Love Designer: Episode 11 Recap

Song Lin teaches Zuo Yulin how to pursue Qin Qing on Love Designer.

Love Designer: Episode 11 Recap

Love Designer

This Love Designer recap contains spoilers.

Love Designer: Episode 11 begins with Ru Hui driving Song Lin out after knowing he is Song Luo’s dad. Song Luo keeps laughing, and her brother threatens not to give her the alimony. The two run into Luna. Luna tells Song Lin to support Zhou Fang, and thinks they would become friends if it wasn’t because of him. Rui Hui and Lao Zhou walk out, and they see Luna hugging Song Lin. They mistake that he is a jerk.

Qin Qing blames Zhou Fang for working with Luna, and Zhou Fang tells Zhen Dong to drive Qin Qing home. Song Luo reports to Zhou Fang that Song Lin had a fight with her parents. Song Lin runs into Zhou Fang in the elevator, and asks her why she didn’t reply his message. She claims that they private feelings. Yu Shan shows up and asks Song Lin why he denied that he knows Zhou Fang.

The director tells the designers that the channel of audience vote will be opened. Zhou Fang thinks she will be weeded out. The designer Quan Ye gets angry as she thinks Zhou Fang took Luna away from her. Qin Qing takes Zhou Fang to leave, and Zhou Fang knows that there is a man who is pursuing Qin Qing. She thinks Yu Lin is a good guy, and tells her not to give up him. But Qin Qing tells Zhou Fang not to mentions it if she treats her as a friend.

Song Lin notes that Yu Lin isn’t well, and takes him to the restaurant. Yun Lin reveals that Qin Qing broke up with him after he tailed her. Song Lin tells Yu Lin to pursue Qin Qing again, and thinks he should be self-confidence. Yun Lin thinks Song Lin is good at pursuing girl. But Song Lin reveals that it was taught by Song Luo.

Zhou Fang sleeps in the couch and waits for Luna. She gives her the new design. Luna wonders where Zhou Fang got the idea. Zhou Fang reveals she ran into a fireman who celebrated the birthday for his daughter. The assistant wonders why Luna praised Zhou Fang so much.

Yu Lin runs into the rival in love in the store of Qin Qing, and tells him that Qin Qing doesn’t like red rose. Because she thinks it’s too tacky. Love Designer ends with Qin Qing arriving at the restaurant to see the man, and she is surprised that he knows her so much. He makes her look at the second floor where Yu Lin smiles to wave to her.

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