Delicious Destiny Episode 4 – Wine

Li Yu Zhe found Song Jia Ming’s drawing book at her falling over place in rain at evening. He also fixed it and gives her. Song Jia Ming holds her beloved drawing book, her heart is full of all sorts of emotions.

Delicious Destiny Episode 4 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) celebrates with Zhao Han in her home. She complains to Zhao Han. She thinks Li Yu Zhe is just like a silence refrigerator. To her surprise, Li Yu Zhe is Standing behind Zhao Han. Fortunately, Song De Zhong transferred the awkward situation. He invited them to celebrate in his shop and prepared delicious foods himself. However, Li Yu Zhe thinks all of the dishes are not qualified. Song Jia Ming wants to drove her away. Song De Zhong stops her and talks about the job with her.

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Li Yu Zhe brings many gourmet books to Song Jia Ming. He lets her read it and write a detailed planning scheme in 3 days. Song Jia Ming found all of the book are English version. She calls Yi Yu Zhe a devil.

Zhao Han picked a romantic place and dates with Ye Yi Lan. He gives her a bottle of Spanish red wine in 1994. This is what Ye Yi Lan looks for. Because she met Li Yu Zhe in 1994 and wants to give it to him.

Li Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) spends all night to completing the translation document and sends it to Song Jia Ming. She writes her planning scheme without a good rest.

In the planning scheme meeting, Song Jia Ming releases her bouillabaisse. Li Yu Zhe gives her a passing score. Zhao Han couldn’t help applause. Because his passing score is full marks. Song Jia Ming falls asleep when others talk about shooting detail. Her head lies on Zhao Han’s shoulder. Zhao Han announces the meeting is over to let her sleep in. Li Yu Zhe carries her into Zhao Han’s office and cover her with his coat. It’s seen by Ye Yi Lan. She gives the wine to him.

Delicious Destiny Episode 4 Recap Part 2:

Delicious Destiny

Ye Yi Xuan wants to borrow his father Ye Chang Hai’s car to attend a meeting. Jiang Xiu Yun nitpicks the breakfast which is bought by Chen Li Hua. She even censures Ye Yi Xuan. Ye Chang Hai lets Chen Li Hua ignore her. Jiang Xiu Yun is depressed because house’s owner Song De Zhong rejects her bid.

Ye Yi Xuan drives Ye Chang Hai’s car and gives the bag which is robbed from Li Yu Xi to his girlfriend. Li Yu Xi shoot it in front of his car and post it to social media. Ye Yi Xuan drives his car off. Li Yu Xi slips. Her beloved shoes is broken. Fortunately, she gets the key. She wants to do a swop with key for repairing her shoes.

Because Song De Zhong is going to clean her room. Song Jia Ming has to take her drawing book and put it in her bag. She finds there is a hole on her silk stocking while she arrives shooting place. Ye Yi Lan gives her a pair of new silk stockings. She thinks her for what she does. Ye Yi Lan warns her that she loves Yi Yu Zhe and let her stay away from him.

Song Jia Ming is nervous on her first shooting. Li Yu Zhe criticizes her acting. She tries many times which is stopped by Li Yu Zhe.

Song Jia Ming conforms to his requirement at last. At this time, the rainstorm comes. She jumps into water to save the food ingredients. Her bag and the drawing book are wet. It upsets her. Li Yu Zhe persuades her to complete the shooting, so that her mother will see her on TV. He gives her a glass of wine which is given by Ye Yi Lan. She reminds him of Ye Yi Lan’s intention.

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