Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 7. Jung-Woo gasps after he found Hae-Yi. He begs her not to let him worry about her. He hugs her. Sun-Ho shows up. He sees Jung-Woo hugging Hae-Yi. He calls Hae-Yi. It makes her not allow Jung-Woo hug her.

Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap

Cheer Up K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 7.

Sun-Ho tells Hae-Yi that Jung-Woo looked for her. Jung-Woo admits it. He wants to leave with Hae-Yi. But she rejects it and wants to go to take her phone. But Sun-Ho tells Hae-Yi that her phone is off. She’s surprised. She takes a look at her watch.

Sun-Ho tells Hae-Yi that he will return home with her. He hands over his phone to her. He tells Jung-Woo to leave. He claims that he will take care of Hae-Yi. He takes Hae-Yi away. She turns around and takes a look at Jung-Woo. She leaves with Sun-Ho.

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Hae-Yi calls someone in the cab. She promises to come. She returns the phone to Sun-Ho. She notes that he’s upset. She asks him about it. He tells her that he wants to ask himself the question as well. She tells the driver to park the cab.

Sun-Ho notes that the building isn’t Hae-Yi’s house. She sighs to tell him that she needs to go to the police station. Hae-Yi runs into the police station. She sees Jae-Yi. She walks to Jae-Yi and gives him a slap. Chun-Yang is shocked.

Hae-Yi gets on knees to the madam. She asks her for her mercy. The madam blames Jae-Yi for hurting her son. Chun-Yang joins Hae-Yi. She gets on knees to the madam as well. Jae-Yi tells the two to get up because he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

Hae-Yi tells the madam that she will take the duty for her brother. But the madam wants to let the laws to punish Jae-Yi. She walks away with her son. Hae-Yi tries to follow the madam. But Jae-Yi stops her. She reminds him that he will have criminal record.

Jae-Yi claims that he will take the duty because he thinks it’s his life. Hae-Yi gets angry. She tries to slap her brother. He tells her not to get on knees to the madam. She walks away. Hae-Yi kicks the post. She wonders why her brother is proud after he ruined his life.

Sun-Ho hands over the drinks to Hae-Yi. She tells him to leave. He rejects it and thinks Jae-Yi had a reason to get angry. Jae-Yi walks out of the police station. Chun-Yang takes the bag for him. Hae-Yi walks away. Jung-Woo calls Sun-Ho. He asks him what happened to Hae-Yi. But Sun-Ho refuses to leak it.

Jung-Woo hangs up. He complains that Sun-Ho is a bad person. He takes a look at Yoo-Min’s cover. Woon-Chan watches the news of cheering team with So-Yoon. He asks her for her sister’s number. But she rejects it because she thinks he’s not her sister’s type.

Woon-Chan brags that he can be a man if he wants to do so. But So-Yoon isn’t interested in it. So he eats the snack. She promises to ask her sister for her number. The dean tells the student council president that he agrees to Jung-Woo’s plan.

The student council president is shocked. He asks the dean about next festival. Ji-Young reminds the dean that they should make the decision after the current event. The dean tells Jung-Woo that he expects something from him before he leaves.

Hae-Yi is upset when she thinks about the compensation. Sun-Ho takes a look at what she wrote. He texts Jin-Hee and asks for the madam’s number. Woon-Chan tells the team members that they will sing the new song. But he points out that they need to compete.

Jung-Woo shows up with Yoo-Min. He tells the team members that there’s a senior will train them. He introduces Yoo-Min as the senior. Cho-Hee tells Hae-Yi and Yong-Il that she doesn’t wish them to be defeated. The two promise to work hard.

Sun-Ja greets Jung-Woo. She asks for the winning tip to defeat Cho-Hee’s team. But he tells her to find it on her own. He asks Sun-Ho if he doesn’t want to stay in his team. Sun-Ho denies it. Yoo-Min returns the phone to Hae-Yi. She runs into Min-Jae. She thinks she saw him before. But he denies it and walks away.

Hae-Yi’s stuff drop from her bag. Jung-Woo pick them up for Hae-Yi. He asks her what happened to her families. He mentions Sun-Ja wanted to hire an attorney. She thinks Sun-Ja did it too much. She mentions he and Yoo-Min get together. She feels happy for them.

