Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 18

This is the recap of Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Episode 18, Wei Yi walks Situ Mo at the airport. She complains that her mother kept urging her, and promises to return early. He asks her what is the time she mentions. She says that she will take suitcase to go out when the firecracker is set off.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 18

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Episode 18.

Situ Mo hugs Wei Yi and asks him why he didn’t reply the message. He explains that his phone is out of charge. Zhi Cun sneers at Wei Yi for contrast cute, and walks away. Situ Mo asks Wei Yi if he will pick up her like this each day. He promises and asks about Zhi Cun.

She reveals Zhi Cun is a artist and they had meal together many times. Wei Yi is furious and asks if they ate Luoshi noodles together. She pinches his face thinking he is a cheapskate. He kisses her face, and she holds his arm, saying that she wants to eat Luoshi noodles.

Wei Yi cooks Luoshi noodles for her, and she thinks her mother will kill them since they eat so unhealthy. He reveals he talked with her mother about mahjong and probability. She mentions he thought Luoshi noodles is smelly. He says that he customs, so she asks him to taste it and thinks Luoshi noodles is more delicious than instant noodles.

Wei Yi tells Situ Mo that his father’s job is cultural relic fixing, and his father didn’t talk the whole afternoon, and he asked Wei Yi not to talk. Situ Mo mentions Ms. Xu thought Wei Yi’s father gave bad temper to Wei Yi, and asks him if uncle taught him how to fix porcelain.

He says yes, and she thinks he should fix the broken cup last time. She asks him if he can know the price when seeing the antique. He denies but says that he can know the dynasty. So she offers to guess the dynasty of antique at museum in the winter holiday.

He asks her if she returns home when taking a holiday. She says yes and reveals her mother keeps urging her, and asks if he will return home. He says that he doesn’t have reason to stay there since she returns home. She promises him that she will go home later and return early.

Wei Yi walks Situ Mo at the airport. She complains that her mother kept urging her, and promises to return early. He asks her what is the time she mentions. She says that she will take suitcase to go out when the firecracker is set off. She gives him the fly kiss when he is going to leave.

Situ Mo calls Wei Yi and asks him where he is. He tells her that he got in the plane, but the airline stewardess asks him to turn off his phone. Situ Mo wonders where Wei Yi is when he didn’t reply message to her. Younger brother walks in and reveals Mother prepared whole table of dishes for her.

Situ Mo asks about Big Sister, and he says that Big Sister went to Sanya having a vacation, and Father is angry. She asks him about the dogs and cats Big Sister got, but he says that he sold them to his classmates. Wei Yi texts Situ Mo that he is going to have meal with his parents.

Mother gets chicken leg for Situ Mo and thinks she won’t eat such good food outside, and she gets another chicken leg to Younger Brother. Father asks Mother what he eats. She thinks he shouldn’t eat because the fatty liver. Situ Mo texts Wei Yi that she is eating, and takes a photo of foods.

Younger Brother thinks she is very happiness, but she glares at him. Mother asks Wei Yi what he wants to eat. He says that any food is ok. Father offers to go to his workshop and reveals he got a broken porcelain. Mother disagrees and thinks Wei Yi should eat some good foods. But Wei Yi wants to go.

Father tries to spy what Situ Mo is texting, and she asks him what he is doing. He says that he wants to eat meat, but Mother tells him to eat bitter melon. Mother tells Wei Yi and Father to eat when they’re studying the porcelain. But Wei Yi tells her to eat first. Father orders Wei Yi to eat when Mother stares at him.

Mother thinks Wei Yi should get someone to manage him, but Father thinks his son should think about his goal. Wei Yi and Lao Gu fixed the artwork after all night, and Wei Yi congratulates his father. Situ Mo complated her work at the same time, and is startled when Wei Yi asks for video chat.

He thinks it’s unfair that he cannot see his face. She brags that her beauty will shatter his screen, and lies that she is wearing the harness pajamas. Mother walks in and blames Situ Mo for her greasy hair, thinking mosquito will trip on it. She slaps her ass and thinks she is too lazy. Situ Mo laughs and says that he cannot hold it.

Lao Gu thinks Wei Yi shouldn’t eat too many mantis shrimp. Ms. Xu disagrees but thinks Wei Yi allergy to mantis shrimp. She mentions Situ Mo, and reveals Wei Yi lived with Situ Mo. Lao Gu is shocked and thinks they’re single girl and boy to live together. Ms. Xu tells Lao Gu that Situ Mo is pretty.

But he thinks Situ Mo and his son isn’t in relationship. But Wei Yi says that they’re in relationship. Situ Mo calls Wei Yi and is excited to play the sound of fireworks to him. She asks if the fireworks is beautiful in his place while shaking her head. He says yes.

Half a month later.

Wei Yi rides the skateboard to Situ Mo, and she is lost. She asks him why he can ride skateboard, and he says that he could do it suddenly. She asks him how he takes luggage for her with skateboard. He takes the luggage and skateboard walking her, but spots the couple holding hand together. Because the man doesn’t take skateboard.

They return home. Wei Yi thinks it’s romantic when he takes luggage and Situ Mo holds his hand. She asks him to return her luggage and hugs him, thinking that he is romantic. He says that he misses her so much. Yu Yin hints Zhou Lei that if she doesn’t go to Heidelberg, he can go to there then. He is excited to asks if she doesn’t go to Heidelberg.

But she says that she will go. Zhou Lei wants to show his lab report to Jian Shi. But she says that she saw it, and thinks Wei Yi’s report is better. Li Na asks Jie Er and Situ Mo for the works, and requires for CDR format. But Situ Mo used PS, and asks Jie Er how to transfer format.

But Jie Er says that she isn’t such person who knows it. Jian Shi thinks they don’t need to give exam as Wei Yi’s level is higher than Zhou Lei’s. But Professor Jiang thinks Jian Shi doesn’t understand Zhou Lei, and wants to give them the fair. But Jian Shi points out that the calculation questions they made are too many, and worries that Zhou Lei will get benefits. He thinks she doesn’t know Wei Yi at all.

Yu Yin asks Wei Yi why he got a friend since he didn’t have when she visited him. He says that he wanted the girlfriend for a long time. Situ Mo thinks Yu Yin taught Wei Yi something. But she points out that Wei Yi doesn’t need her teaching, and reveals she just asked Wei Yi about his girlfriend.

Zhou Lei wonders why everyone is interested in Wei Yi’s girlfriend, and reveals he cannot eat and sleep well because of Heidelberg. He asks Wei Yi what he does when he is in relationship. But Wei Yi doesn’t want to expose. Situ Mo is startled when it’s dark suddenly. Wei Yi takes the hand generator walking to her, and thinks they won’t fear outage anymore.

Wei Yi explains the principle of hand generator to Situ Mo, but thinks it isn’t lighter than her mobile light. He says that he will improve it. Wei Yi wonders what Situ Mo is doing in her room, and knows she looks for someone transferring PS into CDR. He texts her that he can do it.

Situ Mo takes her laptop into Wei Yi’s room and asks him to deal with it for her. He tells her to wait for it in his bed. But she wants to return her room. He thinks she fears something, and she sits in his bed. He tells her to sleep because it will take some time to complete.

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