tears up to throw Xiao Bai into washing immortal pond.

Ling Yue remembers she asked Jing Xiu to take care of her baby, and Mo Huan died in front of her for protecting her. Ms. Shi asks Ling Yue why she didn’t question Jing Xiu when she suspects him. Ling Yue thinks Jing Xiu won’t tell the truth since he lay to her many years ago.

Ms. Shi asks Ling Yue if she saw the immortality knot wrong, and Ling Yue reveals that the immortality knot was made by her. She thinks the baby is alive and wants to find her. Bao Qing brings the soup to Ling Yue, and Ling Yue wants to drink it. But Ms. Shi reminds Ling Yue that it’s time to take medicine.

Ms. Shi calls Lan Er, but the maid tells Ms. Shi that Lan Er has been missing for many days. Hua Yan asks Shi San if she worries about Xiao Bai, and Shi San thinks he will return after some days. She mentions Yuan Tong didn’t visit recently, and Hua Yan mentions she saw Yuan Tong walking Tian Lei.

Shi San offers to get dog to bite Yuan Tong, but Hua Yan points out that Xiao Bai didn’t come back. Pu Hua visits Jiu Chen and reminds him that he will get interrogated at Ziyun stage. Shi San pinches Si Ming’s ear and blames him for staying with Pu Hua.

Si Ming explains that he ran into Pu Hua, and Heavenly Emperor told him to came with Pu Hua. Si Ming shares that Tian Lei asked Heavenly Emperor to take out Jiu Chen’s dragon tooth armor from honor palace, and Heavenly Emperor agreed.

He Bi reports to Jing Xiu that Ling Yue went out with Ms. Shi, and he wants to follow them. But Jing Xiu rejects it. Ling Yue visits Seno and asks about her child. He tells her that her child doesn’t die, and Jing Xiu sees Ling Xi. Qing Yuan notes that someone sneaks into his place and goes out. Ling Xi asks Jing Xiu to help her.

Jing Xiu defeats Qing Yuan and flees. Ling Xi gets in the cave and touches the water, and the water turns into some crystals.

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