Hae-Yi asks Jung-Woo about the hug. He explains that he did it because he found out that she was fine. She agrees to what he said. But she points out that he crossed the line. She thinks they should make it clearly because she believes that he likes her.

Jung-Woo tells Hae-Yi is just an ordinary thing. He hugs her. Yoo-Min breaks into the classroom at that time. It makes Jung-Woo and Hae-Yi part. Yoo-Min reminds Jung-Woo that he has a meeting. He’s scared to leave with her. She takes him to the cafe. She tells him that the seniors will interview him.

Jung-Woo doesn’t give Yoo-Min any feedback because he’s thinking about something. She wakes him up and mentions the hug. She asks him if he has feelings for Hae-Yi. He denies it and mentions the rule of the cheering team. But she tells him that she knows he liked her when they were in the same team.

Chun-Yang is happy to drink with Jin-Hee on the rooftop of her house. She asks her how rich she is. Jin-Hee refuses to leak it. She’s drunk to walk out of the house. She tries to throw out. Hae-Yi lets Jin-Hee throw out to her bag because she worried that she would mess the wall of her house.

Jin-Hee blames Hae-Yi for doing it to her. She tells her that her bag is very expensive. But Hae-Yi doesn’t believe it. She gives the cash to her and tells her to wash the bag. Hae-Yi joins Chun-Yang. Chun-Yang leaks that her brother refused to apologize. She thinks she needs money. She complains that bad things always happen to her family.

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Sun-Ho waits for Jae-Yi. He greets him and shows the ice cream to him. He hands over the ice cream to him when he sits on the bench with him. He tells him that he can help him but he asks him to repay him. Jung-Woo remembers Hae-Yi called him bad person when he hugged her.

Cho-Hee wakes Jung-Woo up. She tries to leave with other team members. But he stops them. He hugs them one by one. Cho-Hee thinks Jung-Woo is crazy. She walks away. Jung-Woo finds out that he didn’t have feelings when he hugged the team members.

Hae-Yi practices the cheering. She’s tired to lie on the floor. Jung-Woo walks into the training room. He runs away after he saw Hae-Yi. He wonders why he avoided Hae-Yi. Cho-Hee watches the training footage of Hae-Yi and Yong-Il. She’s not satisfied with the footage. She tells the two to practice it again. Hae-Yi regrets for joining Cho-Hee’s team. She leaves the classroom after she got a call from someone.

Sun-Ja sees Hae-Yi off. She tells the team members that she wants to get the victory. She asks them for the plans. Min-Jae tries to tell his plan to Sun-Ja. But Sun-Ho speaks out his plan. But Sun-Ho tells his plan to Sun-Ja first. She gives him five.

Min-Jae walks away. Sun-Ja complains that Min-Jae did nothing. Hae-Yi breaks into the room. She’s excited to tell Sun-Ja that the madam decided not to sue her brother. Sun-Ja feels happy for Hae-Yi when she jumps with her. She wonders why the madam changed her mind.

Hae-Yi mistakes the her brother asked the madam for her mercy. Sun-Ho smiles when he sees Hae-Yi jumping. Ho-Min reports to the manager of Broadcasting Club that someone put Yoo-Min into Hae-Yi’s locker. He worries that Hae-Yi will be hurt like Yoo-Min. But the manager tells Ho-Min to ignore it because he thinks the festival is more important than the Hae-Yi.

Yoo-Min walks into Jung-Woo’s office. She notes that his nose is bleeding. She takes out the tissue and tries to wipe the blood off for him. But he takes over the tissue from her. He claims that he can do it in person. He admits that he’s lack of sleeping. He tells her that he wants to run the festival well.

But Yoo-Min tells Jung-Woo not to waste his time. She walks to the photo wall. He walks away. She tries to touch the outfit of Vice Captain. But she remembers the light hit her. She feels uncomfortable. Jung-Woo returns to the classroom. He notes that Yoo-Min looks bad. He takes care of her.

Cheer Up K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of Cheer Up K-Drama ends with Sun-Ho reminds Jung-Woo that he will hurt Hae-Yi if he doesn’t tell his true feelings to her. Jung-Woo promises to do it. He notes that Yoo-Min feels uncomfortable again when she passes by. He walks to her and cares for her.

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